Ninh Binh - Thu Cherry Nourishing Shampoo Training System
10/12/2021 | 10:31

( – To succeed, any entrepreneur will have to go through difficult paths. For a business woman, the path to success will be even more thorny and difficult than for those of the opposite sex. Ms. Thu Cherry – CEO of beauty brand Ninh Binh Nourishment left an impression on the opposite person not only by her beauty and charm, but also by being a smart and sharp woman who pursues her passion to the end . .

Born and raised in the country of Ninh Binh, since she was in school, she has been passionate about the field of beauty. The little girl nurtured that year her passion and her desire to bring health values ​​to everyone.

Since then, Ms. Thu Cherry has always learned and practiced the knowledge and skills of health care according to traditional medicine.

Ninh Binh Nutrition is not only pure beauty and relaxation, but the services here aim to awaken the natural beauty, from within a woman, first of all, a healthy body, and a slender figure with smooth skin. to keep young forever.

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“I understand that beauty has, is and will become one of the popular services, not only for women but also for men.

This is why since I started my business I have always focused on developing and raising the bar with full body care services with professional relaxing massage techniques.

Not only do we stop at outpatient care techniques, but we also strive to help customers achieve utmost comfort from the heart,” said CEO Thu Cherry.

With a calm and relaxing space next to a team of experienced beauticians, professional skills, well-trained and high-class services, applying a system of modern equipment and technology.…

After a period of operation, Ninh Binh Nursing is proud to be one of the leading prestigious beauty brands in Ninh Binh City, asserting bold marks in the beauty industry.

Ninh Binh Nursing is not only a prestigious beauty address for women in Ninh Binh and neighboring provinces, but it is also a professional education and training center for students who wish to study spa services in on a large scale and in a methodical way, creating countless jobs. opportunities for those who love the job.

Training courses at Ninh Binh Nursing School are always full, but for Mrs. Thu Cherry, it is not as important as the fact that after hours in class with a series of theories as well as a direct practice, students can master and follow the profession. seriously.

Tuition fees for courses at Ninh Binh Nursing School are highly preferential, but the value students receive is excellent after each course.

With the goal that all of you who want to can pursue your passion, including single mothers, or people in difficult circumstances but passionate about health and beauty.

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Therefore, students come to learn a trade in the spa first and foremost, it is their love for the teacher, and in the opinion of Ms. Thu Cherry’s training, it is not only a dedicated training for students to work and live with the profession. but also teaching meticulously, not hiding the craft, always updating the latest trends and techniques.

After her studies, she also accompanies students a lot in developing orientation and creating their own brand in the profession to be more and more successful.

So far, Ninh Binh Nursing has truly created many generations of students who are not only good but full of enthusiasm in their profession all along the S-shaped strip of land. Thu Cherry students have become many men. and rich in his profession.

To succeed like today is a long process of effort and constant learning, Ms. Thu Cherry is a model of a woman of knowledge, modern, intelligent, beautiful, courageous, who is a shining example for young people who have the passion and love for the beauty industry to follow.

If you are a person who is passionate about beauty and health care, you can learn more about Ninh Binh Nutrition from the following information:

Thu Cherry Spa Training System Customer Service Center

• Helpline: 0988.55.4581 – Facebook: Game Cherry
• E-mail:
• Headquarters: WILLNo. 40, 27/7 St., Ngoc Ha St., Nam Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City, Ninh Binh Province.