Phillip Schofield, 61, made headlines last week after admitting to an “unwise but legal” affair with one of his younger colleagues at This Morning. It is rumoured that they met when he gave a talk at a theatre school.

At 15 years old, they first met. Since then they’ve collaborated on ITV shows together.

Born in Oldham

Phillip Schofield was born April 1 in Oldham, England and has held British citizenship ever since – becoming one of the most beloved figures on British television through hosting numerous shows and programs that have captured audiences around the country.

Schofield is known for his appearances on This Morning and for starring in various pantomimes such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Cube, becoming a household name in the UK through these appearances. Additionally, he has written multiple books about wine which has only cemented his fame further.

Made his television debut on Shazam

Phillip Schofield’s revelation of an affair he had with an unidentified male runner has sent shock waves through television circles. According to those close to the man involved, he was determined to become famous and on track for a successful television career before his relationship with 61-year-old star went south.

Schofield first met this individual when he visited their drama school to participate in an event during the early ’90s. Out of respect for his privacy, The Mirror will not name this individual.

Schofield and Fern Britton began co-presenting This Morning in April 2008. Additionally, the duo hosted Dancing on Ice and The Cube as hosts.

Moved to New Zealand

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Phillip Schofield’s confession of an intimate, consensual relationship with a younger colleague at ITV has sent shockwaves through the television industry. According to sources close to him, friends say this affair ruined his career path – prompting his departure from This Morning as well.

Joined the BBC

Schofield shot to fame when he launched Children’s BBC shows from his broom cupboard alongside puppet Gordon the Gopher in 1985, becoming an iconic face and fixture on British daytime TV.

Last week, 61-year-old Peter Wright abruptly left ITV and talent agency YMU after admitting an affair with a younger colleague that he termed “unwise but not illegal”. Since then he has admitted lying to ITV, his agent, and lawyer.

Schofield denied grooming the runner and claims they first met during one of his speeches at a drama school. Since then, he has been seen publicly with this person whom he says he helped secure employment on This Morning.

Moved to ITV

British daytime show This Morning has recently come under scrutiny amid allegations of off-screen drama between presenters Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby, but the network denied these reports, giving evidence before a parliamentary committee this week as proof. CEO Carolyn McCall also gave evidence regarding this rumor.

Schofield met her when he was 15 at a talk the presenter gave at a theatre school, later secured work experience as an ITV production assistant and had an alleged consensual, on and off relationship.

According to reports, a runner from This Morning recently switched over to Loose Women on ITV daytime show, continuing her daytime TV career.

Started presenting This Morning

Phillip Schofield revealed last week that the young male colleague with whom he admitted having an affair was only 15-years-old when they first met, according to reports. Schofield quit ITV last week after admitting having an affair with his runner on This Morning; during an emotional BBC interview he revealed they first met after giving a lecture at theatre school where their former lover attended classes; they then later secured work experience on This Morning together.

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ITV denounced these claims, asserting that no one on set knew about their relationship and disproved his claim of being Schofield’s personal runner.

Started presenting Dancing on Ice

Schofield helped the young man secure work experience on This Morning at 15 and later helped him join ITV as a production assistant.

Allegedly, two individuals were engaged in an affair. He has since issued an apology to ITV, his family, friends, and colleagues and described their relationship as “unwise but not illegal”.

He expressed regret over lying to Holly Willoughby and expressed feeling “utterly broken”. In a candid interview with BBC News’ Amol Rajan he shared this information.

Started presenting The Cube

Contestant pairs compete to complete mental and physical challenges within an intimidating glass cube, all the while showing skill and courage to achieve victory – with the winning pair receiving a cash prize at its conclusion.

Schofield’s admission of an “unwise but not illegal affair with one of his younger colleagues was met with outrage from both colleagues and media. To his credit, he has offered an apology both to ITV and his former lover.

At 15 years old, this man worked on This Morning alongside Schofield and Willoughby when their program won at the National Television Awards. Since then, he has left ITV.

Resigned from ITV

Phillip Schofield announced his departure from ITV following weeks of speculation after admitting an “unwise but legal” affair with one of his younger colleagues. In a statement released through his agent, Phillip admitted lying about this relationship. He offered his apology and pledged support from ITV as well as from himself and his colleagues.

He is now declining to host an awards show for ITV following an apology by Carolyn McCall who applauded Schofield’s “difficult decision”.

An independent investigation is now taking place to ascertain who knew about and when, as well as any allegations made against Schofield. A young man believed to have applied for work on Loose Women (produced by ITV Studios ) is thought to have approached ITV Studios about applying.