mensa- hội những người có chỉ số thông minh cao nhất thế giới

What is Mensa and Who Has the Highest IQ Score in the World?

Mensa is a community of people with the highest IQ scores in the world. So, exactly what is Mensa, what is the purpose of this organization, and who can become a member of this organization? Let’s read the article below to find out.

The Mensa IQ Test

You can easily take the Mensa IQ test on the Mensa website at the address below. However, the test is only for reference purposes, and you still don’t have the qualifications to join Mensa. But why not test your IQ and see how high it is?

The Mensa IQ Test in Vietnamese

Currently, there is no Mensa Vietnam organization, so there is no Mensa IQ test in Vietnamese.

How to Join Mensa Club

The membership of the Mensa Club is only for people who have achieved high scores in an approved IQ test, managed, and strictly monitored by Mensa. In general, there are two ways to prove that you are qualified to join Mensa: take the test managed by Mensa or submit the score of a qualified test from an organization approved by Mensa. There are a large number of approved IQ tests. You can get more information about whether the test you have taken (or plan to take) is approved or not, as well as information about the procedures for taking the Mensa IQ test, at the Mensa office closest to your area.

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Please note that online tests cannot be used to join Mensa. In addition, many tests are also invalid for people under 16 years old.

List of Mensa offices in countries:

mensa- hội những người có chỉ số thông minh cao nhất thế giới

People with the Highest IQ Scores in the World