Bệnh viện Phương Đông của Shark Việt tầm nhìn sứ mệnh

Shark Viet Oriental Hospital It must be said that at present no one is unknown, the hospital was created on the model of an ultra-modern super hotel with a lot of amenities. Through the following content, we will add more information for readers, find and analyze.

Shark Viet Oriental Hospital

Created in the model of hospitality, international standard with 14 specialties, emergency room system and assistance service areas. Phuong Dong General Hospital was established and established by the investor, Phuong Dong Medical Complex Limited – a member unit of Intracom.

The mission of Oriental Hospital of Shark VietShark Viet Oriental Hospital

Intracom is a professional investor in the fields of Real Estate; Hydroelectric; health care; Finance; Build; Construction materials; Industry – Green Agriculture. After years of work and development, Intracom has established a network of dozens of companies…

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vision mission

The birth of Phuong Dong General Hospital marks another milestone in the journey of “Shining with the country”. Crystallizing its own values, Phuong Dong deserves to be the place to send all the confidence of its users. The Investor Force Base was created and established by Phuong Dong Medical Complex Ltd – a member company of Intracom Group.

Orient has a solid foundation of strength in all aspects, from financial capacity, human apparatus, facilities and technical infrastructure. Intracom invests in…

Message from management

“The ultimate goal of life is to be happy while pleasing others!” Intracom’s mission is to bring happiness and peace to partners and users. Intracom’s products are also in the same spirit, everyone must put their heart into it, which is the love and trust of Intracom that produces every item, every home and delivers it to customers, for everyone.

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When you serve well, bring many good things to life, of course you also have a part, even a small part, but no less honor and that is happiness…”

The story begins

On December 21, 2002, the Infrastructure and Transport Investment and Creation Joint Stock Company (Intracom) was established under the management of the Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Company.

In 2006, the infrastructure and transport investment joint-stock company privatized the enterprise from 100% state capital to the form of shareholders. This strong transformation has enabled Intracom to reinvent enterprise structure, innovate management mechanism, promote production and enterprise efficiency, increase competitiveness and integration capability on the market.

Who owns the Oriental Hospital?

What is the difference in the maternity service package at Phuong Dong General Hospital?Who owns the Oriental Hospital?

Quick Overview of Shark Viet Biography

  • Real name: Nguyen Thanh Viet
  • Year of birth: 1963
  • Zodiac: update
  • Birth canal: Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province, Vietnam
  • Known to many people such as: businessman, chairman of the board, director of Intracom, investor of Shark Tank VN.
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Live Channel: Hanoi
  • Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Sharknguyenthanhviet/

Who is Shark Viet?

Shark Viet, real name Nguyen Thanh Viet was born in 1963 in Huong Son, Ha Tinh. He is currently chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the joint-stock investment and infrastructure installation company (Intracom).

The childhood of the Vietnamese shark

Shark Viet was born in a poor countryside in Huong Son Mountain, Ha Tinh. Her family has a tradition of online education, growing up in the socialist, subsidized era. For this reason, his life value and outlook on life are also different from those of today.

His childhood was summed up in two words “Poverty” and “Suffering” because the Center region was too harsh with sun and wind, constant storms and floods.

The career of Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet

In 1985, after graduating from Water Resources University, he returned to work at Song Da Company. Mr. Viet shared, recalling when he first returned to work at the company, he said directly to the site commander: “If you don’t make me commander, I’ll quit, but I’m not an employee“. Finally, the commander must organize the work.

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Shark Viet: The career of Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet

After 16 years of work, he held many key positions in the company such as plant manager, deputy manager, company manager…

In 2001, he cooperated with a friend to form the Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (Handico).

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Intracom established

Shark Viet Oriental Hospital In 2002, he parted to create his own company – Infrastructure Investment and Transport (Intracom) operating in construction, hydropower, real estate, health.

Nguyen Thanh Viet remarked “Because when you decide to do something, you have to get it out very quickly. Using a public company, if the leader makes a profit of 100 billion VND, he will receive a certificate of merit. But if you use the wrong path, perhaps several million, you will be forced or disciplined. Such a leader is extremely miserable“. Leading for possible, he decides to set up his own business.

As a Buddhist, he always lives and works according to the Buddhist philosophy of “Compassion – wisdom”. This is also the main secret of Intracom’s work since its birth. Devoting to the community, bringing happiness to all“The main goal is the goal that the Intracom team is aiming for – shares Shark Viet.

Hospital Model – Oriental 5 Star Hotel

Shark Viet Oriental Hospital is a 5-star Hospital – Hotel model associated with services that meet international standards, working with the motto “Give faith, send life

Shark Viet Hospital Model – Oriental 5 Star Hotel

Not only that, the complex in addition to the hospital also has a medical training area (equivalent to a university), a cosmetic hospital, an elderly care center and a gene and stem cell research. The project was initially invested by Intracom with around 200 million USD.

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