Marketing cho nhà hàng, quán ăn hiệu quả nhất hiện nay

Marketing for restaurantsthe most efficient restaurant Currently. If you draw A strategyMarketing for restaurants is effective right now From the beginning will help improve the operation of the restaurant And significantly increase profits. The next article will be answers all question for you.

Concept restaurant marketing

Marketing for restaurantsMarketing for restaurants

Restaurant marketing is doing well concept as follows: Is it a system of efforts in bring customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry. Total Restaurants, famous or not, have their procedure marketing is the same as brainstorming ideasdevelop, commentfixed,.. Dots of dots dissimilarity unique of these plan It’s in the method & How it works strategy.

Range important marketing

Marketing for restaurantsMarketing for restaurants

Marketing not only Simple useful attract customers come to your restaurant, which there is a way for customers to remember & Be careful of this restaurant. By this very fact, the restaurant of you will be form mark in the hearts of its customers. If a reputable brand is strong, the restaurant will be supported & develop more long term All right.

However, But Marketing communication has both advantages & harmful. If the campaign there If successful, good things will come to customers. Whether risk negligence then weak points in the restaurant you will also be exposed, making you comment negative. Huge impact on the image of the restaurant. Therefore, it is very important to invest properly in marketing necessary because of the scope necessary It is

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Marketing for restaurants and restaurants is the most effective Currently

Marketing for restaurantsMarketing for restaurants

Identify the object target

It is job First of all in construction marketing plan restaurant. You can not sell good when you don’t understand the object aim that I’m aiming for.
SO For what need of object locator target? You can’t do a good job when you can’t object locator that I aim for, SO business To belong to you can it is not easy In work contact customer. SO, determine the target Be assignment First of all must do when planning a marketing campaign

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Market research & competitor

There is a mistake that many restaurateurs often make when pursuing a Products new without doing market research And desire of customer. Suppose your restaurant is trying to sell a drink or dish that customers are not selling. desire because there is certainly no raison What do customers spend money on.

Always refreshing menu

More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle include sports care, to use organic cosmetics And Pure natural food, vegetarian… because of that Restaurant you need improve the dishes according to orient oneself this too attractive customer And create trust.

Set up promotions

Nothing can make customers interest that the programs discount or give food no charges. For attractive guests, the organization of promotional programs will be a invention Impressive restaurant advertisement. You will be to use gift cards, coupons discount now, …. , For attract interest And increase customer loyalty. And, if you advertisement widely this promo on the Internet social demand user sharescore more friend, …. To receive the offer, you will need to increase the interaction of posts & make a lot of people known you more.

Image building

Almost all the business model Do you need to build an image? not only own restaurant. You should always create an image for your customers attract, new And the most unique. Your restaurant has its own image & new will be the highlight in the eyes of customers.

Take advantage of social networks

In age technology 4.0, undeniably social networks like Facebook, instagramZalo, … are fertile ground for the development of services sell restaurant. According to the statistics, at the moment there are more than 60 million user Facebook/month with an average time of 3.55 hours/day. As for Zalo, it’s more than 40 million people / month over time to use 2.12 hours. DIt is support tools marketing plan for the most efficient restaurant.

Not to mention, ability spread, creating a very strong social media trend. So if the restorers do a good job Customer service then you will definitely get the Assess And good review.

Determine the budget of marketing solutions

Build marketing plan the restaurant must also Fit with ladder when you open a restaurant And authorized budget. You can’t spend too much budget on making advertising programs for small restaurants. This issue will lead to an unreasonable budgetary measure And easy to fail.

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Design wwebsite effective

In restaurant marketing, wwebsite close assignment important because it directly affects the customer’s decision. the Web need to clearly show your restaurant business what food, for what audience, what are the highlights. Outside of wwebsitegood management of social networking sites as well as contribute part TO DO marketing strategy more efficient restaurant.

To use Customer card

When customers come to use meals in your restaurant, never forget Invite them to open the restaurant membership card. Ask a favour there you can complete sufficient information about the customers of E-mail, phone number, Date of birth. Please send them all of the information Card promotions & more important than do not forget their birthday. day special Then offer them small gifts in the restaurant, so you can build a good image in the eyes of customers. And they will certainly choose your restaurant as a stopover familiar for each meal.

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Some F&B Marketing Challenges

Marketing for restaurantsMarketing for restaurants

Difficulty creating a separate identity

By a restaurant when it claims to be able to provide total the food on the forest under the sea, all kinds of European dishes, enough Asian dishes, enough rice and pho… This means that the restaurant there make serious branding mistakes. Foodservice is not a grocery store that sells food to customers whenever they are hungry. Don’t think it just gives them a lot selective then they will choose you. Lets go be careful of a culinary force clear any therefor example, a restaurant specializing in Korean dishes, specializing in mountain specialties, a restaurant specializing in chicken dishes, specializing in hot pot…

Difficult to retain customers

You can’t resist the fact that F&B Marketing customers always have orient oneself “I hate rice but Pho”. Today they can Assess 5 stars for your restaurant, But tomorrowthe day after tomorrow they to want discover a different restaurant with services new that.

Always having to race according to the “gut” of the client’s cuisine

Apart from expenses fixed, gender sell The kitchen is always concerned with consumer behavior to use of the market by the Vietnamese orient oneself ever-changing culinary “gut”. Of course Do you remember the trend of spicy noodles 7 level as famous as alcohol 4-5 years ago. But after one short timespicy noodle shops had to close one after another due to the outbreak of orient oneself new And the “cooling” of this feverish dish.

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Through the article above, I shared with you Marketing for restaurants, the most efficient restaurant today. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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