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Phillip Schofield has shocked his wife, Steph, after it emerged he had an affair with an underling before coming out as gay on This Morning. They married in 1993 while both worked as production assistants at BBC.

Friends report that Molly and Ruby’s mother was unaware of her husband’s affair with the young man.

Stephanie Lowe

Phillip Schofield left Stephanie Lowe reeling when he admitted having an affair with much younger colleague. Lowe and Schofield have been married for 27 years and share two daughters: Molly and Ruby.

They met while both working at the BBC, with him doing children’s television and she as production assistant, where they eventually married in 1993 and have been together ever since. Since then, their family has often been featured in media reports, taking holidays together or attending events together – Molly works as a model with over 100k followers on social media, while Ruby regularly posts snaps of herself alongside her father on her account.

Schofield made a powerful public announcement of his sexuality on This Morning with co-hosts Holly Willoughby and Ruth Langsford in 2020, admitting his two daughters Molly and Ruby supported his decision despite any confusion they might feel, before confessing his affair with someone over 30 years younger than himself.

Schofield remains close to both of his ex-wives despite their three year separation, often wearing and speaking about them on air. Recently he hosted a special to raise funds for emergency service workers injured on duty.

Daughters Molly and Ruby

Phillip Schofield is an award-winning television presenter renowned for captivating audiences across the nation. As a father-of-two with two young daughters, he has also demonstrated love and resilience while raising two families of his own. Most recently, after publicly coming out as gay in 2020, audiences found him even more endearing.

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Stephanie Lowe stood by her husband through his controversial case. They married at Scotland’s Ackergill Tower and welcomed two daughters: Molly (elder) and Ruby (younger sister). Both adopted their mother’s maiden name of Lowe while taking on both as surnames.

Molly, 29, works as a talent manager at London-based agency YMU and recently posted on Instagram celebrating her 30th birthday with a cake featuring “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate sauce. Additionally, according to Molly’s Instagram page she works as a runner on This Morning set.

Ruby, 27, holds a degree in psychology from Leeds Becket University and boasts natural beauty that has garnered her many modeling opportunities. She has volunteered with Teenage Cancer Trust, trekked Machu Picchu, danced at soccer star Frank Lampard’s star-studded wedding and even performed dance routines at Frank Lampard’s wedding!

Marriage to Schofield

Phillip Schofield entered television broadcasting during the late 80s as a continuity presenter on BBC children’s TV and quickly made waves for his natural charm and ability to engage audiences. By the 1990s, Schofield had moved onto adult-focused shows such as Talking Telephone Numbers and One in a Million; further increasing his profile and fame.

Schofield married Stephanie Lowe in 1993 and have two daughters together: Molly and Ruby. Together they reside in two houses: Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire and an additional bachelor pad in London. Schofield not only works as a television presenter but also runs his own talent agency called YMU Talent Management Agency.

Schofield’s marriage has been shaken up by his affair with an ITV colleague 30 years younger than himself, leading to reports of potential animosity with This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby and being dropped from talent agencies he worked with. This revelation led to further speculation of a feud and then ultimately to being removed as co-host from This Morning altogether.

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No matter the rough road their marriage has taken, Schofield and Stephanie seem committed to maintaining a family environment for their daughters. In a recent interview, he made it clear that he is not seeking divorce from Stephanie; rather he maintained their love and care for each other while even showing his wedding ring proving they remain legally married.


Phillip Schofield and Steph Lowe have been in a relationship since 1993 and share two daughters: Molly and Ruby. Recently, however, they caused considerable uproar after cutting in line to view late Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin before offering an apology grovelingly to viewers of Channel 4.

Schofield made headlines recently for admitting an affair with a male colleague at ITV and then lying about it to co-host Holly Willoughby. Since then, he has resigned his This Morning role, with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary taking over for two weeks until they find a replacement host.

However, the presenter has revealed that he still plans on staying married to his wife and has no intention of filing for a divorce. Reportedly supported by loved ones after his dramatic admission and subsequent termination from ITV and agent agencies, he feels as if there is no future ahead for himself and has found strength from family members to continue the relationship.

This TV host has addressed his scandal in various interviews, claiming his family were taken aback. He claims he met an unknown younger man at a drama school event, helped secure work experience at This Morning for him, then kept up contact via Twitter before becoming close enough for romance to form several months after starting work on This Morning.