Phil Schofield is married to Stephanie and has two children. Known for being reliable presenter, he rarely upsets the applecart while consistently drawing large viewing figures.

He’s also an earner for ITV, hosting This Morning and appearing in gameshows such as 5 Gold Rings and How to Spend It Well.


Phillip Schofield made headlines after publicly coming out as gay on This Morning and was welcomed home with open arms by his loving family. Additionally, the presenter revealed his difficulties keeping his feelings hidden for so long – admitting it had been hard on himself and his loved ones alike.

Molly and Ruby Lowe, his daughters with Steph since 1993, share his surname of Lowe; these young ladies show him great support on Father’s Day by posting tributes online.

Phillip has had an eventful year since coming out as gay on This Morning in February 2020. He admitted having an affair with one of his colleagues while still legally married to their partner of 27 years; as well as lying about it to colleagues, ITV, and talent agency YMU Entertainment.

Even during their dramatic year together, Schofield and Steph remain good friends and have even worked on several shows together. Both hosted 2017 documentary Schofield’s South African Adventure together and both appear regularly on shows like Dancing on Ice and This Morning – where Steph even showed her support when her husband came out as gay last year.


Three years ago, Schofield sent shockwaves through the world by coming out as gay on This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby. Although making such a declaration was difficult for him, he wanted to be honest with both family and friends about his sexual orientation – as well as revealing an affair he had been having with an ITV colleague more than 30 years his junior.

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In an explosive statement, a former presenter revealed a decade-old secret relationship. Furthermore, he admitted lying about it to ITV management, colleagues and agents.

The 61-year-old revealed he first had “confusing feelings” about his sexuality while still in his teens but found it too daunting a prospect to consider being homosexual. Over time he confided his thoughts only to close friends and family members, not his wife.

Reports state he was forced into coming out publicly because his ex, who remains unknown, informed the lawyers he had hired for legal advice (Mishcon de Reya) of their relationship. Mail on Sunday reported ‘he believed her silence’ when hiring Mishcon de Reya as legal advice firm.

Molly and Ruby, their two daughters together, reside with the couple as they co-own two properties: Molly’s parents’ house in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire and his PS2 million bachelor pad in London. Although no discussion of divorce has taken place between them yet, the pair still reside together within their family home and PS2 million bachelor pad in both locations.


After working as a tea boy and booking clerk at the BBC, Phillip Schofield won his big break as a presenter on children’s TV in 1987. He hosted Going Live until leaving to join ITV in 1993 where he hosted quizzes like Winning Lines and Test the Nation among many others; also featured as star in West End musical and wrote two books on wine!

In 2020, he was removed as an ambassador of The Prince’s Trust after it revealed it was investigating claims of inappropriate relationship between him and a young man, reported as meeting when they both 18 years old and having brief sexual relations; ITV also investigated these rumor but found no proof of an affair between the pair.

As speculation about his affair with a younger male colleague swirled, Phil made a stunning announcement in which he acknowledged their relationship was “unwise but not illegal”. He admitted he had lied to his wife, daughters, agents, media, friends and especially to his ex-lover for whom he organised legal representation as independent support.

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In an open interview with Amol Rajan for BBC News, former presenter Amol Rajan (61), revealed his sense of loss after his revelations and does not see any future for his career. Additionally, Amol spoke openly about feeling ashamed over coming out as gay; saying it has made him feel like an “utter failure”, leading his daughters to hide from him at home.


Phillip Schofield came out as gay in 2020 and thanked his wife Stephanie for remaining supportive throughout. Additionally, keeping his sexuality a secret had become difficult over time and even caused suicidal thoughts to surface.

Stephanie Lowe first came into his life while working in children’s television for BBC. They married in March 1993 at Ackergill Tower hotel in Scotland and have two daughters together: Molly Mae (now talent manager at her father’s management agency YMU) and Ruby who studied psychology at Leeds Beckett University before finding work within healthcare industry.

Presenter Christopher Marlowe recently discussed his relationship with one of his younger colleagues from This Morning. Marlowe confirmed that their first encounter took place when the man was 15 and that their communication developed into romantic over time after joining This Morning. Marlowe told The Sun there had been “no whiff of improperness” when exchanging initial texts messages between them.

Later, on Holly Willoughby’s return from being away following the scandal’s unfolding, he spoke candidly with her regarding their text conversations – saying it had always been innocent and “never anything untoward”. However, it had been difficult for him to inform his daughter about the situation, and that she took this news quite badly.