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Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy’s relationship has gripped the public’s imagination for weeks now, since their meeting allegedly occurred when Matthew was only 10 years old at London’s 2 Faced Theatre Academy.

They met while working together on ITV show This Morning and quickly formed friendships. Following each other on social media sparked speculation of a potential romance between them, sparking even further rumors about possible romantic prospects.

Matthew McGreevy’s Age

Since his sudden rise to fame with Phillip Schofield’s association, Matthew McGreevy’s age has attracted immense media scrutiny. While their relationship was non-romantic, it made headlines and raised questions about Schofield’s grooming techniques. They first met at 2 Face Theatre Academy in London when McGreevy was 10 years old and quickly formed close bonds as friends before eventually working together on various projects together despite any claims of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior by either party.

McGreevy not only loves acting but has an affinity for music as well. An accomplished musician himself, McGreevy enjoys traveling across several countries such as New York, Paris, Rome, and Dubai; also active on Twitter and Instagram sharing pictures from both his work life as well as personal life with fans; in his free time supporting various charities including cancer research and gay rights causes.

Matthew Mcgreevy has long been the subject of speculation regarding his age; however, his family have chosen to keep it out of the public eye. He is estimated to be around 19-20 years old with twin sister Lizzie as his best friend. Passionate about acting and constantly pushing himself toward success are hallmarks of success for Matthew.

Schofield’s Age

Phillip Schofield, born August 19, 1957 and living in London since 1993. He is father to Ruby and Molly. Phillip married Stephanie Lowe on October 27, 1993 after 27 years as partners, with whom he shares two daughters Ruby and Molly. Phillip has long championed gay rights while advocating against homophobia as well as supporting the arts community.

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At an early age, Phillip Schofield made his mark in media with his charming personality. Beginning with music show Shazam in 1982 and continuing as continuity presenter on Children’s BBC in 1985; then featuring as host for Going Live! as Saturday morning magazine show; further increasing his fame while hosting other programs such as The First Phillip Schofield Fun File and One in a Million.

Schofield began hosting This Morning alongside Fern Britton until Holly Willoughby took over in 2014. Since then, he has earned PS600,000.000 annually as an income for hosting the show.

McGreevy may serve as Schofield’s personal assistant, yet there is no evidence to suggest they have any romantic ties. Furthermore, speculations regarding any potential romantic connections could be harmful and intrusive; therefore it is essential that respect be shown towards people’s privacy when making assumptions about people’s lives. In addition to his presenter duties, Schofield is also an author – having written numerous books such as Life Is What You Make It.

Schofield’s Height

Schofield is a renowned media personality known for his television and movie work, film work, stage performances and charitable support of various causes.

Since 2002, he has been an engaging presenter on This Morning with an engaging interviewing style and genuine rapport with guests, making him an iconic presence on British television. Additionally, he has hosted gameshows as well as Dancing on Ice; all popular television programs that rely heavily on him.

McGreevy and Hodges had an intense working relationship that led to speculation of an affair, prompting several reports in 2020 about a potential secret affair between them. When McGreevy suddenly left This Morning for another ITV program it raised eyebrows among fans as well as his wife of 27 years – all without explanation from either one! He would later come out as gay to his fans and wife alike in 2020 – shocking both.

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Schofield has been an entertainer for more than 30 years but remains grounded and humble. A devout Christian, Schofield maintains a strong family life with wife Stephanie Lowe and their daughters Molly and Ruby. Furthermore, he is active within his church community as well as several charities throughout his career, working with homeless populations in London while supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Schofield’s Weight

Phillip Schofield recently reduced his weight from 238 to 225, in order to become more versatile on the court and fit more seamlessly into his team’s offense. Being lighter will enable him to defend guards effectively as well as being effective against taller players.

Matthew McGreevy, the former office runner for British TV show This Morning, has become the subject of much speculation regarding allegations that he and Philip Schofield’s host had an affair. When the two were seen dining together at an exclusive restaurant reportedly leading to speculations that Schofield may have been unfaithful to his wife for 27 years – all while serving on This Morning!

Schofield was embroiled in an unfortunate scandal which greatly diminished his reputation, ultimately leading to him being fired from the show after an altercation with Holly Willoughby and a significant drop in ratings. Furthermore, legal proceedings were brought by YMU Entertainment against him for engaging in sexual misconduct.

He has stated in the past that his sexuality does not matter much, and expressed interest in working in theatre. Although initially shocked when he came out as gay, she has since accepted it and enjoys spending time with him and his family; including Molly who works alongside him at his talent agency.