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Molly and Ruby, born of their 1993 union, remain living together today and living in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Phil has opened up about his family’s response to his affair announcement for the first time, noting how his wife Stephanie has stood by him through it all.

How did they meet?

Phillip has been married to Stephanie for 27 years. Together they share two daughters named Molly and Ruby. Though usually private in nature, Phillip recently took advantage of his appearance at the BRITs alongside Holly Willoughby to express how supportive his wife had been of him following his public announcement that he is gay.

They met while both working for the BBC; he as a continuity presenter and she as production assistant. They married in 1993 and moved to Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire (they also have one in London).

Phillip has hosted numerous television programs including National Lottery Winning Lines and Test the Nation; co-hosted This Morning alongside Fern Britton from 2005 until she departed in 2008. But he is best known for appearing on ITV’s Dancing on Ice as well as hosting the British Soap Awards.

Have I Been Here Before?, a daytime programme featuring celebrities using regression therapy to explore previous lives, is another program he has hosted twice. Additionally, he was the host for short-lived BBC quiz show called The Millionaire as well as being presenter of Radio Plymouth comedy annual and multiple TV commercials as well as frequent presenter at events like British Academy Television Awards.

When did they get married?

Philip Schofield married Stephanie Lowe two years after meeting. In an enchanting ceremony held at Ackergill Tower hotel in Scotland, the couple tied the knot under an arbor. Phillip was working on children’s television while Stephanie served as production assistant; eventually the couple gave birth to two daughters together.

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Over the years, this presenter has earned numerous awards for his television work and become a beloved celebrity in Britain. Additionally, he has served as host for various special events and shows, such as Royal Wedding, Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations and Olympics events.

Schofield came out as gay publicly via social media in 2020 and has since been open about his sexuality while supporting LGBTQ causes and equality initiatives in British society. He has spoken out strongly against homophobia within British society.

Schofield maintains that despite this news, he is still happily married to Steph after over 30 years together and she has never once requested their separation. In a new interview, he revealed he turned to Steph before issuing his statement admitting to an affair with an younger male colleague; further stating he has the support of both family and loved ones and does not intend on seeking a divorce anytime soon.

What happened to their marriage?

Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe have been happily married for 27 years, giving birth to two children together. Although still on good terms with each other, rumors have surfaced recently that Stephanie may be suffering from some illness; this news caused much alarm among fans because it explained why she hadn’t been seen in public in such a long time.

Phillip Schofield revealed in an interview that his wife was very upset to learn of his affair with an underaged colleague, as well as lying to family, colleagues, and ITV over recent days regarding said affair. Furthermore, the former daytime host has reported feeling powerless due to having his ITV contract and agent both dropped him as an option for future employment opportunities.

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Stephanie Lowe and former This Morning host Phil Latchford have two daughters named Molly and Ruby. The couple met while working at Children’s BBC in 1985 before marrying at Ackergill Tower in Scotland three years later in March 1993. Molly is now in her early thirties while Ruby is currently in her late twenties.

Phillip Schofield has enjoyed a highly diverse television career. He has presented various shows, such as This Morning, Dancing on Ice and Have I Been Here Before? and co-presented the British Soap Awards alongside Holly Willoughby. Additionally, he has made numerous travel documentaries.

Are they still together?

Philip Schofield has shared details about how his family have responded to his affair bombshell for the first time. Former This Morning host Schofield noted that Stephanie Lowe was very upset after he admitted having an affair with a younger colleague; further, Schofield noted that his daughters thought he had made mistakes and screwed up royally; yet Schofield says his family have been unbelievably supportive over recent days.

They met while both working for BBC – he as children’s TV, she as production assistant – where they met while on staff, respectively. Together, they raised two daughters together – Molly and Ruby. Since their marriage they have appeared together on many shows such as Schofield’s South African Adventure in 2017 as well as wearing their wedding rings occasionally.

Phil opened up to BBC in a recent interview about realizing he was gay and the profound effect it had on his life. According to Phil, weight dropped below nine stone after losing his career and feeling abandoned by society. After realising he had been “living with a lie”, therapy sessions were sought over this issue.

Since Phil’s admission, they’ve remained close, being seen together at numerous events. Most notably was attending Leigh Francis’ 50th birthday party together in April; prior to that they’d also gone out for double dates with Darren McMullen and his wife.