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Timothy Schofield, 54, brother of ITV presenter Phillip Schofield has been found guilty of emotionally blackmailing a teenager into sexual acts and forcing them to watch porn. While Timothy admitted viewing porn with the boy but denied performing any sexual acts upon him.

On Friday, he was sentenced to 12 years of incarceration.


Timothy Schofield, 54, a civilian police worker was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by Exeter Crown Court after being found guilty of emotional blackmailing a teen into engaging in sexual acts and forcing them to watch adult porn. At Exeter Crown Court he was found guilty of 11 sexual offenses against the boy; additionally he made him watch adult porn.

He worked at the Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters in Portishead until being fired following his conviction last month. Prior to sentencing, Schofield’s victim told Mrs Justice Cutts they felt trapped by fear and anxiety from being exploited sexually by Schofield – though when arrested he only felt freed when Schofield was taken into custody and arrested by law enforcement officials. She noted how Schofield exploited them for sexual gratification at her court hearing last month.

Schofield also appeared as host on This Morning and hosted Schofield’s Quest and TV Gold for six years before transitioning into adult-oriented programs such as Talking Telephone Numbers and Ten Ball.

His most notable role as co-host of ITV’s revival of Mr and Mrs, alongside Julie Britton, lasted from April 2008 until 2015. They then took a break before rejoining for All Star Mr and Mrs in 2020. Additionally he presented The Cube game show, covered Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding, as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations on television.


Timothy Schofield, brother of TV presenter Phillip, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after being found guilty of disturbing child sex offenses. The 54-year-old civilian police worker committed 11 sexual offenses over three years against a boy. When his impact statement was read at Bristol Crown Court, the victim described feeling trapped by Schofield’s abuse; only feeling relieved once Schofield was arrested when it felt like something heavy had been lifted off of him and only feeling free after sheriffs arrested Schofield; also detailing how this abuse had created tension within their relationships between partners as a result of these offenses caused pain between their partners as well.

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At his sentencing hearing on Friday, Mrs Justice Cutts stated that Schofield had exploited the victim’s innocence at this stage in their lives for sexual gratification – something which she described as wrong on every level. Avon and Somerset Police dismissed Schofield after his conviction citing that he no longer met eligibility requirements to work there.

Schofield began co-hosting ITV’s daytime show This Morning alongside Fern Britton after John Leslie left to host his own talk show. Holly Willoughby later replaced Britton, and today Schofield serves as presenter and panellist of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.


He was married for over three decades to his wife and together they raised three children together. Additionally, he hosted several popular programs like Going Live! and Smash Hits Poll Winners Party.

Have I Been Here Before?, in which celebrities use regression therapy to connect with past lives, was also co-hosted by Mark until 2014. Additionally he served as co-host of Dancing on Ice from 2006 – 2014.

Timothy traveled to Phil Schofield’s home in September 2021 and reported him for masturbating with a teenage girl on a sofa, prompting Phil to say “F**k, stop,” insisting it would never happen again. Schofield was ultimately jailed for 12 years at Bristol Crown Court following 11 charges related to child sexual abuse against the boy spanning three years.

At Schofield’s sentencing hearing, the judge stated that he had taken advantage of his victim’s innocence at such a young age for sexual gratification and would be added to the Sex Offenders Register upon his release from prison. She added that Schofield left him feeling “trampled on”, after they experienced “a catalogue of abuse and were in a vulnerable state”.

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Phillip Schofield has been a television presenter since the early 90s. He has hosted various shows, such as two series of Have I Been Here Before? and Dancing on Ice (first with Holly Willoughby, later Christine Bleakley). Additionally, Phillip co-presented This Morning alongside Fern Britton before transitioning to John Leslie as co-presenter.

At Exeter Crown Court on April 3, 2023, 54-year-old civilian police IT worker was found guilty of 11 offenses, including two counts of sexual activity with children, at Exeter Crown Court. Jurors determined his guilt after five and a half hours of deliberation. At trial, his alleged victim testified that he felt emotionally blackmailed into performing sexual acts against his will, forcing him to watch pornography videos as punishment.

The teenager told his brother about Timothy Schofield’s sexual abuse, who then tried to justify it by telling them he engaged in similar behavior when they were their age. According to court testimony, the victim felt helpless to escape Timothy Schofield’s ‘weird situations’ organized by their abuser.

The victim described their abuse as deliberately designed to be distressing, traumatic and frightening, leaving them feeling “numb to life” before having to take medications for anxiety, depression and panic attacks.