phillip schofield and holly willoughby

Holly and Phil have become two of the most acclaimed television presenters in Britain over their 18 year run of This Morning together.

Rumors have recently circulated suggesting the two no longer share an intimate bond; this speculation was further fuelled when Phillip Schofield disclosed he had misled someone regarding their relationship status.

How did the pair get together?

Holly and Phil have co-starred on the show since 2009 and are known for their engaging chemistry and playful banter on screen. Off screen, however, the two have formed strong friendships outside of acting; often vacationing together and posting praise about one another on social media platforms like Twitter – Phil even refering to Holly as his ‘rock’ when discussing his sexuality in 2020!

However, recent reports indicate that they’ve drifted apart recently and no longer speak as often outside work. According to reports, their relationship may have soured after Phil failed to inform Holly of his brother’s conviction for child sex offenses; she only learned of it through media reports.

Viewers of the programme have become aware of some tension between Holly and Phillip. Holly has begun unfollowing Phillip on social media accounts and updating her bio to focus more on their roles in the show.

Holly found it “very hurtful” to discover her former co-host had deceived her about his relationship with an ITV colleague younger than himself, which was denied. Holly learned of his infidelity only through media reports in early 2020. ITV confirmed the investigation occurred in early 2020 and both parties categorically denied them; even Schofield’s former agency YMU categorically denied allegations as well.

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Are they still friends?

Due to Phil Schofield’s departure from This Morning last week, speculation has increased regarding their friendship. Holly has not responded directly; however, The Sun reported that Holly and Phil rarely speak off camera; therefore people on set can tell their bond has become tenuous.

Phil recently made headlines when he admitted having an affair with an ITV employee and then lying about it. Eamonn Holmes has publicly criticised both presenters, stating that there is no real chemistry between them and that any on-screen friendship is an act.

Holly was left feeling taken aback and betrayed after Phil announced their relationship. Never having dealt with such animus and outrage before, she had no choice but to leave social media during this uproar.

Holly was alarmed to hear of Phillip’s revelation that his brother Timothy is facing trial for sexually abusing a child; she felt it should not be shared publicly on air. Since then she hasn’t spoken to or made eye contact with Phillip and avoids making eye contact when seeing him in production teams or interviews – as well as acting distant towards him on screen or during interviews.

What happened next?

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have long been seen as morning television’s golden pair; their lighthearted banter made the show immensely successful. Unfortunately, however, recent developments indicate a potential fallout between the pair after it emerged they barely spoke outside of work hours.

Rumors surfaced that Holly and Phil had split, with sources alleging they weren’t close behind-the-scenes. Holly and Phil denied these reports and insisted they remained best friends and even closer than before.

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On Friday, ITV revealed that Schofield had left their show after admitting to deceiving viewers about his affair with a younger colleague and lying about it. Schofield issued a statement clarifying his relationship, calling it “unwise but not illegal”. Furthermore, his management agency, YMU had released him and that The King’s Trust charity had taken steps against him as well.

On Monday, Holly returned to her seat alongside Josie Gibson for the first time since Schofield’s departure and spoke openly about her shock at discovering he had lied to her. She expressed horror and upset by what had transpired and described it as so very hurtful; furthermore she inquired directly of Phil if reports about them were accurate but was told no.

Is there a feud?

As news broke of Phillip Schofield’s affair with an underage colleague, viewers noticed a distance between Phil and Holly Willoughby. Rumors even surfaced about Holly leaving This Morning altogether to distance herself from this latest controversy.

Recently, viewers have noted that Holly has taken a break from posting social media updates featuring co-host Phillip and has removed his tag as well as any reference to him being an internet legend from her bio.

Some fans are wondering whether there is any hostility between Holly and Phil; however, in a statement by Phil he denied any conflict exists and thanked Holly for 13 years of collaboration on their sofa.

Holly later posted an Instagram picture featuring herself and Phil together with a caption reading ‘Thank you to my bestie, I will miss you everyday’.

There has been much speculation regarding who will replace Phillip on This Morning, with many viewers believing Rochelle Hume or Dermot O’Brien may make good successors; others suggest Rylan Clark should get a chance to fill his place – something Rylan responded to by tweeting about.