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Matthew McGreevy has recently come under scrutiny over an alleged relationship between himself and Phillip Schofield. They are currently under an NDA prohibiting them from discussing it publicly.

Phil Schofield began following Matthew on Twitter five days after he turned 15, without asking or prompting Matthew to follow back.

Matthew McGreevy is an actor

Matthew McGreevy is an actor best known for his roles on Hollyoaks, In the Flesh, The Mill, This Morning production runner work. Milo is his pet cat; his favorite places include New York, Paris, Rome and Dubai for traveling; playing piano and guitar are his passions; he’s an avid Harry Potter fan who even owns memorabilia from both books and movies!

Rumors swirl that Matthew may be dating Phillip Schofield, an out gay man whom they first met when Matthew was 10 and became friends; later on they started spending more and more time together; both work on This Morning together and have even been seen together at work locations; they’ve reportedly been dating each other since early 2020.

Matthew McGreevy was reported as being 19-20 years old in 2022, although this could not be confirmed. A British national, Matthew has a great passion for acting – having appeared on various television series such as CBBC’s The Sparticle Mystery as well as films such as Harriet’s Army and Banana. Additionally, Milo frequently features in his photographs.

He is rumored to be in a relationship with Phillip Schofield

Matthew McGreevy is an actor best known for appearing on shows like Hollyoaks, In the Flesh and The Mill on television. Additionally he works as showrunner for ITV – including popular shows This Morning and Dancing on Ice -and may or may not be dating Phillip Schofield; they reportedly share an intermarriage; have a close bond; are dedicated supporters of charitable initiatives, and have collaborated on multiple projects together.

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Rumors surrounding Phillip Schofield and Mathew Mcgreevy’s relationship have caused widespread media interest. It has been speculated that they may have had an affair, which has been fuelled by an apparent photo showing Schofield with Mcgreevy at a restaurant where witnesses reported being surprised to see such an intimate scene occuring, prompting some sources to express surprise and question Schofield’s sexual orientation.

Schofield denied the rumor but admitted having an unsanctioned affair with an ITV associate while still married to Stephanie Lowe and has apologized to Holly Willoughby and their daughter.

Phillip Schofield has been a part of This Morning for 27 years, winning many awards for his work as well as being honored as an ambassador by Princess Cruises’ We Buy Any Car program, Craft Gin distilleries, and his wine line. Additionally he supports various charities as well as his family; especially daughter Molly.

He is a fan of Harry Potter

Matthew McGreevy previously served as showrunner on ITV’s This Morning show and Loose Women, drawing comparisons to Phillip Schofield due to their good working relationship and subsequent rumor of an illicit affair between them. Furthermore, Matthew has participated in several viral prank videos online as well as being an avid Harry Potter fan who also loves animals.

Matthew’s personal life became the subject of media interest when he was linked with British TV host Phillip Schofield, 34 years his elder. Schofield came out as gay after 27 years of being married to Stephanie Lowe; since then he purchased a flat in London but neither he nor McGreevy have publicly confirmed their relationship.

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Schofield became close to McGreevy during his time on This Morning as a runner and was said to have developed a romantic connection. They worked closely for some months, sharing lunch regularly together as well as going on dates together. Soon thereafter, Schofield started following McGreevy on Twitter which fuelled speculation of an impending sexual relationship between them; eventually Schofield was asked to leave due to this allegation; talent agency YMU Entertainment terminated its agreement due to breaches in trust between them.

He loves traveling

Matthew McGreevy is an actor known for appearing in various television series and films. Additionally, he enjoys traveling around the world to visit new places and meet people from different corners. Matthew has made himself known in the entertainment world and boasts a massive social media following; becoming one of the internet’s favorite celebrity figures as he regularly makes public appearances.

Schofield and McGreevy were close, longtime colleagues on ITV show This Morning. Following reports that they may have had an intimate relationship, when spotted together at a restaurant in March 2019, speculation started swirling that perhaps something deeper may exist between them; Schofield denied these rumors saying their friendship was simply platonic.

Reports indicate that Schofield met McGreevy when he was 10 years old. They soon became close, with McGreevy helping Schofield break into television. Together on This Morning they eventually started dating; eventually this spread to rumors among co-workers and Schofield even invited McGreevy into the studios for this reason.

Phil remains an excellent partner despite any controversy, his talent and hard work having earned him numerous awards and him looking for new projects to challenge himself in. Upcoming projects for Phil include TV drama and Madness in the Method film roles.