I love the following books

The Four Hour work week

four-hour-workIn fact anything by Tim Ferris, he is incredible check out his website, blog posts and podcasts for some great inspiration. This book was so inspiring and backs up everything I am currently working on, you don’t have to follow the trap of working all week to earn a living to pay the mortgage and pension to one day retire. It doesn’t have to be like that.

This book  and also this book both really go through the Amazon FBA model step by step.

Here are some supplies that I use




You will also need these for printing your labels

This will also help in taping up your boxes! I did spot one recently in Aldi for less than a fiver!!


I am currently using this ebook to increase my blog site visits, you can buy it here.

If you are interested in matched betting I would recommend Profit accumulator I’m quite new to matched betting and will report back on this in a future blog. Hopefully a little richer!!!

This ebook will teach you all aspects of retail arbitrage,ebook-retail-arbitrage