Musician Thai Thinh and the "love songs" that accompany the years
09/18/2021 | 09:09

( With a powerful voice, diverse creative abilities and a civilized way of thinking about music, the young student of singer Nguyen Hoang Dung – Thu Phuong has gradually asserted his position in Vietnam’s children’s artist class. He left the shadow of The Voice 2015 finalist to become a multi-talented independent singer.

Some information about the singer Nguyen Hoang Dung

  • Date of birth: November 4, 1995
  • Hometown: Thai Nguyen
  • Living and working: Ho Chi Minh City

Titles obtained:

  • Finalist of The Voice Vietnam 2015
  • Top 10 best songs of 2016

Famous songs:

  • Muse
  • Nestle close to him and listen to him sing
  • Weak
  • Night road
  • Where to go to see the flowers fly?
  • Stupid
  • Some love songs
  • Because you are always
Hoang Dung is still pursuing his own career path, taking music seriously. Hoang Dung is still pursuing his own career path, taking music seriously.

The Voice 2015: A solid springboard to make Hoang Dung shine

Hoang Dung first came to public attention when he participated in the Vietnamese Voice – The Voice 2015 competition. That day, Thu Phuong’s favorite student won second place in the competition. This is also considered a lucky start to his singing career, a strong stepping stone to help Hoang Dung shine later.

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From the hidden round, the boy born in 1995 impressed the judges by performing the hit song First Love Season by singer Dinh Manh Ninh. With a powerful but warm and emotional voice, Hoang Dung won over the four coaches and the audience. And finally, he chose singer Thu Phuong as his companion and leader of the competition.

Thu Phuong accompanied and led Hoang Dung to second place in The Voice 2015. Thu Phuong accompanied and led Hoang Dung to second place in The Voice 2015.

Since then, Hoang Dung has been commented on by the media as a brilliant contender for The Voice championship.

Not only does he have an impressive singing style and a new style, but Thu Phuong’s student also demonstrated his songwriting ability through two songs Weakness and Night Road. He was brilliantly crowned finalist of The Voice 2015.

After leaving the competition, Hoang Dung worked very hard and seriously in his artistic activities. He released his first MV, Wait for me, and gained the attention of a wide audience.

Come back with Sing My Song 2016 and take the next step in your writing career

The second place in The Voice 2015 made Hoang Dung known to many people, but he didn’t really achieve success in his career. And to confirm her talent as a composer, student Thu Phuong continued to conquer the Sing My Song competition – Best song of 2016.

Hoang Dung is considered the best gift of Coach Giang Son's team in Sing My Song 2016. Hoang Dung is considered Coach Giang Son’s best gift in Sing My Song 2016..

At that time, Hoang Dung was considered the greatest gift to coach Giang Son’s team.

Her inspiration for writing comes from everyday stories, with the truest and most emotional emotions. This was clearly demonstrated through the song “Because I’m Still” on the Sing My Song stage. And this is also the musical style that the singer is aiming for in the future.
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During the 24h Creative Camp challenge, Hoang Dung obtained a perfect score from the evaluation jury by composing the song “Where to go to see the flowers fly”. Talent helped Hoang Dung reach the top 10 contestants.

Hoang Dung’s dream: to pursue the sweetness of music in his own peaceful artistic space

Coming from two famous competitions, Hoang Dung constantly seeks to emerge from the shadows of flashy positions to become a talented and independent artist.

The media soon affectionately dubbed him the Prince of Love Songs, but he didn’t take the opportunity to take the market by storm and chose his own direction. What Hoang Dung aims for is an independent musical artistic path, with its own color…slowly but surely.

9x once said, “If I thought I would have a hit, I would have taken a different direction. I want to bring songs with Hoang Dung’s characteristics and release them to the public.

If I focus too much on finding hit songs, I may fear that I will one day lose the values ​​I have built. »

Hoang Dung's dream: to pursue the kindness of music in his own peaceful artistic space. Hoang Dung’s dream: to pursue the kindness of music in his own peaceful artistic space.

I once read somewhere that the name Hoang Dung is a compound word of Hoang – Prince of love songs and Dung – Brave to go alone, bravely facing challenges.

And it’s true, Hoang Dung continues to build his own career alone, developing his passion alone and not needing to follow the crowd. He still lives his youth in his own peaceful artistic atmosphere.