Phil may keep his private life out of sight, but Stephanie still finds comfort knowing her husband will be by her side and they still spend quality time together – even if that means just cuddling close at nighttime! Molly and Ruby Lowe complete their family.

Phillip first met his male colleague with whom he eventually had an affair at a drama school event. They became close and began texting each other regularly.

Host of ITV’s ‘This Morning’

Phillip Schofield is widely recognised for being the host of ITV’s ‘This Morning’, running it for over 28 years and winning various awards along the way.

Schofield initially shared her hosting duties with television presenter John Leslie until his contract was terminated after journalist Matthew Wright named him on The Wright Stuff as being responsible for raping Ulrika Jonsson. That following month, Schofield took over as main presenter and has held this role ever since.

Last year, two This Morning presenters came under scrutiny for cutting in line ahead of members of the public – including celebrities like David Beckham and Susanna Reid – when filming at Westminster Hall during Queen Elizabeth II’s lying in state ceremony. Both denied claims they were queue-jumping; insisting instead they were there as journalists covering this story.

Josie Gibson quickly established herself as an up-and-coming TV star upon winning Big Brother 11 in 2010. Since then she has secured roles on numerous programs, such as Channel 4’s Ok! TV, Celebrity Juice, The Jump and Loose Women.

ITV said in a statement released Saturday that when rumors of an affair between Schofield and one of her younger colleagues first surfaced in early 2020, it conducted an investigation. Both parties were interviewed and both categorically and repeatedly denied them; ITV also interviewed a number of individuals who worked closely with both of them but could find no evidence beyond hearsay and speculation for such claims.

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Host of ‘All Star Mr & Mrs’

After its one-off revival as part of 2007’s Gameshow Marathon, Mr and Mrs returned to our screens once more with Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield presenting it. Their approach gently teased celebrity couples while quizzing them with innocent charm; there were even reports that Schofield only received 1/3rd of his co-host’s salary despite speculation; nevertheless the pair worked harmoniously together and the series proved extremely popular.

They married in 1993 after meeting while both working at the BBC, where he presented children’s television and she served as production assistant. To mark their 25th wedding anniversary, the pair appeared frequently together on This Morning as hosts presenting children’s TV and he presented children’s movie reviews; also appearing as hosts on ITV show ‘How to Spend Well at Christmas’ offering viewers advice on which wine, food and gadgets they should give their partners for Christmas.

Schofield announced his sexuality publicly in 2020 and emphasized he had suppressed his emotions since childhood, much to the praise of many people and LGBTQ advocates alike. Unfortunately, however, since making his announcement no details regarding his personal life or potential partners have been made known.

Host of ‘Dancing on Ice’

Since coming out as gay in 2020, he has not been dating anyone; but remains close with both Stephanie Lowe and their daughters Molly and Ruby. Additionally, he works with numerous charitable causes, recently purchasing a large semi-detached home in Chiswick West London.

Phillip is co-host of Dancing on Ice’s current series with Holly Willoughby, as well as having appeared in all 14 previous series. Phillip has an extended contract with Dancing on Ice and is among its highest earners; reports estimate his annual earnings at over PS750.000 plus other business interests.

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Phillip Schofield made headlines in 2020 after coming out as gay and disclosing that he had an affair while on the job with a younger man. Telling his wife was one of the hardest decisions he ever had to make and they have two daughters together named Molly and Ruby who remain happily married; currently living in Henley but recently moving into Chiswick; Phil has an extremely close bond with both Molly and Ruby – they have even both posted tributes online honoring him!

Host of ‘5 Gold Rings’

Phillip Schofield hosts 5 Gold Rings, an interactive quiz show in which contestants answer visual questions by placing golden rings onto supersized images displayed on the floor. Produced by Possessed (part of ITV studios) and Talpa Productions for ITV, viewers can join along from home by downloading the official app and answering as the questions are presented live on-air.

The game show gives participants the chance to earn money through challenges on an app, with contestants competing against one another to locate Venice on a map of Italy by using their smartphones to place a virtual ring around its area of image. But viewers were left perplexed as twin sisters Lauren and Danielle struggled with this task, placing their virtual rings near southern regions instead of northeastern ones!

Philip Schofield first came out as gay in 2020, and has been open about it ever since. A strong supporter of LGBTQ+ causes, he has spoken publicly about his experiences on television. While he and Steph Lowe eventually parted ways in 2022, both still maintain good terms; spending Christmas together with their two children Molly and Ruby.

Phil and Steph have two daughters together named Ruby and Molly who each take the maiden name Lowe as their surname. Phil is extremely close with both daughters who have posted tributes for Father’s Day online in past years.