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After months of speculation, ITV CEO Carolyn McCall finally addressed reports that This Morning host Phillip Schofield may have engaged in an affair with one of his younger colleagues. McCall testified before a parliamentary committee with content chief Kevin Lygo and general counsel Kyla Mullins as witnesses.

She noted that Person X met Schofield at a theatre school opening years prior, before eventually landing a work experience placement on the show at age 19.

He is a television presenter

Phillip Schofield has had an illustrious television career spanning decades. From various shows and gameshows to British daytime TV, including 21 years hosting This Morning on ITV; with celebrity interviews, celebrity cooking demonstrations and topical discussions. However, in 2017 there appeared to be less chemistry between him and co-host Holly Willoughby due to reports of tension offscreen.

Schofield recently quit after admitting having an affair with a colleague more than 30 years his junior and lying about their relationship. He apologized to his wife, family, friends, colleagues, and the media; and will no longer host the show or front a new prime-time series that ITV said they were creating with him.

Schofield started his TV career in New Zealand before making the transition to Britain during the 1990s, hosting various children’s programs before later appearing as an adult-oriented presenter on programs like Talking Telephone Numbers and Ten Ball. By 2002 he had established himself as one of three regular presenters on ITV daytime show This Morning alongside Fern Britton, John Leslie and then, eventually taking over his position until 2009. When Holly Willoughby took over his duties.

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He is a writer

Schofield recently caused controversy after admitting to lying about an affair he was having with a colleague three decades younger than himself, prompting ITV’s resignation and an apology from their lawyers. According to their lawyers, Schofield met this individual at an event when they were both 15 and helped get him started in television; but their relationship did not start until both began working at ITV together.

Schofield first joined ITV daytime show This Morning as co-host alongside Fern Britton in 2002. He presented until 2008, when he took time away due to health reasons; Holly Willoughby then took her place and eventually replaced Britton permanently as co-host. Since then, Schofield has also hosted other ITV programs such as Talking Telephone Numbers and Ten Ball.

He is a comedian

In 2023, Schofield came clean about having an affair with a colleague 30 years his junior and admitted lying about it to ITV management and work colleagues. His confession caused him to leave his programme as well as end his relationship with his wife.

He first joined ITV daytime show This Morning as a temporary replacement for John Leslie and Fern Britton, then decided to remain after Britton returned. Additionally, he has hosted ITV shows such as One in a Million, Talking Telephone Numbers and celebrity edition of Have I Been Here Before?

Schofield and Willoughby came under fire in September 2022 when they failed to join members of the public when filming This Morning from Queen Elizabeth II’s lying in state event, prompting criticism on social media platforms such as Twitter.

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He is a singer

Schofield’s affair with a younger colleague sent shockwaves through the industry. Since then, he has issued an apology, explaining that they met at theatre school and tried to help him break into television, yet their relationship began years later despite no sexual chemistry between them. Their appearance sparked further controversy when filming This Morning at Queen Elizabeth II’s lying-in state without joining the public queues as anticipated by her bodyguard.

Schofield has hosted various programs, including two series of the daytime show Have I Been Here Before? in which celebrities try to reconnect with past lives using regression. He co-hosted the British Soap Awards alongside Holly Willoughby and appeared in Fern Britton’s revival of All Star Mr and Mrs.