phillip schofield and matthew mcgreevy

Matthew McGreevy is a British actor and television personality with many years of experience in the entertainment industry, having made appearances on several popular shows and films.

Philip Schofield is an iconic British presenter known for co-hosting This Morning on British television. Recently he has been accused of having an inappropriate romantic relationship with one of the production runners on set at This Morning.


Matthew McGreevy is a personal assistant to British TV host Philip Schofield who became notorious after being linked with an alleged consensual affair between them. Although Schofield insisted it was consensual, there have been reports that Mcgreevy may be gay leading to widespread debate online regarding whether Philip Schofield himself may also be homosexual.

Phillip Schofield has made headlines for his appearances on British daytime show This Morning as co-host alongside Holly Willoughby. Known as an engaging character on the program and with an established career behind him, many people have taken an interest in learning more about him and are keen to know more.

Recently, Schofield was seen flirting with a younger male partner on the set of This Morning and it reportedly caused much discomfort among cast and crew alike – even sparking whispers of grooming!

Politicalite has discovered evidence that Schofield was in an intimate sexual relationship with Mathew McGreevy, his runner. They were seen dining together and with another toyboy lover at ITV’s television center near West London at Bluebird restaurant known for its expensive Champagne menu in March 2019.


Phillip Schofield-Matthew Mcgreevy drama has sent shockwaves through the media. According to reports, Schofield may have committed marital infidelity by having an affair with Matthew Mcgreevy (formerly office runner on This Morning). This scandal began in March 2019 when Schofield was seen with someone whom he later identified as his “toyboy lover” at a West London restaurant – this relationship may have caused stress on This Morning set as well as led to its breakdown and ultimately led to their friendship severing altogether.

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Matthew Mcgreevy is an emerging British actor who has appeared in various TV shows and films. With twin sister Lizzie by his side, Matthew attended Loreto Sixth Form College to study Theatre Studies before developing an array of acting abilities to easily portray various characters.

According to reports, Matthew McGreevy has come out as gay and is in a relationship with British TV presenter Philip Schofield. They first met when both 10 years old as part of a theater group they both belonged to locally. Since then they have reportedly remained close and worked on This Morning together.

Despite rumors of their romantic involvement, both have denied any wrongdoings and maintain they are just friends. Furthermore, through their work on the show they have managed to maintain a positive public image.


Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy had long been believed to be in a romantic relationship, sharing an apartment together and going out for dinner regularly. Recently however, McGreevy has vanished from social media without providing any explanation as to his absence; speculation has begun surfacing suggesting they may have split, although neither man has confirmed this publicly.

Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy’s scandal has created quite the stir, yet it should be treated with caution. Even though neither party have addressed their relationship publicly, some speculate they had an affair; grooming allegations have also surfaced, along with allegations of abuse of power by Schofield towards McGreevy at an early age through local theater group membership.

Schofield was recently seen dining in a West London restaurant with his “toyboy lover,” prompting reports of much stress on set at This Morning and further strain between herself and Holly Willoughby. Additionally, speculation regarding Schofield’s sexual orientation began surfacing following this scandalous development; Schofield has apologized profusely and stated in interviews that this incident caused immense pain and suffering to himself and those close to him.

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Rumors regarding Phillip Schofield and Matthew Mcgreevy have been swirling for some time now, with some suggesting they may be having an affair and others saying Schofield has groomed Mcgreevy as an actor, yet no evidence exists to back these rumors up.

Some sources indicate that Schofield and McGreevy share a close working relationship, with McGreevy appearing frequently on the show and being considered one of its members. Furthermore, it’s said they’re also close friends in real life.

One such image has surfaced online showing two individuals smoking shisha together, raising eyebrows but making it impossible to discern whether or not they are dating.

Schofield remains dedicated to his children and Stephanie Lowe; in fact, he’s even been seen wearing his wedding ring, suggesting a move beyond this scandal.

As part of his response, Schofield filed a super injunction against UK media and hired a crisis management team. Reports stated that these allegations caused strain between he and Holly Willoughby as well as McGreevy; according to one account Schofield had known him since they were 10 years old.