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Phil Schofield has spoken publicly for the first time about how his family responded to his affair scandal and confirmed he is legally married to Stephanie Lowe.

He described their communication as being “completely innocent back and forth”, becoming friends who now hang around studios together.

He is a TV presenter

Phillip Schofield has been an iconic TV presenter for more than two decades, hosting shows like This Morning and Loose Women as well as providing coverage of major events like the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee. Additionally, he boasts an expansive social media following as a member of celebrity panels. Phillip and Stephanie reside together in Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire with their daughters Molly and Ruby.

He admitted in his statement that he had engaged in an “on and off relationship” with one of his male co-hosts from This Morning, though this relationship had never been revealed to ITV or YMU. After publicly outing this affair he claimed he had been “moved off” This Morning onto Loose Women due to being dismissed from This Morning after disclosing this affair.

Phil first met the man he would later have an affair with during a visit to a drama school where both gave talks. A 15-year-old told Phil about their interest in presenting and Phil promised them an interview spot on his show.

Sources claim the two became close while working together on ITV’s programme and later seen cuddling close in cafes near its studios, and are said to have even made appearances elsewhere throughout London. They may even have shared other moments together outside work hours.

Phillip first came out as gay in 2020 and described his decision as one of the hardest he had ever faced. At first he kept quiet because it was “terrifying”, fearing being judged or ridiculed by others.

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Re-released photos from the 2018 NTAs reveal Phillip and his lover are seen standing together, wearing black dresses and smiling. Notably absent in these images is Holly Willoughby – whom was reported as being embroiled in a feud with Phillip.

He is a TV producer

An ex-ITV producer today claimed that all production staff of This Morning knew of Phillip Schofield’s affair with one of his younger colleagues and found it difficult to believe senior figures did not know as well. Cristo Foufas, now presenter on TalkTV and part of the production unit that includes This Morning when Phillip Schofield began seeing Cristo regularly; sources claim they would spend time together huddling together at eateries nearby ITV studios.

Last week, former presenter Simon Lewis released a startling statement. He acknowledged engaging in an “unwise but legal” relationship with one of his younger staff members before publicly coming out as being gay. Lewis admitted lying to family, friends, colleagues and ITV bosses while secretly dating a member of staff for six months prior.

Schofield incited thousands of fans’ queries when he posted an Instagram picture featuring himself walking alongside a young man, prompting widespread speculation as to who it could be. Schofield was married for 27 years until their split earlier this year; yet no new love interest has emerged publicly since their separation, although followers who called out his photo did see some response from him clapping back.

Eamonn Holmes also responded to these accusations, criticizing Schofield for his toxic attitude and calling out ITV bosses for covering up an affair between Holly Willoughby and Eamonn – sparking tension on set of This Morning. Additionally, this may have resulted in Eamonn feuding with Holly Willoughby over her claims as well.

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Though their relationship is clearly far from ideal, both stars continue to co-host the show together and maintain that they remain “great friends”. Although, both could be seen filming separately during filming of this week’s episode.

He is a TV writer

After departing This Morning, he went on to host several other programs such as 5 Gold Rings, Text Santa and All Star Mr and Mrs. In addition to this he presented the British Soap Awards and Dancing on Ice with Fern Britton; presented Have I Been Here Before? and also hosted various quiz shows. Finally he also worked as presenter on children’s TV and BBC radio networks.

Schofield released a statement in which he acknowledged having an affair with a male colleague 30 years his junior, and lying about it to ITV management, colleagues, and friends. Schofield expressed suicidal thoughts but his daughters helped prevent any attempts. Schofield asked MailOnline to name this individual whom met Schofield when he was 15 and visited his theatre school for a talk; later they kept in contact via Twitter before eventually working together on This Morning as interns.

Schofield noted his shame at engaging in an affair, though it was legal. He stated that he did not groom or know about this individual before their arrival to This Morning; however, it had been an “on and off relationship.” He did admit it had been consensual but admitted it as having occurred on and off.

Since his return, he has co-hosted This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby. Additionally, he presented Gogglebox and was a panellist on Loose Women. In 2020, Stephanie Lowe announced she would stay by his side even after he revealed himself as gay.

Phil’s parents, Pat and Brian, have both passed away, yet he continues to share photos of them on social media. His dad loved This Morning and often suggested Phil join its cast.