Shark Hung: When reason rhymes with the heart...
02/15/2022 | 18:18

( – It is no exaggeration to say that the “Shark Tank – Trade Deal of the Billion” program created the name of businessman Pham Thanh Hung. “Shark Hung” has become an extremely viral brand not only in the startup community but also among young people. The deeper we dig, the more we discover that many interesting polar opposites exist within this mighty “picky shark”.

Originally born to be a “shark”?

With his profile too “terrible” in the top 100 richest people in Vietnam, many speculate that Shark Hung has a solid foundation from a family with an entrepreneurial tradition. But in fact, Shark Hung’s parents are both teachers and basic families.

In the year just after graduating from Polytechnic University, a big event happened to student Pham Thanh Hung (Shark Hung’s real name) who completely changed his orientation. It was her father – also the main breadwinner of the family who sadly passed away.

At the age of barely reaching adulthood, instead of being eager for new experiences like peers. Pham Thanh Hung must have wondered how to replace his father’s role, he once shared: “I had to think for a long time about how to control my father’s expenses and the flow of assets. for reasonable. At the age of not eating enough, I found it to be a very difficult and demanding task. But then all is well.”

In 2000, the young Pham Thanh Hung decided to enter a management position in Japan to challenge himself, particularly in the field of integrated productivity management.

Promoting his assets, in November 2000, he participated in the program: “Training and practice of clean production technologies” in many countries such as Macao, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China. In 2001, he decided to move into the e-commerce industry in Hawaii.

Self-taught businessman, without family “support” behind, to be able to become a powerful shark like today, the young Pham Thanh Hung had completely new career concepts since he was born very young.

The experience of countless Experiencing Countless “Job Hopping” Has Created A Mature Shark Hung Today
In particular, the famous opinion is the following opinion which has been the subject of much agreement and controversy: “If you think the job is not for you, quit immediately, do not try to hold on because it only makes you happy. our time”.
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Shark Pham Thanh Hung thinks that in terms of money, some people may have a little, but some people have a lot, but time is very fair. Everyone only has 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour. If you force yourself to do a job you hate day in and day out, that means valuable time is wasted in the trash!

Only start a business when it is “ripe”

Contrary to the somewhat liberal and “suspicious” conception of job-hopping among young people, Shark Hung only decided to start his own business when he really reached a certain maturity in terms of age and experience.

Only start a business when it is Start a business only when it is “ripe” is the principle to help Shark Hung succeed in the market

At the age of 30, at a time when he no longer considered himself “younger”, he began to build his own career as an “owner”. The field in which he chose to invest is that of real estate. Shark Hung believes that this is a potential market but also full of risks and challenges.

Thanks to his in-depth knowledge in many fields: Real estate, IT, science and technology accumulated after many years of driving, Shark Hung quickly succeeds in his chosen field. He quickly became one of the powerful “tycoons” dominating the real estate industry in Vietnam.

Shark Hung’s carefulness and thoroughness in the start-up process in particular and throughout the business process in general has helped Shark Hung’s business earn hundreds of billions of VND per month. Shark Hung himself is supposed to be in the TOP 1000 richest people in Vietnam.

Here is information about Shark Hung’s life and career:

Shark Hung businessman biography

  • Full name: Pham Thanh Hung
  • Nickname: Shark Hung
  • Born: 1972
  • Place of birth: Hanoi
  • Current place of residence: Vietnam
  • Vietnamese
  • Facebook: Shark Pham Thanh Hung


  • Master of Business (MBA) – International Business Administration, specialization in management and technology transfer.
  • Mechanical Engineer of Metallurgy – University of Science and Technology of Hanoi –
  • Bachelor of Languages ​​– University of Foreign Languages

Outstanding Role in Career

  • Vice-chairman of the board CENGROUP
  • Managing Director – Century Appraisal Joint Stock Company (CEN VALUE)
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors – New Star Media and Entertainment Joint Stock Company (Produce programs and exclusively operate commercials on the VOV Traffic channel)
  • President, Century Real Estate Value-Added Joint Stock Company (CEN MORE)
  • President, Century Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company – CEN INVEST
  • Director – Exchange Real estate of the century

Famous Inspirational Quotes:

1. “To start a successful business, hard work is not enough, mastery must be smart”.
2. “Do what no one else does. When people go out and have fun, you learn, research, and increase your knowledge. That way you can protect yourself when you step out of your comfort zone.
3. “Startups are building a business rather than starting a business, there aren’t a lot of creative and game-changing factors.”
4. “I want to tell young people that buying and owning a house at a very young age is not smart, really not smart. You should stay in a rented house, use that money to invest in your other things to expand your property, to accumulate knowledge, to have opportunities to earn a lot of money.”
5. “I have a terrible job myself, so far I have worked for dozens of different companies. There are companies like Ford, Toyota, I only work a few months, and 1-2 jobs that I do longer.”
In addition to being a businessman, Shark Hung is also a source of inspiration thanks to the immortals of Caau. In addition to being a businessman, Shark Hung is also a source of inspiration thanks to the immortals of Caau.

The “difficult” taste of shark…

As one of the most outstanding “sharks” in the Shark Tank – Billionaire deal program. People call it a picky shark because it rarely invests alone but often cooperates with other sharks like Shark Dung, Shark Lien.

To be successful in raising capital from Shark Hung, startups must possess the two most important factors: people and ideas. 
To be successful in raising capital from Shark Hung, startups must possess the two most important factors: people and ideas.

In particular, the human factor is particularly important for Shark Hung, because there is a startup in which he has invested since season 1 of the Shark Tank program, but so far he has not contacted, sent no trading results and main financial results, after receiving the money, it is lost forever.

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Shark Hung has won over many viewers and become a social media idol thanks to here, he not only sympathizes with the opposite person due to his elegance and humorous personality. Furthermore, it is also known as the “Living Encyclopedia” due to its extensive knowledge in many different fields, from finance, business, law, engineering to arts.

Thanks to the frequent sharing of valuable lessons learned during the start-up process, the Shark Hung Fanpage has reached 600,000 likes. Each publication, each movement on the social network of this picky “shark” attracts a large amount of interaction from subscribers.

…Or a sweet and romantic “Marshal” husband?

This “ten thousand people” real estate mogul always knows how to warm up his name in an interesting way. He’s fierce and sharp in the market, but he’s truly a “marshal” who loves his wife to the fullest.

Deciding to marry runner-up Nguyen Thu Trang at the age of forty, Shark Hung’s private life is a “hot” topic of curiosity for many fans. After 4 years of “bringing her back to the palace”, the married life of the “talented boy” Shark Hung and the under-16 “beautiful girl” becomes sweeter and more fulfilling.

Despite being 16 years older than his wife, Shark Hung and runner-up Nguyen Thu Trang are still considered Despite being 16 years older than his wife, Shark Hung and runner-up Nguyen Thu Trang are still considered “worthy”.

Shark Hung doesn’t shy away from sharing many of the couple’s romantic moments like giving his wife a sweet kiss while watching fireworks, going into the kitchen to cook for his wife, and going on vacation with his flower…

Immersed in the happiness that the ideal husband brings, finalist Nguyen Thu Trang repeatedly expressed her passion and gratitude on her personal page: “Everyday is Valentine’s Day when you are in a good relationship. !” I love you with all my heart and I will always love you.”

Breaking the stereotype “technical people are dry”, “businessmen don’t have time for family”, Shark Hung proved that reason can absolutely go hand in hand with heart. Because it is enough to want, people will find a way; When they don’t want to, they will find an excuse.