Musician Bao Chan – Green Wave's 'King of Light Music' |  Celebrity
09/19/2021 | 08:08

( – Musician Bao Chan is a name associated with the flourishing of the Green Wave program, once honored as the king of light music. However, his music career also saw a series of events that caused his name to gradually fade from the Vietnamese music industry.

Biography of musician Bao Chan:

  • Birth name: Nguyen Phuoc Bao Chan
  • Year of birth: 1950
  • Hometown: Thua Thien Hue
  • Profession: Composer, arranger
  • Genre of composition: youth music, pop

Famous songs

  • love is painful
  • Spring grass flowers
  • Sweet nostalgia
  • The words that I sing
  • Next to me is the great sea
  • Tonight I dream of you
Musician Bao Chan always regards music as an elegant playground. Musician Bao Chan always regards music as an elegant playground.

The exciting artistic activities of musician Bao Chan

The musician Bao Chan was born into a family of royal lineage in Hue, his father was a musician, his mother was a court music singer. This is why, from a very young age, artistic blood has always flowed in him.

In 1968, he graduated from Saigon Music School and became a famous pianist. Its name was a guarantee for the famous tea rooms of the time. After 1975, he began his career as a composer.

Musician Bao Chan has an active artistic career.Musician Bao Chan has an active artistic career.

The early 1980s marked a turning point in musician Bao Chan’s career, leading him towards the path of light music composition. And the 90s were the glorious period of Vietnamese light music, also the time when the name of musician Bao Chan was put forward.

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His songs such as Sweet Nostalgia, Love Stops Sorrow, Tonight I Dream of You… regularly appear on the Blue Wave charts. They are also songs associated with famous singers such as Hong Nhung and Lam Truong.

Musician Bao Chan's songs have helped many singers become famous. Musician Bao Chan’s songs have helped many singers become famous.

Not only notable for his career as a composer, musician Bao Chan is also known for his joyfully colored remixed songs but nevertheless maintains his own identity. This is why he is considered the first generation of musicians to arrange arrangements of Vietnamese light music.

Scandal Love Makes Me Sad: The Failure of Mr. Hoang Light Music

Love Stops Suffering is the song that brought musician Bao Chan to the peak of his career. He is even nicknamed Mr. Light Music Prince by his fans. This song is still on the popular hits of the Green Wave charts.

But… after just one night, Love was found guilty of plagiarizing Japanese musician Keiko Matsui’s Frontier concert and American Charlene’s song I’ve never been to me.

Shortly after, musician Bao Chan sent a letter of apology to the Vietnamese Musicians Association and requested to stop broadcasting the song in all media. This event shocked the musician Bao Chan to the point of being hospitalized and he had to stop all musical activity for 10 years. During this time, he discreetly supported his colleagues and organized arrangements for many singers.

The mental shock was too great when his younger brother Bao Phuc died

After the above scandal, musician Bao Chan also faced the biggest event that made him lose his passion for music when his brother, musician Bao Phuc, died suddenly.

The death of his younger brother Bao Phuc left musician Bao Chan with a great loss. The death of his younger brother Bao Phuc left musician Bao Chan with a great loss.

For him, the musician Bao Phuc is not only his younger brother but also his musical confidant. So when his younger brother passed away, he could only sink into grief and quit the Vietnamese music industry.

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The musician Bao Chan once shared this shock with the press: “When Bao Phuc left, I was no longer interested, no longer motivated. It’s like I’ve lost a soul mate. This loss is painful and great. I was stunned and lost half the sky.

Someone once said, “Bao Chan is one of the musicians whose creative career is full of ups and downs. He was once praised for his own talent, then crushed by his own fans. It’s so sad.”