Phillip Schofield is a married TV presenter with two daughters. Recently he came forward to admit having an affair with one of his younger male colleagues at This Morning; during this process his wife Stephanie has provided incredible support throughout.

Although she prefers to keep details of her personal life private, she has earned recognition for supporting her husband on numerous TV shows including Dancing on Ice and How to Spend Well at Christmas.

She is a TV presenter

Phillip Schofield has long been a fixture on British television, appearing in various shows that are immensely popular with audiences. He hosted game shows such as The Cube and was part of the team responsible for hosting Dancing on Ice’s inaugural UK season in 2005. Additionally, he hosted special events such as Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee celebrations alongside Julie Etchingham.

After beginning his television career as a children’s program host, Schofield moved on to adult-targeted shows such as Schofield’s TV Gold and Talking Telephone Numbers for adults. Additionally, he has presented travel and lifestyle programs; one notable series from early 1990s being One in a Million about remarkable coincidences.

In 1993, he married Stephanie Lowe with whom he has two daughters named Molly and Ruby. They met while working for BBC, with him being involved with children’s TV programming while she served as production assistant; eventually they wed at Ackergill Tower in Scotland on 28 February 1993 and have remained together ever since.

They have not filed for divorce and still appear together on TV shows such as Schofield’s South African Adventure in 2017, Dancing on Ice, and How to Spend Well at Christmas.

Phil Schofield recently admitted in an interview that his marriage has suffered as a result of his decision to come out as gay in 2020. Nonetheless, he remains supportive of his wife and they even attended Leigh Francis’ 50th birthday party together this year!

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She is a mother

Pat Schofield, Phillip Schofield’s mother, has been suffering from an unknown ailment for some time now and was hospitalised last month; former This Morning host Phil was seen keeping watch by his 87-year-old mother’s hospital bed, where she has been treated over multiple days for unknown symptoms. Pat’s health became an increasing source of worry to family as it coincided with Phillip Schofield’s fall from grace after admitting an affair and then lying about it, plus watching son Timothy be jailed on child sex offences charges against him as well.

Phillip’s girlfriend has been described as supportive during his public announcement about his sexuality, yet her exact role within their marriage remains elusive; she does not appear to work in media and her personal information cannot be found online.

They were married at Ackergill Tower in Scotland in 1993 and later welcomed daughters Molly and Ruby Lowe, who they still share a home with in Newquay, Cornwall. Since then they have made numerous TV appearances together presenting shows like 5 Gold Rings game show and three-part factual series How to Spend It Well at Christmas; 2017 brought with it Schofield’s South African Adventure which followed them safariing while experiencing local culture; both parties can often be seen wearing their wedding rings! The couple can often be found together at events wearing these rings!

She is a divorcee

Phillip Schofield married Stephanie Lowe at Scotland’s Ackergill Tower in 1993 and shortly after gave birth to their eldest daughter Molly. Later that same year they welcomed another daughter Ruby; both adopted their mother’s maiden name while remaining close with both of their fathers. Though Schofield and Lowe have maintained a private relationship they can be often seen together at events; both appeared together on TV for shows such as 2017’s ‘Schofield’s South African Adventure’ and 2019’s ‘How to Spend Well at Christmas’ respectively.

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The couple currently reside in Oxfordshire and also own a holiday property in Portugal, along with three dogs and four cats as well as antiques that they collect. Together they are estimated to have accumulated an estimated net worth of more than PS2.4 million; furthermore they co-own Fistral Productions production company.

Phil Schofield has always relied on Stephanie for support through all of life’s drama. She was particularly encouraging of his decision to come out as gay on This Morning in 2020, defending him when he admitted having an affair with one of his younger male colleagues from This Morning. Though they have since separated, Stephanie still appears at public events with him wearing their wedding ring.

She is a lesbian

Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe have been longtime married and are parents to two daughters together. The couple met while working at the BBC in children’s television, with him working in children’s television while Stephanie Lowe worked as production assistant; they married and later relocated to Henley-on-Thames. Phillip publicly came out as gay and admitted that he had had an affair with a younger male co-host which caused quite an uproar which ultimately resulted in him leaving ITV and being de-appointed as ambassador by Prince’s Trust.

Stephanie has shown great loyalty and support for her husband since his controversial revelation, often appearing together at events and shows like This Morning. The pair often appear together.

Schofield discloses in his new autobiography that he didn’t discover his sexuality until his mid-30s and believes if he had known at an earlier age, he never would have married his current spouse of 27 years.

Stephanie and Daniel live together with two daughters in Henley-on-Thames, England, where Stephanie has made her mark as an actress on numerous British TV series such as The Cube and All Star Mr and Mrs, while producing films such as Another Year and Secrets and Lies as a producer and film director respectively. Georgina, her sister is also well-regarded in this field.