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creation of websites is a way to improve the reputation and operation of a company or individual who wants to do business online. But to design a low cost website, what factors do you need and learn? Cheap Web, customers benefit? Many questions have been asked but today web industry will give you a good choice.

web industry service web design in Hai Phongprestige, professionalism to help your business Online Marketing Indeed, the Site has been redesigned with a brand new interface. We will quote creation of websites cheapest package, web industry subcontracting to service companies creation of websites and price creation of websites Our reasonable partners have the lowest cost. Costs creation of websites just to 2,500,000 – 5,500,000 VNDhelping small and medium-sized enterprises to start an online service activity at the best cost.

Professional, Reputable and Cheap Hai Phong Website Design

Reputable Website Design

What to prepare for web design?

1, What type of content do you do in business or web development? Your idea for a website will be to advertise or thrive on a product or service.

2, You prepare for us the content, images related to the industry you want to design web.

3, A sample website with a satisfying interface or an industry reasonable interface layout idea.

Optimal Web Design PageSpeed ​​Insights

Speed ​​for website is something very necessary but how to design a new website with standard loading speed and PageSpeed, mobile score above 50 points, computer score 80 points. So having a website has speed.

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Professional, Reputable and Cheap Hai Phong Website Design

Optimal web design on mobile and desktop devices

CMS web design WordPress code

WordPress is open source with built-in admin view, creation of websites with this source code will save you time and money creation of websites A to Z design from A to Z is a technique that must use new source code written from admin admin to the home page display interface. With WordPress code You immediately get an admin available to simply design the homepage interface and display news or product pages for customers to see.

Web Design Flatsome WordPress Theme

The web sector is the unit web design in Hai Phongwe use the theme Apartment Quick and normal interface design with interfaces using code will take 5-7 days. Web design by Flatsome WordPress will be suitable for web projects of the type “About, news, landing page”. Flatsome is a theme optimized for easy administration, customers can also manage simple information by themselves.

Web Web design industry with Flatsome theme will save cost for clients, why? Web design by Flatsome will shorten the time, administration complexity is not difficult, designs are based on samples or ideas submitted by customers. The disadvantage of the flatsome theme in terms of features and layouts will be relatively designed by the design team.

Professional, Reputable and Cheap Hai Phong Website Design

Web Design with WordPress Flatsome Theme

Does the web design use SEO optimized management?

Flatsome WordPress There are many plugins to help you do SEO or push keywords to the top of google, not only do we use plugins, but also can write customers a separate SEO management way to help you in Google SEO. .

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WordPress code SEO optimization is extremely easy, compared to units using wordpress themes, because wordpress themes when you change the code, at some point this theme has a new version, then the use of the key to update update the version will revert to the original. status quo, very dangerous for technical SEO.

What do you get when the web design is done?

  • 1 year warranty

  • Hosting and .Com domain first year

  • Code transfer

  • Support content change

  • Support information exchange

  • Grant the administrator account the highest privileges

  • Get in touch with Web design in Haiphongwhenever you need to contact the hotline 0965 21 8696.

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