Musician Thai Thinh and the "love songs" that accompany the years
09/22/2021 | 10:10 a.m.

( – Musician Giao Tien is known as one of the famous golden songwriters in Vietnamese music before 1975. His lyrical songs, his hometown always cause strong emotions in people. Listen to soft and simple melodies.

Biography of musician Giao Tien

  • Birth name: Duong Trung
  • He was born on: November 16, 1941
  • Hometown: Tam Quan, Hoai Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Currently living in: Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa
  • Genre of the composer: Golden music
Musician Giao Tien's songs penetrate the hearts of listeners with sweet and simple melodies. Musician Giao Tien’s songs penetrate the hearts of listeners with sweet and simple melodies.

The composition process of composer Giao Tien

From an early age, musician Giao Tien had a passion for music and was considered naturally gifted.

It was not until 1965 that he began his career as a composer after having developed his own musical knowledge. Her first song, “Phun Girl” was composed in 1970. Upon her birth, the song quickly became famous.

Musician Giao Tien left a memory with a series of love songs. Musician Giao Tien left a memory with a series of love songs.

In 1972, he studied at university and attended the composition department of Van Hanh University. Since then, he released a series of famous and very popular songs at the time such as Horseshoe on the young grass hill, Co Tam to the village, Missing my lover.

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However, after April 30, 1975, he abruptly stopped composing for 20 years to travel with his family to many places of business.

However, one morning in 1994, he suddenly heard a song composed by himself, but at that time he also discovered that his songs were all named after another author.

Although disappointed and depressed, this event also helped him find the soul of a talented and gentle musician.

From 1994 to 1998, he rewrote and released a series of special songs such as Mong Chuon Chuon, Who crossed the bridge, Co Tham followed her husband, Co Tham met her lover…

What makes Giao Tien’s music special are its sweet poetic melodies, rustic and idyllic lyrics, folk music and close to all classes of people. Perhaps that’s why he was hailed by fans as a “country musician.”

Musician Giao Tien once sat in the judge's chair with singer Ngoc Anh, Thai Chau. Musician Giao Tien in the judge’s chair with singer Ngoc Anh and Thai Chau.

His compositions now number more than 1,500 works. Sharing about his music, musician Giao Tien said, “When there is enough emotion, a work can be completed in just a few hours. Sometimes a work needs to be polished for months or months. But I usually compose when my chest is full of emotions. At this time, the sublimation note is not oriented, but it is very natural and natural.”

Musician Giao Tien will forever be his wife’s “dream prince”.

Although musician Giao Tien’s life has had many ups and downs, his married life has always been admired by many people.

His wife is Ms. Huong Xuan, who is still proudly mentioned by the musician. Musician Giao Tien once said that his wife was a competent and responsible woman. She is not only competent in family matters, but also competent in her dealings with people. Thanks to such a solid back, he can confidently sublimate with the music.

Musician Giao Tien is happy with his competent and responsible wife. Musician Giao Tien is happy with his skillful and courageous wife.

Meanwhile, Ms. Huong Xuan once confessed that her love for him had always been passionate and passionate until old age. For her, he has always been “the prince of dreams”.

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As someone once shared, “It is passionate love that helps musician Giao Tien always have passionate emotions and attach his life to music. He is lucky to have a wife who Wholeheartedly supports her husband’s career.”