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09/22/2021 | 09:09

( – When it comes to music from the late 50s of the last century, it is impossible not to mention the wonderful voice of the famous early singer Thai Thanh. She is known as the Timeless Voice and is one of the most representative voices of new Vietnamese music.

Thai Thanh Singer Biography

  • Birth name: Pham Thi Bang Thanh
  • Stage Name: Thai Thanh
  • She was born on: August 5, 1934
  • Date of death: March 17, 2020 (86 years of enjoyment)
  • Hometown: Hanoi
  • Genre of music: Love song 1945-1975, Pre-war music, Resistance music
  • Duration of operation: 1948 – 2002

Songs that made the name of the first singer Thai Thanh:

  • Once upon a time Hoang Thi
  • pink grass
  • Thousands of insects in the distance
  • Austria, he drew the wrong directions
  • memories for you
  • Take me to the Golden Flower Grotto
  • half a soul suffers

Back to the peak of the singer

Singer Thai Thanh had an artistic charm from an early age. At the age of 14, she sang in the resistance zone with the Thang Long family choir and quickly became famous.

Although she has not taken any professional music lessons, the singer has been practicing her voice since childhood. She studied hard North Delta folk singing style and read more French music books.

Thai Thanh's voice still bears a special mark, delicately blending Vietnamese folk music and the nature of Western opera. Thai Thanh’s voice still bears a special mark, delicately blending Vietnamese folk music and the nature of Western opera.

The luck of singer Thai Thanh is that she was born into a family with artistic traditions. Her sister is singer Thai Hang, her brother is a famous Vietnamese new music musician and singer, musician Pham Dinh Chuong.

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After musician Pham Duy married singer Thai Hang, singer Thai Thanh was supported and trained in singing by his brother-in-law.

In 1951, she followed Pham Duy’s family to Saigon. This is when Thai Thanh’s voice spreads and blossoms. Intellectuals and simple citizens, all were convinced by his marvelous voice.

His voice goes well with the music of musician Pham Duy, from songs about the homeland to resistance music or love music… all of which have become immortal thanks to the voice of Thai Thanh. At that time, she was considered a great diva of Vietnamese music.

His voice is always high and dominated in most musical programs, big and small.

Thai Thanh's name is associated with the works of musician Pham Duy. The name of singer Thai Thanh is associated with the music of musician Pham Duy..

In 1985, she moved to the United States to settle down with her family. In a foreign country, she always brings her singing voice to serve the Vietnamese people in the United States, and also opens a singing class to train young singers.

In 2000, singer Thai Thanh suffered a stroke. In 2002, she announced her retirement, but she still occasionally participated in art exhibitions with special roles.

On March 17, 2020, she died in the United States, at the age of 86. His passing has left unending grief for artists and their fans.

Later, despite his age, singer Thai Thanh still contributed his voice to a few art exhibitions. Later, despite her aging, singer Thai Thanh continued to sing in a few art exhibitions..

The wonderful voice is forever in the hearts of fans

It can be said that Thai Thanh’s voice is a legend in the Vietnamese music industry. His love songs such as “Give me back my love”, “A thousand insects are far away”, “The afternoon is falling”… are always etched in the hearts of fans.

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For those who love their homeland and love songs from Vietnamese history, they will not be able to forget the voice of Thai Thanh with the songs Truong Ca Vietnam Mother, Memory, Love Song and Truong Ca on the Way.

Many people commented that the songs performed by Thai Thanh’s voice were more passionate and sobbing than the original. His way of freeing words is also more elaborate, making Vietnamese splendid.

Singer Thai Thanh and his sister are singer Thai Hang (left). Singer Thai Thanh with his sister, singer Thai Hang (left).

When talking about the voice of Thai Thanh, the world of writers and artists also utters many words of favor.

Composer Pham Duy once said of his voice: “The voice of Thai Thanh, a beautiful voice: all the happiness and suffering of human life are persecuted in war and peace, in glory and humiliation . , in hope and despair through the music of tears, laughter. , floating, drifting with the water”.

Literary critic Pham Khue also shared, “Thai Thanh is a title, but it seems to have a predetermined meaning: singing sky blue. Or the blue song of the sky. Singing shimmering in the water in the poetry of Nguyen Du, floating in the blue sky under the autumn arch of Yen Do, singing at the foot of Trang Giang Huy Can, or wet with the moonlight, stopping in the sky in the space of Xuan God, singing as high as a pine tree, as sad as a willow coming from a certain heavenly realm in The Lu’s dream.”

In the section on Thai Thanh, writer Nguyen Dinh Toan also commented, “During the past half century, Thai Thanh singing has been associated with the destiny of the country. People hear this song in all circumstances, happy or sad. We can say that no matter how much Vietnamese music changes according to the story, there is the voice of Thai Thanh singing there…”.

Perhaps even after that, her voice is still deeply etched in the hearts of fans, and it is difficult for a singer to replace her.