Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy’s relationship is currently drawing much scrutiny and has led to many speculations and accusations, such as allegations of power abuse or grooming.

Schofield discovered Matt via Twitter just 5 days after he turned 15, and invited him to come into her ‘This Morning’ studios a few months later.

Philip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy

Phillip Schofield and Matthew Mcgreevy’s relationship scandal has generated much debate, speculation, and intrigue amongst members of the public. Amidst all the rumors swirling around this topic, it is essential that personal relationships remain private affairs until there is evidence supporting it being discussed publicly; additionally it’s vitally important that respect be shown towards individuals involved in this story.

Matthew McGreevy is a British actor and television runner who recently garnered media attention after being linked with Phillip Schofield, an age difference is alarming for many and may appear inappropriate; although they do maintain professional ties between themselves it should be remembered they do not form romantic attachments.

Mathew McGreevy began his career as a television runner for This Morning before going on to work as an actor on various shows such as In The Flesh, Bananas and Millie Inbetween as well as Harriet’s Army. Since joining ITV he has participated in multiple projects while running his theatre academy as well as competing in various acting competitions. However he remains very private regarding his personal life – his parents remain unknown to the general public while most of his siblings have also avoided making appearances on screen!

Age Difference

Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy’s ongoing scandal has captured media coverage and generated much speculation, so it is wise to approach it with extreme caution and only trust information that has been independently verified. Their alleged relationship has prompted allegations such as power abuse and grooming; their connection is particularly alarming given their vast age gap.

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Matthew McGreevy is a British actor and television presenter who has made headlines due to his alleged relationship with Phillip Schofield. Reportedly close friends, they spent Christmas together. Additionally, both appear as co-hosts on popular morning show This Morning; though aged 34 years apart.

Since McGreevy was linked with Schofield after his coming out as gay in 2020, speculation regarding their relationship has escalated rapidly. Allegedly dating for several years prior to this news breaking and with no comment or gagging order regarding any details about it publicly being discussed publicly by either party.

Even though they have yet to address their relationship publicly, reports indicate they have been spending much time together over recent months and attending private parties together. Furthermore, a photo recently surfaced online depicting them smoking shisha which further fuels speculation; however it should be noted that the picture does not clearly display both of their ages.


Though Schofield has denied it, many still speculate that Matthew and Schofield may be having an affair. Rumors regarding their rumored romantic ties are widespread due to their apparent close working relationship. Additionally, Matthew has been quite active on social media since Schofield came out, sparking speculation he may also be gay.

Matthew McGreevy is said to have met his potential partner at an acting academy where they both studied together. It is suspected that Matthew lied about meeting Phillip Schofield for the first time; some sources claim he currently acts as his assistant.

Schofield and Holly Willoughby, co-hosts of his show, appear to have experienced tension due to this scandal, with reports that Schofield has hired crisis management teams and social media monitors as a response to it.

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Matthew and Schofield’s supposed romantic connection is one of the biggest tabloid stories in recent memory. To protect both parties involved, however, it is vital that we approach this story with caution and only trust verified information. Until more evidence emerges publicly regarding this scandal, public should avoid spreading speculations or engaging in gossip related to it; doing so will ensure everyone’s wellbeing is maintained in this matter.


The scandal surrounding Philip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy has drawn significant public interest, prompting many to speculate about their relationship. While such speculations are unsubstantiated, such accusations raise eyebrows concerning Schofield’s personal life; especially given his brother was recently charged with child offences.

Rumors surrounding Schofield and Mcgreevy first surfaced in early 2020. According to speculations, they met when Mcgreevy was only 10 years old and formed an “close working relationship.” They are also thought to have worked on a popular show together.

Reports indicated that shortly after beginning working together, Schofield and Lee began chatting and following each other on Twitter, prompting concerns among coworkers given the large age difference between them. Furthermore, there were reports claiming he was spying on his younger colleagues’ private lives.

Phillip Schofield is an amazing actor, so it seems unfair for him to be accused of paedophilia. I suspect his coworkers have signed nondisclosure agreements so it’s unlikely they will publicly dispute these allegations; but it would be nice if someone could present evidence proving that the relationship between Phillip and Matt was strictly professional rather than sexual in nature.