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Tim Schofield, Phillip Schofield’s brother, was found guilty in April following a trial at Exeter Crown Court and sentenced accordingly.

A 54-year-old civilian police worker from Bath told the jury he had watched pornographic material with a boy he believed to be over 16, yet denied engaging in sexual acts with them.

What is he like?

Timothy Schofield, brother of TV presenter Phillip Schofield, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after being found guilty of child sexual exploitation and touching charges. The 54-year-old civilian police worker from Bath Somerset was found guilty on 11 counts including forcing a boy to watch pornographic material and sexually touching him as well as other related sexual offenses committed with this teenager. He admitted his guilt as well.

At his trial last month, a man accused of paedophilia revealed to a jury he had watched pornography with a boy over 16 and masturbated with him; although he denied performing sexual acts with them. Jurors eventually found him guilty on all counts after five-and-a-half hours of deliberation.

As part of his probationary agreement, he must sign the Sexual Offenders Register and cannot work with children or vulnerable adults. A strict supervision order will remain in effect throughout his life.

At ITV, he presented several shows using regression therapy, such as Have I Been Here Before? and Mr and Mrs from 2005-2008. Schofield then transitioned into more adult-oriented shows such as Schofield’s Quest, Schofield’s TV Gold, Talking Telephone Numbers and One in a Million;

Where does he live?

Phillip Schofield lives in an impressive flat in London and recently showcased its interior during promotion for his book Life Is What You Make It. His living room features neutral decor with lots of rustic features such as an impressive fireplace. There’s also a kitchen area and modern dining table. Additionally, there’s a conservatory that leads directly into an expansive garden through glass doors that lead to conservatory doors; plus there’s even a flashy firepit you can purchase online from Wahlstrom Fire Pits!

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Timothy Schofield was found guilty of 11 child sex offenses at Exeter Crown Court in April 2021. The 54-year-old civilian police IT worker from Bath told a jury he forced a boy to watch pornographic material and masturbated with him on a sofa, though denied performing sexual acts on him.

Victim reported feeling trapped, with the effects of abuse still having “ripple effects” in his life. Mrs Justice Cutts told him when sentencing them at Bristol Crown Court on Friday: ‘You exploited this young man at an impressionable stage for your own sexual gratification.

Phillip is father to two children with his former partner Stephanie Lowe and remains close to both families. Although originally from Lancashire, he spent most of his early years living in Cornwall with his parents and brother before making London his home and becoming known for being host of ITV’s daytime show This Morning as both temporary and then permanent replacement for Fern Britton on this program.

What is his relationship like with his brother?

After his paedophile brother Timothy Schofield was jailed for child sex offences, This Morning host Philip Schofield severed all ties. An impact statement read out at court by the victim revealed they were stuck in an endless cycle of fear and anxiety until Timothy Schofield was arrested; since then they had lost trust and felt emotionally blackmailed by Timothy.

54-year-old civilian police worker from Bath, Somerset has been found guilty of 11 sexual offenses over three years involving a 14-17-year-old boy aged 14-17 years. As punishment he has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and was removed from employment at Avon and Somerset Police headquarters.

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Schofield has hosted two series of Have I Been Here Before?, the daytime show where celebrities use regression therapy to reconnect with previous lives. He co-hosted Mr and Mrs, a revival of classic game show hosted by Fern Britton; furthermore he appeared as presenter on both The British Soap Awards and Dancing on Ice.

Schofield and Willoughby incited outrage when they decided to film at Queen Elizabeth II’s lying in state at Westminster Hall instead of joining those queuing to view her body, like other celebrities such as David Beckham or Susanna Reid who filed past. Instead, government staff escorted them away immediately from the venue; unlike them.

Who is his wife?

Philip Schofield married Stephanie Lowe in 1993, and together they have two daughters named Ruby and Molly. Since his affair revelation in 2020, Philip has opened up about his family life during an interview where he revealed that Steph had been “very, very angry”, yet had helped keep his balance. Furthermore, in this same interview he announced he has no plans for divorce as they remain legally married partners.

Timothy Schofield, 54, was found guilty of 11 sexual offenses involving children in April at Bristol Crown Court and jailed for 12 years. Although he admitted having a romantic relationship with a younger colleague but denied grooming them for sexual exploitation or grooming activities. A jury deliberated over five hours before reaching their verdict of guilty.

At his trial, Schofield revealed his sexuality to the court while keeping it hidden from everyone, including ITV, his colleagues, his agent, and even his wife. Additionally, he told them of having made up stories to keep it from them as well.

In his statement to the court, his victim described feeling trapped in an endless cycle of fear and anxiety while experiencing physical and emotional abuse from Phillip Schofield, his brother’s admission of having had an affair made matters worse. Phillip later took the witness stand as testimony, testifying he had done everything in his power to assist his brother’s welfare.