phillip schofield and holly willoughby

Rumor has it that This Morning’s golden duo, Robin Wright and Lisa Wilcox, is currently experiencing problems. Reportedly, a rift began long before Queuegate (as the media refers to it) took place – possibly even predating its outbreak altogether.

Phil and Holly share great on-screen chemistry that often goes viral for its banter and warmth, and off-screen are known as close friends with frequent tributes paid on each others social media pages.

Why they’re barely speaking

As Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield began hosting This Morning together, their dynamic was ideal. Both had great on-screen chemistry that led them to frequently laugh off mishaps or sexual innuendo from each other – leading Holly Willoughby to claim she was Phillip’s ‘number one choice’ when Fern Britton left in 2009. Their closeness extended even off screen; with Holly claiming they were on and offscreen lovers.

Recently, however, they’ve been struggling to put on an united front against reports that they are no longer as close as before – in fact some viewers claim they can see tension between them on screen!

Phil has been speaking out about Holly’s brother’s child sex offenses in interviews with media, causing her undue stress and concern. Unfortunately, Holly has been kept in the dark about these developments which has put undue strain on both of them.

Not only have they experienced friction with each other, they were also caught up in public outrage last September after they were accused of queue-jumping to see the Queen lying in state. Although they issued a statement disputing any wrongdoing on this count, public anger still ran high against them. Reportedly they are barely speaking off camera as they struggle to work together; ITV executives appear to have lost faith with them as presenters.

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Their feud

Rumors swirled during Phillip Schofield’s departure from This Morning that his relationship with co-host Matt Lauer had become tenuous, with claims they barely spoke off-camera or experienced some major drama behind-the-scenes.

Holly is reportedly upset with Phillip for keeping her informed of his brother Timothy’s arrest for child sex offences and also by his decision to inform the press of their affair; according to reports they have been “struggling”, with Holly wanting her ex-cohost off of the show altogether.

Viewers were shocked when Holly and Phillip failed to appear together on This Morning last week; instead, Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary opened up the show instead.

This morning’s co-hosts are widely revered for their on-screen chemistry, having presented the daytime show together for thirteen years and been considered British television royalty. They’re known for their bubbly personalities and giggles; their on-screen chemistry is electric. But if their relationship were suffering as evidenced off camera, any signs would no doubt appear on screen; so what’s really causing their split? We can assist.

What’s next?

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were for years the superstar couple of daytime TV. Not only did they win awards together, go on holiday together, but made us laugh every weekday as They presented This Morning together.

Reportedly, things appear to have changed between these once close pals in recent months – it has even been suggested that they barely speak off camera when not filming is taking place.

And it isn’t only gossip magazines claiming there’s discord between co-hosts; ITV executives have expressed concerns over this latest drama and could potentially split up this legendary pair.

Holly is said to be furious with Emma Gormley and Martin Frizell of ITV Daytime for supporting Phil during their spat over his affair with one of Holly’s younger co-workers.

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Although reports had it otherwise, both Holly and Phil returned to the sofa this week without addressing their ongoing feud when discussing news headlines. But viewers did detect an uncomfortable atmosphere as they welcomed each other and guest presenters on to the show.

As the credits rolled, Holly nervously fiddled with her wedding band and seemed unable to look Phil in the eye. Meanwhile, Phil seemed uncomfortable as he awkwardly shook hands with guest presenter Josie Gibson before smiling awkwardly as she told him to have a good night.

Phil’s future on This Morning

Rumors had swirled for years that Phillip and Holly weren’t as close off-screen as they seemed onscreen, rumor of a feud and accusations of Phil hating Holly have surfaced, as has any indication of a cold environment on set. Last week it came out that Holly had been diagnosed with shingles which can cause painful rashes and fevers so both had to take time away from work to allow her to recover fully before returning together again at work.

But their latest setback could mean the end of their presenting partnership, as ITV bosses have reported they may hire new presenters once Phil and Holly’s contract expires – as an insurance measure given recent backlash over Phil’s queue-jumping controversy.

Phil was candid during his BBC interview about recent events in his life. He stated that he has lost everything, with no prospects in television ahead for him. Additionally, his brother was recently imprisoned for 12 years after sexually abusing a vulnerable teenage boy.

ITV have also come under scrutiny for failing to investigate internal reports regarding an affair between Phil and his junior colleague. While their legal team have dismissed such claims as being categorically untrue, head of regulation and policy Magnus Brooke will appear before Parliament’s culture committee next Tuesday to discuss draft media bills.