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06/10/2021 | 08:08

( – MC Phi Linh is currently a familiar face when he takes on the role of host of many famous game shows such as When Men Are Pregnant, The Voice 2019. Let’s find out about the smart and charming MC to better understand his personality, development process of career .


His full name is Phi Nguyen Thuy Linh, born on May 14, 1989 in Hanoi. MC Phi Linh is known to the public for being the finalist of a very famous competition to find a professional presenter, “Rainbow”.

Phi Linh came out of the program looking for a professional presenter, Phi Linh walked out of the program in search of a professional presenter, “Rainbow”.

So far, Phi Linh is a familiar face with the role of MC of very popular programs such as When Men Are Pregnant, Vietnamese Voice 2019.

Childhood had hits like meals

As the eldest sister of a family where both parents work as policemen, Phi Linh’s upbringing is very strict, she is not pampered like other friends her age, but has to fight for herself when she wants to get something. Often repeated sayings with this phrase are “I have no money, you have to wait until I get paid” or “If you want that, you must have a good job”.

But as a very energetic and extremely playful person, Phi Linh is often beaten for exposing her head to the sun all day. Every time my parents went to pick him up, called about three times but didn’t see him, Linh was beaten on her way home.

MC Phi Linh remembers the beatings of his childhood.MC Phi Linh remembers the beatings of his childhood.

She still remembers the summer days, instead of going out on her own, she was locked up at home and almost always had short tears, long tears, and cried through the cracks in the door because she didn’t. had no one to play with.

A little older, as the eldest sister of the family, she was “assigned” to cooking rice, housework… Every day, by law, at 10:30 a.m., Linh had to finish cooking. Busy playing, Linh no longer needed to eat as she was “full” with her mother’s whips.

My parents are very militaristic, every time they beat me, I cry. Well, I don’t mind, I forgot as soon as I made a mistake, I was touched a lot but I didn’t hold back and I never got angry.

Personally, I think spanking is always a must if needed. But whipping here is rational teaching, not violence.

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MC’s fate

The predestined career as a host was from kindergarten when Linh was on the Little Flowers program. Until elementary school, he was asked to host a show summarizing summer activities in the neighborhood. Although the young MC has a very small stature, even covered by 2 pages of the A4 cover script, she is praised for her inspiration. Since then, wherever Linh went, she was introduced to tell stories and host programs.

In 12th grade, MC Phi Linh started to enter the path of a professional MC when she hosted the show Me Xanh for VTV2. In 2009, Phi Linh participated in the Rainbow competition and won second place in the competition. After the contest, she returned to VTV6 to collaborate.

Many times receive failure

However, few people know that to have certain successes like today, MC Phi Linh experienced many stumbles and failures in his study journey and in his career as an MC.

The biggest failure and also the first shock of life was to miss the 1st wish to enter the School of Foreign Trade. On the reporting day for the English test, she only got 6 points, she cried all her tears and was extremely desperate, but the opportunity didn’t stop with talented and determined people like her because she then went to journalism school. and 4 years studying English translation again.

In his career, Linh also has many vivid memories of incidents. Like in 2014, Phi Linh faced criticism when she led the International Film Festival red carpet and then got “smashed” by the press. Phi Linh and Thai Dung wanted to create color for the event by asking Kim Ly and Truong Ngoc Anh to play the hot kiss on the film or by joking that director Le Hoang always wears glasses to attend the ‘event.

The International Film Festival incident threw Phi Linh off balance for a long time.The International Film Festival incident threw Phi Linh off balance for a long time.

However, the highlight was the question about the actor’s feelings when he was alone at the film festival, which caused Phi Linh to receive a “rain” of criticism. Phi Linh also shared that until now, she has not had the opportunity to meet Tran Bao Son again to ask about the old story, but Linh thought at that time, he was not. not confused, as he parted ways with the camera crew and went to see her alone, as an implied response.

After the incident at the Film Festival, Phi Linh did not speak or explain anything, but she said it was the most critical time in her career. Because after that, she lost a lot of events in a few months, was unemployed for 3 months and just stayed home to play.
Phi Linh hosts a Vietnamese vocal program.Phi Linh hosts a Vietnamese vocal program.

She is not one to argue, to speak up to defend or explain anything, but she only knows how to work hard so that the public can see her efforts and efforts on a daily basis. This incident was also a lesson, a valuable experience in Linh’s MC career.

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After being “frozen” in hosting business for a long time, people are gradually seeing Phi Linh appear with dense frequency as they continuously take on the leading role of many popular TV programs and games such as: The Voice. , The Voice Kids, Sing my song, The perfect couple, Bolero Idol, When a man is pregnant… The beautiful surname Phi is loved and appreciated by many audiences for his ability to master the stage with his energetic, intelligent and natural to converse.

MC Phi Linh in the perfect couple show.MC Phi Linh in the perfect couple show.

However, to achieve success like today, Phi Linh had to go through a long journey of 10 years of effort, trying to assert himself. Compared to Phi Linh 10 years ago, she admits her level of satisfaction is also higher, having gotten about half of what she thought she needed to reach the final destination.

MC Phi Linh hosts Sing My Song 2018.MC Phi Linh hosts Sing My Song 2018.

According to Phi Linh, in the past she was still passive, but now she is much more active, able to adapt quickly from production to editing and hosting, and actively seeking the right program for her.

Private life

The female MC is very secretive in her personal life and the public rarely comes across the image of a female MC being intimate or paired up with another guy. However, it was very surprising when on his personal facebook, MC Phi Linh posted a lot of wedding photos and only 1 day later, the MC’s wedding took place on the evening of June 14 in Hanoi. The groom is known to be Nguyen Hoang Linh, deputy head of the English department of VTV4.

Before the wedding, Phi Linh and MC Nguyen Khang had an intimate meal at her home. In the clip shared by Nguyen Khang, Phi Linh confided that she loved her husband since 2015 when he participated in the Gala program Returning day broadcast on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, during a departure from the abroad to carry out portrait reports, special stories.

However, at that time she did not know that the groom was still single. The groom also admires the bride because of the smart and charming way of hosting the show, but it took almost a year before he got a chance to talk and express his feelings to the other party. .

According to the female MC According to “The Voice 2019” female MC, she “gave the green light” to create opportunities for both.

According to “The Voice 2019” female MC, she “gave the green light” to create opportunities for both. Moreover, Phi Linh also shared that she loves her husband not only because of his intelligence but also because of his humanity, the way he treats people.

After 10 years of trials and trials, Phi Linh is gradually perfecting and asserting herself as a presenter.