phillip schofield and matthew mcgreevy

Phillip Schofield made headlines last month after publicly declaring his sexuality. Additionally, he admitted having an affair with one of the This Morning staff. Since his announcement YMU Talent Agency has dropped him as well.

Many people are curious about his alleged romance with Matthew McGreevy. In this article, we will investigate these rumors and determine whether or not they are accurate.

Matthew McGreevy

Matthew McGreevy first made headlines for his close relationship with Phillip Schofield, whom they both work alongside on the popular British show This Morning. However, their romance became the center of controversy when it was discovered that an older male co-worker was dating much younger colleagues; leading some people to suspect grooming or abuse and ultimately leading Schofield to leave the show due to its revelation.

Matthew McGreevy is a young travel enthusiast. He holds an academic degree and currently works at an insurance company; additionally he makes money through acting. Unfortunately his net worth remains unknown.

Matthew has been active on social media and shared posts supporting LGBTQ+ people, while being an upstanding father to two daughters he’s raising alone. While he has yet to share details of his personal life with the public, Matthew does have a twin brother named James whom both share an interest for music as well as being involved with various charitable endeavors together.

McGreevy graduated from Sacred Heart High School, winning six Northeast Conference Championships as part of the Pioneer teams. His father is a dentist while his mother runs her own business. As an avid Philadelphia Eagles supporter with a dog named Milo as well as being an animal enthusiast, he loves traveling – visiting New York, Paris, Rome etc. Additionally he sports a musical note tattooed on his wrist!

Phillip Schofield

Matthew McGreevy is a British television star who recently made headlines for his relationship with Phillip Schofield. They allegedly had an affair, yet both are subject to a gag order prohibiting any public discussion regarding it. Both are under tremendous strain as they cannot communicate openly.

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Schofield has been besieged with issues since the scandal broke out. Under media scrutiny and no longer working on This Morning, he is no longer trusted by his co-hosts who no longer trust him; furthermore he has expressed regret over his actions while offering an apology to the public.

Schofield has acknowledged having an affair with one of his younger colleagues at This Morning. While it was unwise but not illegal, he has since apologized to both family and his partner and expressed how distressing it must be for them seeing him so damaged by it all.

Schofield’s father has expressed his outrage at how his son handled the situation and has advised that he has no right to be angry. Instead, he suggested taking time away from work so Schofield can focus on improving his mental health, making amends with co-workers as soon as possible and seeing that all three children are content and happy.

Age Difference

Phillip Schofield is an award-winning daytime TV presenter best known for his work on This Morning. Additionally, he has hosted Dancing on Ice and British Soap Awards as well as parenting two daughters – Ruby and Molly. Rarely seen out public, however he was recently seen visiting a pub with one of his friends.

Phillip has been part of this morning show for over twelve years and is beloved by its viewers. In that time he has played an integral part in its many spin offs; appearing regularly on The Cube and Going Live! before hosting others such as Emmerdale.

Timothy Schofield, Philip’s brother, was recently jailed for sexually abusing a boy and this has placed even greater scrutiny on both brothers.

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An embattled TV presenter has come under scrutiny over his troubled relationship with Holly Willoughby and subsequent affair with one of her junior colleagues on ITV show This Morning. ITV itself has also come under scrutiny regarding its handling of this scandal.

ITV has strongly defended their handling of allegations made against its senior presenter and employee, claiming both had fabricated stories about their relationship. Furthermore, lawmakers have requested ITV attend on June 14 to answer questions regarding its safeguarding processes.


Schofield and McGreevy initially started off as close friends despite a vast age difference; this friendship quickly turned into something much deeper when the pair dined together, shopped at similar stores, and were frequently seen together publically; which caused many people to question its nature, even leading to claims of possible sexual abuse or grooming due to power differences between the men.

Schofield’s affair triggered outrage from both media outlets and ITV executives, leading to a major scandal that resulted in his contract being terminated with YMU talent agency after more than 35 years, as well as being forced out from This Morning due to legal action from his former partner for concealing it.

Matthew McGreevy is an emerging actor who has featured in multiple TV shows and theater productions. Additionally, he participated in two varsity sports at Sacred Heart University as a varsity athlete in both. Additionally, Matthew was an enthusiastic supporter of Phillip Schofield’s 2-Faced Theatre Academy in Guide Bridge and became close with both them and their families.

Politicalite exclusively reported in March 2019 that Schofield was seen dining with an apparent ‘toyboy lover’ at White City’s Bluebird Restaurant near ITV1 studios in West London. The venue has featured prominently on ITV1 titles and offers bottles of Champagne at up to PS130 each bottle.