After two years in New Zealand, Schofield returned to the BBC as a children’s presenter, hosting Going Live! and the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. Additionally he made appearances on West End musical Joseph by Leslie Bricusse as well as in Doctor Dolittle by Leslie Bricusse.

He is a television presenter

Philip Schofield has been a television presenter for more than 20 years. His credits include British shows such as The Cube and Talking Telephone Numbers as well as children’s program One in a Million. Phillip also hosted an ITV revival show of Mr and Mrs, now called All Star Mr and Mrs in 2008. Additionally he graced Men’s Health magazine’s cover and presented British Soap Awards ceremonies.

Schofield is best-known as a presenter on ITV’s This Morning, an entertainment show that blends celebrity interviews, current affairs and cooking news into its daily program. Alongside co-host Holly Willoughby he has earned himself the nickname of daytime TV’s golden couple due to their on-screen chemistry; viewers adore watching their comedy-packed episodes together as their videos of them breaking out into fits of giggles have gone viral online.

In 2020, Schofield came out as gay and split from his 27 year marriage to wife of 27 years. Soon thereafter he admitted having an affair with an ITV colleague over 30 years his junior, lying about it to employers, ITV management, and coworkers – prompting his talent agency, YMU Group, to drop him and drop This Morning as well. Schofield told Daily Mail he engaged in “unwise yet not illegal romance with younger man”.

He is a singer

Schofield was known for his soothing voice, easy rapport with cohost Holly Willoughby and frequent fits of giggles on camera – all hallmarks of great television hostship. Additionally, ITV featured him regularly across its other programs including two series of Have I Been Here Before and The Cube.

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He first made his mark as a presenter on BBC kids show The Broom Cupboard alongside furry glove-puppet Gordon the Gopher. Following that initial stint, he gradually expanded his portfolio over a decade’s worth of variety and game shows before finally landing regular spots on This Morning following John Leslie’s departure in 2002.

The duo were known for their easygoing relationship, often being described as the “daytime TV’s golden couple.” Clips showing them dissolving into giggles on air went viral, while they also enjoyed being friends outside the screen; often vacationing together and spending time with each other’s families.

At ITV, when news of Schofield’s affair broke, it triggered an external review and raised questions as to whether executives knew about it. A runner met Schofield at an event at a drama school and they began communicating on Twitter afterward; later they became regular team players on This Morning together; even appearing together at an awards ceremony together!

He is a writer

Phillip Schofield, the television presenter, has revealed he had an affair with an associate working on This Morning whom he met years earlier at an event at a drama school and started communicating via Twitter. Phillip has stated this affair was unwise but not illegal and apologized to both colleagues and friends about what transpired between them.

Schofield initially gained notoriety as the host of numerous children’s shows before transitioning into adult-oriented shows such as Talking Telephone Numbers and Schofield’s Quest for adult audiences. He made his West End debut starring as Joseph in Leslie Bricusse’s stage musical Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Leslie Bricusse; additionally he has hosted various other programs like ITV’s The Cube celebrity edition as well as major events such as Prince William’s wedding and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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Recent changes appear to have caused his relationship with co-host Holly Willoughby to diminish, whether due to an ongoing feud over an alleged affair or because they simply no longer share an off-screen rapport like they once did. It remains to be seen if this will reunite in future shows; for now however, he has been let go from his agency YMU and no longer part of ITV team; perhaps this allows him to focus on rebuilding his career while tending to family needs.

He is a comedian

Phillip Schofield has been an icon on daytime TV for over two decades with his show This Morning. The program included celebrity interviews, entertainment news updates, current affairs, cooking tips and consumer advice from chefs like Jamie Oliver. Alongside co-host Holly Willoughby he was often considered daytime’s golden couple; their clips sharing laughter on air would often go viral online.

Recently, reports of discord and tension on set have surfaced between Willoughby and Colgan, sparking speculation they no longer get along. Last week, Willoughby made an address that addressed these rumors in her return to This Morning.

Schofield rose to stardom when he took over for Jason Donovan on Neighbours as part of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 1991 on Broadway’s West End production. It became an instantaneous hit and quickly cemented himself in audiences’ memories; later he hosted various daytime TV programs including two series of Have I Been Here Before? which used regression therapy techniques to connect celebrities with past lives.

Recently, the 61-year-old made headlines when he admitted to concealing a relationship between himself and a much younger colleague that is “unwise but not illegal”, and admitted he lied about it to ITV, colleagues, friends and his agent about it. Since then he has apologized both to himself as well as to whomever was involved, whom is yet unknown.