Musician Thai Thinh and the "love songs" that accompany the years
02/24/2022 | 10:10

( – As one of the pioneer musicians in the young music market in the 90s, musician Thai Thinh helped bring a series of prominent singers in Vietnam such as Le Quyen, Dam Vinh Hung. … His songs are always refined from melody to lyrics.

About Musician Thai Thinh

  • Birth name: Tran Quang Vinh
  • Born: 01.07.1966
  • Hometown: Bien Hoa, Vietnam
  • Genre: Lyrical music, Bolero, young music, Tango, Rumba, Hymn.
  • Hit singers: Dam Vinh Hung, Le Quyen
The multi-talented musician of the Vietnamese music scene with love songs that accompany the years. The multi-talented musician in the Vietnamese music industry with love songs that go with the years.

Songwriting career of musician Thai Thinh

From an early age, musician Thai Thinh had a passion for music and from childhood to adulthood, his upbringing was all about music.

As a child, he attended the private school Cross. In 1978, he joined the church choir to put his words at the service of people. He then studied music at the National School of Music (now Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music).

At that time, musician Thai Thinh was very active in musical activities. He also composed hymns, acted as choirmaster and organized activities.

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In 1986, in addition to maintaining the singing activities in the church, he also founded the Hoa Nang group and was the founder of the youth music movement in Bien Hoa. It was also at this time that the musician Thai Thinh began to compose.

Love songs that go with the times

The peculiarity of the songs of the musician Thai Thinh is that they all talk about his own love story.

Perhaps that’s why these love songs are always full of emotion, elaborate lyrics and easy-to-follow melodies.

His songs have also contributed to the names of many famous singers such as Dam Vinh Hung, Le Quyen, Nhu Quynh. A series of hits by musician Thai Thinh that have stirred up the Vietnamese music market are: What is the limit for us, If you have a choice, Desperate love, To remember a time when we fell in love… and especially Destiny, is considered the “national song”.

Musician Thai Thinh contributed on behalf of singers Nhu Quynh and Le Quyen

It can be said that Thai Thinh is one of the few musicians who has a series of hits performed by prominent singers of the young music industry.

Thai Thinh musician: I’m gay

In 2006, at the age of 41, musician Thai Thinh came out as gay. He is also known as the first musician in Vietnam to want to openly reveal his gender in the press. The peculiarity is that all his compositions are devoted to the first gay love.

Sharing about it, musician Thai Thinh once told the press, “I decided that I would be a pioneer in gender reveal, to see that it was completely normal. I want them to be more open and stronger, not curled up in a shell, alone and guilty as now.”
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As someone once said, “Perhaps it was the things hidden deep in his soul and his emotions that made such a versatile musician, helping the Vietnamese music industry to have songs of love as deep as So”.