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Philipp Schofield has stated he no longer considers Timothy Schofield his brother after Timothy was jailed for 11 child sex offenses at Bristol Crown Court earlier this year. Timothy, 54, was found guilty of 11 sexual offenses involving boys. As a civilian police worker he was immediately dismissed following his conviction at Bristol Crown Court.


Carol Schofield was born in Plymouth, Devon. She is married with three children and two grandchildren; Carol worked at Tretherras High School for many years before retiring as an educator. Phillip and Timothy Schofield, two of her sons who work for the BBC – Tim being co-host of This Morning while Phillip being host of Radio 1’s Broom Closet respectively, all reside under her roof.

At an early age, Timothy and Phil watched their father collapse at home due to a heart attack and die from it. Through swift actions taken by their brothers they managed to save him but it left a profound mark on them – it caused Timothy to pursue broadcasting, while Phil became one of Britain’s favourite TV presenters. Following this event the brothers drifted apart; Timothy focused more heavily on broadcasting while Phil became one of Britain’s beloved presenters.

Timothy was found guilty in April of sexually abusing a child for over three years, although he denied performing sexual acts on him directly. A jury at Exeter Crown Court decided otherwise, finding Timothy guilty on 11 offenses including two counts of engaging in sexual activity with a minor after five-and-a-half hours of deliberation.

The victim of these crimes described his experience with them as feeling emotionally blackmailed by them from October 2016 until October 2019, with incidents starting as early as when the pair was only 12 years old. When reading his statement aloud in court, he spoke of its “massive impact”.


Timothy Schofield, brother of This Morning presenter Phillip, has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for sexually abusing a teenage. The 54-year-old civilian police worker from Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters in Portishead was found guilty of emotionally blackmailing the boy into performing sexual acts and forcing him to watch porn.

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Jurors at Exeter Crown Court found him guilty of 11 sexual offenses against children after a week-long trial. While he admitted watching porn with the teenager, but denied performing sexual acts on him. According to him, giving alcohol to make the victim more malleable may also have contributed to this offense which came to light due to counselling who alerted police of its existence.

Schofield admitted searching a legal pornography website using terms such as “young boy teen sex” and “gay teen torrents”, believing his searches would yield results showing men aged 18 or over. Following his convictions, his employer fired him. An Assistant Chief Constable Will White chaired misconduct hearing found his conduct had brought discredit to the force.

The alleged victim reported feeling trapped in a cycle of fear and anxiety caused by Schofield, with judge Mrs Justice Cutts finding that he exploited a teenage’s innocence for personal sexual gratification.


Timothy Schofield, younger brother of Phillip Schofield, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after pleading guilty to sickening child sex offenses. A former civilian police worker from Bath was found guilty of abusing a boy over three years, making them watch porn and masturbate with him before performing sexual acts on him, according to MailOnline reports. A judge stated that Timothy exploited their victim’s innocence at an emotionally fragile stage in life for personal sexual gratification – two-thirds of his sentence will serve two-thirds as well as signing as sex offenders forever after receiving two-thirds of his sentence and must sign as such for life before receiving two thirds of his sentence and sign as such for life.

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Mrs Justice Cutts of Bristol Crown Court sentenced Schofield to jail. The judge commented on his alleged victim’s “remarkable bravery” for reporting his abuse, while also noting the offenses were “despicable” and no apologies from Schofield were forthcoming.

Former Avon and Somerset police worker was working as an IT specialist when the alleged incidents took place, which resulted in him being dismissed without notice after his arrest and charges for sexual offenses were laid out against him. Avon and Somerset police stated that these offenses did not relate to his employment with them; victim had come forward through counsellor who assisted them.

Net Worth

Phillip Schofield is one of the UK’s best-known TV presenters and has amassed an immense fortune from licensing, books, speaking engagements and TV presenting. Reportedly worth millions through licensing agreements, books sales and speaking engagements as well as appearing in popular shows he hosted himself, Phillip has made millions through licensing agreements, books sales, speaking engagements, licensing sales and licensing rights sales as well as appearing in movies; he even released his own range of wines! Currently owns both an estimated 2-million pound bachelor pad as well as family home for his use!

Tim, his older brother from Bath, 54-years-old civilian police worker from Bath found guilty of 11 sexual offenses against a teenage boy at Exeter Crown Court after a week-long trial. According to the victim, emotional blackmail led Tim into forcing sexual acts upon him and viewing pornographic material; their abuse was described by them as’sickening’.

Tim was working for Avon and Somerset Police at the time of these alleged offences. In 2020 he came out as gay and became an avid LGBTQ rights campaigner; having grown up together in Newquay. Tim presented The Cube, Going Live! and This Morning with Ferne Britton as well as Dancing on Ice from 2016-2023 earning an estimated PS45,00 per show (he had been presenter since 2002).