Các hình thức khuyến mãi trong marketing – Dùng sao mới hiệu quả?

Types of promotions in marketingTo use how effective? Thanks to promotions, not only create a chance sell goods quickly, but also help us attract a number of new potential customers known my product. Posts underneath will be answers all question for you. Follow Ngaqy posts Go on!

Promotion is one of important factor In strategy Promotion sell To belong to an organizationas well as advertising, public relations And business individual.

According to the Vietnamese Commercial Law of 2005: “Promotion is a business promotion activity of a merchant to promote purchase activities. sell goods, provide services by for customers who advantage certain”.

Promotion closed assignment necessary And as a competitive weapon by providing additional incentive for the subject target to purchase merchandise or support the brand further business. More than thateffective promotion in stimulate product testing & bought strategy.

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Types of promotions in marketing

Types of promotions in marketingTypes of promotions in marketing

Discountdump inventory

Product always change every season, change models, orient oneself the product is essential. SOTHE business, shop even to want push products in stock recover the capital, cut risk & New model update. You will be liquidate, release products in stocksample of goods, defective goods… with the level discount now typically 40% to 90% depending on product group as unit size business.

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Gift Certificates discount now

Instead of giving money, the business or give coupons to customers discount. Aim is to retain customers for next time. DSince Can be a voucher worth 100,000, 500,000 or a few million, also can be discounted by % next time.

Trial to taste free

Provide Examples of products and services for customers trial And don’t take money. Generally applies to products and services new on the market. We can to use THE products and services this to get intention & feel at improve quality. You can There will be stalls in supermarkets trial product And if it’s good you can Buy now.

Discount during the purchase Several products at once

When do you get the discount? Maybe When you buy several products in the same place there. Promotions only apply to the quantity of products that customers purchase with a discount. If your customer buys more products, then according to the promotion, the discount will be higher and higher.

Promotions on special occasions

THE business, shop always plan before return all Promotional holidays for customers: Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day 2/14; International Women’s Day 8/3; Independence Day April 30; Children’s New Year 1/6; Vietnamese Doctors’ Day, Vietnamese Women’s Day, Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday programs businessopening shop etc. Promotions, discount occasionally outstanding always be the unit sell choose to promote sales sell. That you sell It is possible in any field based on days special For attractive customer.


For attract more customers known to their products, the organization of an on-site raffle program sell It is also one of the most effective and unique forms of promotion business should consider.

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Once purchase, customers will be drawn to receive a gift, a prize, products… This will create interest for the customers during the purchase purchases, promote consumer buying demand to use.

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These things need to understand when creating forms promotion

Types of promotions in marketingTypes of promotions in marketing


By promoting, of course. target Be bring profit.

However Before making promotions, calculate the profit that business maybe acceptance be able to build a reasonable program.


L is the factor Very important. Can’t always speak out The promotion is a success.

Choose when customers need promotions the most simple increase conversion rate & increase income. If the timing is bad, not only do not trade the value of profits Sometimes have a huge impact on your business.


Sometimes, if the promotions come with right meanings at the right time. It is very easy to cause sympathy with customers bring unexpected effect.

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Through the article above, I shared with you Types of promotions in marketing – How to use it effectively? I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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