Phrases in Indonesian that you should know before traveling to Indonesia
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When you travel to the tropical islands of Indonesia, you experience the pure magic of the world’s largest archipelagic state. From its beautiful sandy beaches to its natural landscapes rich in wildlife, the country has something special for everyone. Reminder: Earthquakes happen in this part of the world and that’s because of its location next to the Pacific Ring of Fire. But these earthquakes do not pose a threat and are not even strong enough to cause damage. So, don’t let these tremors stop you from completing your Indonesian getaway. Also, if you are a foodie looking for world class food, anything but the sink kind of food, then get ready for an Indonesian delight because this feast will seriously challenge every part of your taste buds.

To fully immerse yourself in Indonesian culture, many also recommend that you learn Indonesian phrases. They are simple and essential lines that will help you connect with the locals and learn more about Indonesian culture in a more personal way. Using the Latin alphabet, Bahasa Indonesia is considered one of the easiest languages ​​to learn. Therefore, their words tend to roll off the tongue. To get started, memorize this list.

Basic Phrases in Indonesian

  • hello: hello (halo)
  • hello hello
  • Ok: Good (bayk) / Ok (okay)
  • Yes Yes Yes
  • No: No (no) / No (ga)
  • Good morning: good morning (good morning)
  • Good morning: Good afternoon (good afternoon)
  • Good Afternoon: Good Afternoon (Good Afternoon)
  • Goodnight: Goodnight (Goodnight)
  • Bye: Bye (bye)
  • See you later: See you later (see you later)
  • Please please please)
  • Help: please (please)
  • I’m sorry: sorry (sorry-sorry)
  • Excuse me: Excuse me (excuse me)
  • I dont know I dont know i dont know)
  • How are you: How are you (how are you)
  • Thank you thank you thank you)
  • Thank you thank you thank you)
  • You’re welcome: You’re welcome (you’re welcome) / Back (back)
  • Be careful: Hati-hati (hatee hatee)
  • Good luck: Good luck (good luck)
  • Greetings: Greetings (toast)
  • Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday)
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Essential Questions in Indonesian:

  • Do you speak English?: Can you speak English
  • Do you speak Indonesian?: Can you speak Indonesian? (Do you speak Indonesian?)
  • What’s your name? What’s your name? (What’s your name?)
  • Where are you from: where are you from (where are you from)
  • How much is this: how much is (how much is)
  • How much How much
  • At what time does it open: At what time does it open (at what time does it open)
  • What time does it close: Jamber