Musician Anh Bang's “peach blossoms” and “love songs” that accompany the years |  Celebrity
09/19/2021 | 07:07

( – Musician Anh Bang is considered a “giant” in the Vietnamese music industry with a huge compositional legacy. Even though he is gone, his love songs remain forever etched in the hearts of music lovers.

Biography of musician Anh Bang

  • Birth name: Tran An Buong
  • He was born: May 5, 1926
  • He died on: November 12, 2015 (aged 89)
  • Hometown: Nga Son, Thanh Hoa
  • Profession: playwright, musician
  • Genre of composition: Love songs 1954-1975, golden music, youth music, overseas music

Programs that pay tribute to him:

  • Asia 15: The Love Song of Anh Bang (1997)
  • Asia 52: Legend Le Minh Bang (2006)
  • Asia 62: Anh Bang – A life for music (2009)
  • Asia Golden 1: Anh Bang – Music of exile (2011)
  • Asia 77: Musical genre Anh Bang, Lam Phuong (2015)
  • Book “Memoirs of the artist Anh Bang – Music at the heart of the nation (2009)
Musician Anh Bang gives love songs that go with the years. Musician Anh Bang gives love songs that go with the years.

The resounding musical career of musician Anh Bang

When talking about musician Anh Bang, his colleagues and the public surely feel admiration for his immense compositional fortune, around 650 love songs. To obtain this fortune, he had to go through many ups and downs in life.

In 1935, the young Tran An Buong had to leave his family to study at the minor seminary of Ba Lang, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa. After that, he went to Hanoi to study in high school.
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In 1954, he emigrated to the South with his family and lived in the Ba Chieu region, Saigon until 1975.

The time he lived in Saigon was a resounding period in his creative career where the musician produced many of his life’s works and set famous works to music. Among them, we can cite The Heart of a Traveler, Without You, The Student’s Flower, The Hunter and the Little Birds…

Image of musician Anh Bang in his youth with a golden past. Image of musician Anh Bang in his youth with a golden past.

Musician Anh Bang’s songs are closely associated with the names of famous singers of the time: Ngoc Lan, Tuan Ngoc, Khanh Ly.

In 1957, he joined the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. During his military service, his passion for music became even more exciting when he was both a director and actor in the Engineers’ Union theater troupe. His famous play at the time was Adopted Child, which won the National Literature and Art Award.

While living in Saigon, he and two other musicians, Le Dinh and Minh Ky, founded the band Le Minh Bang, running the Song Nhac publishing house and label. This group left behind many immortal songs that have marked many generations, typically the Love Story of Lan and Diep.

In 1975, he left for America with his family. At 50, the fire of musical passion still burned within him.

He thus devotes his talent to the public by combining his musical activities with the Da Lan Cassette Music Production and Distribution Center, then the Asia Center.

It was also one of the peak periods of his career with a series of overseas famous songs such as Thien Ly Story, I Still Owe You, Khuc Thuy Du, Miraculous, Tomorrow I Go, Attic of Exile.

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In particular, Khuc Thuy Du is the most haunting song in this multi-talented musician’s compositional legacy. An expert once assessed: “Khuc Thuy Du” is a song that “thousands of people love” because Du Tu Le’s original poem delves deeply into the fate of war, and the song, set to music by Anh Bang, depicts love in life. “.

Towards the end of his life, musician Anh Bang had hearing problems that caused him to hear only 10% of external sounds. But that doesn’t stop him from composing, he is even more passionate about his passion.

Musical evenings commemorating musician Anh Bang always attract public attention. Musical evenings commemorating musician Anh Bang always attract public attention..

In 2015, he died in the United States after 8 years of treatment for liver cancer, leaving behind immortal melodies that will forever resonate in the hearts of generations of Vietnamese music lovers.

The flower-loving musician always puts love in his songs

When talking about musician Anh Bang’s musical language, it cannot be denied that his songs are always rich in romance, resonating in the hearts of listeners.

This is why, even today, in nostalgic cafes, we still hear the soft and quiet melodies of Khuc Thuy Du or the sincere and passionate I Still Owe You or the tormented, passion of Sorrow and Lone Shadow.

With the talent of putting emotions into every sentence, musician Anh Bang conveyed beauty and goodness so that the lyrics penetrated deep into people’s hearts and could not be erased.

And to create these immortal love songs, musician Anh Bang experienced many love stories but he was very faithful to his wife for 60 years until his death.

In the eyes of his friends and colleagues, he has always been a proud and elegant person. Singer Bao Yen once said: “Mr. Bang is just like an old man from Hanoi, always wearing a button-down shirt and a smart vest. He has an old look even though he has lived in America for a long time. He’s small but handsome.”