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Molly and Ruby Schofield are close to their father Phillip Schofield. Molly even posted tributes for him on Father’s Day this year! Additionally, Phillip has maintained an ongoing relationship with YMU Management Group as his management company.

ITV has confirmed that after reports surfaced of an affair between an older male colleague and younger male colleagues in 2020, they immediately initiated an investigation.

He is married to Stephanie Lowe

Stephanie Lowe and Phillip Schofield are married and share two daughters together. The couple met while working for BBC, with Phillip in children’s TV production assistant position and Stephanie as production assistant role. They wed in 1993 at Ackergill Tower Castle (listed Category A castle in Scotland) but separated sometime thereafter but have yet to file for divorce.

Phillip recently stated in an interview that his wife is very angry with him for having an affair with a younger colleague on the set of This Morning. Phillip explained he did not seek divorce as they remain legally married. It has been reported he has moved out of their Oxfordshire home into a London apartment while continuing to commute daily to ITV studios in Manchester and Bury St Edmunds.

Recently, 61-year-old former This Morning runner Tim Hunt came under scrutiny following images showing him at an event with his younger lover who works on set – whom he initially denied was in any relationship. Later though he would admit it had been unwise and unprofessional arrangement.

Stephanie has long been involved with television as both an in-house producer and show co-star; recently they made an appearance together in Schofield’s South African Adventure, an exploration of South African culture. Furthermore, Stephanie and Phillip co-starred on special episodes of How to Spend Well at Christmas as well as One in a Million.

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He is gay

TV presenter Phillip Schofield is openly gay and has been married to Stephanie for 27 years, during which they have had two daughters Molly and Ruby, living together in their PS2 million family home in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Additionally, Schofield has worked as a television presenter on ITV’s This Morning for more than 20 years while supporting various charities like Prince’s Trust and RNLI.

As soon as reports surfaced of an affair between a presenter and an under-aged male staffer in early 2020, ITV began conducting investigations – though all allegations were later categorically denied by both parties involved.

Schofield first revealed his sexuality in February 2020 and stated that he had been struggling with his homosexuality since his teens. Although initially suppressing his feelings, recently he has begun coming out to family and friends.

Though Schofield made his intentions known, it remains uncertain as to whether or not she has a partner. Recently, she took issue with fans who claimed the male walking companion in one of his posts on Instagram was his new love interest; additionally, this post raised doubts as to who Holly Willoughby really was!

He is a TV presenter

Phillip Schofield has been working as a television presenter since the 1990s. For the BBC, he presented various children’s shows such as Broom Cupboard from 1985-1987 and breakfast programme Going Live! from 1988-1991; One in a Million was another success he fronted from 1996- 1997. Later, in adult-oriented ITV programs like Schofield’s Quest and Ten Ball appeared. Furthermore, Family Fortunes quiz was another fixture.

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Stephanie Lowe and his two daughters think he messed up royally, yet have been unfailingly supportive during this difficult period. Additionally, he spoke about realising he was gay while still married; during this process his weight dropped down to nine stone as he struggled with these feelings; seeking therapy on this matter but insists things can change for himself.

Pictures have surfaced of him attending events alongside this Morning host and an unidentified younger male with whom they had an affair, who has been kept under wraps until recently. He stated that they met initially at an event held at their drama school before beginning communicating via Twitter afterwards.

He is a father

Phillip Schofield is the father of two daughters named Molly and Ruby. In 2020, one month prior to the coronavirus lockdown starting, he came out as gay, saying it had been difficult living a lie for so long. Since his announcement, he has not spoken with his ex-wife and his children are extremely supportive of his lifestyle choice.

Schofield is well-known for his work presenting This Morning and Dancing On Ice on ITV. Additionally, he provided voiceover work on Educating Joey Essex while appearing in Coronation Street as well as hosting shows such as 5 Gold Rings and How to Spend It Well. Furthermore, he enjoys photography and produces his own wine!

He began his career at the BBC in 1984 as a bookings clerk and tea boy before transitioning into children’s TV through CBBC before eventually joining ITV as an anchorman and quizmaster. Well-known ITV shows which he has hosted include All Star Mr and Mrs, Test the Nation, National Lottery Winning Lines as well as specials such as The Cube and A Night of Heroes: Sun Military Awards are just some of his accomplishments as an anchorperson.