Singer Huynh Phi Tien – the romantic “loner” of lyrical music |  Celebrity
09/17/2021 | 09:09

( – For those who love golden music and lyrical music, the name Huynh Phi Tien is no longer strange. Her soft and moving voice allowed the melodies of the bolero to become poignant and penetrate deep into the hearts of music lovers.

Some information about the singer Huynh Phi Tien

  • Birth name: Huynh Phi Tien
  • Date of birth: January 13, 1982
  • Profession: Singer
  • Musical genre: Golden music, Lyrical music

The songs that made singer Huynh Phi Tien famous

  • Sad night in the provinces
  • He is Dan Nguyen
  • One day I say goodbye to weapons
  • Since you’ve been Gone
  • Suburban yellow light
  • The end of love ft Bang Tam
  • Please keep all your love for your hometown by Hoang Thuc Linh
  • Sad City, the love of life with Bang Tam
  • Take me down

The destiny of Huynh Phi Tien came in music

Huynh Phi Tien impressed the audience from the start with an impressive name, like that of a character in a swordplay novel. Added to this is his tall physique, his determined and beautiful face. However, behind this is an extremely inspiring and gentle voice.

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His voice brought soul to country songs and made pre-war songs more exciting. Someone said: “Huynh Phi Tien’s voice is very special, in which people see a bit of Duy Khanh, a touch of Che Linh, a touch of Tuan Vu and still echoes of Truong Vu’s melody. ”

With a distinctive, warm and passionate voice, Huynh Phi Tien has brought many lyrical songs to life.With a distinctive, warm and passionate voice, Huynh Phi Tien has brought many lyrical songs to life.

Huynh Phi Tien began to receive public acclaim in 2011 when he emerged from the finals of the Golden Voice competition. And since then, the Vietnamese music community in the United States as well as many other countries around the world has opened their hearts to accept and support young talent.

Blessed with a sweet and inspiring voice, the singer does particularly well with sad songs, impressing the audience with a sad Phi Tien. The song “Spring Letters from Overseas” that he once performed made many audiences shed tears.

The lonely romantic captured the soul of the song not only through his voice but also in his acting which captivated the audience.

To achieve success, the singer also went through many ups and downs.To achieve success, the singer also went through many ups and downs.

However, to achieve the success he has today, the singer also went through many difficulties abroad. He once opened up about snowstorms, work trips missing performance times, quick meals before going on stage and incomplete sleep.

However, for him, being able to enter the foreign music scene, be loved by the public and meet talented colleagues is his greatest happiness.

Huynh Phi Tien and his affinity for military music

When mentioning Huynh Phi Tien, foreign music lovers certainly cannot forget his songs about soldiers. On the Asia Center stage, Huynh Phi Tien often serves the audience with songs about soldiers in the midst of fierce battlefields.

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His image wearing a military uniform also frequently appears at Vietnamese community fundraising music festivals.

Perhaps the image of a soldier had a special attachment to Huynh Phi Tien from a young age, thanks to his father’s lyrics, he was able to perform excellent songs about soldiers.

The image of Huynh Phi Tien in a soldier's uniform touched many audiences.The image of Huynh Phi Tien in a soldier’s uniform touched many audiences.

Some songs successfully performed by Huynh Phi Tien are: Salty Sea, Farewell to Weapons Tomorrow, In Four Tactical Zones, Sad Night in a Small Province, Take Me to Summer, 24 Hours of Leave, Confessions of a Young Soldier…

The Lonely Romantic Man and His View on Love

Few people know that our singer is still alone abroad today. Alongside his singing career, Phi Tien is still continuing his studies.

The lonely romantic is always looking for the other half of his life.The lonely romantic is still looking for the other half of his life.
When asked about love, he shared that because life isn’t perfect, he hasn’t looked for an ideal love. “Humanity is not perfect, so if we look for something more wonderful and more perfect, we will certainly never find it.”

He also shared that he doesn’t give importance to a person’s appearance, happiness and love comes to him through the other person’s inner self. Huynh Phi Tien is currently still looking for her other half, looking for a solid foundation to make her music career flourish.