Singer Van Mai Huong - 'Runner-up 10 people see 9 people like'?
09/10/2021 | 10:10

His full name is Van Mai Huong, born September 27, 1994 in Hanoi. She won the title of Vietnam Idol 2010 finalist.

Singer Van Mai Huong.Singer Van Mai Huong.


Van Mai Huong was taught music by his family from an early age, participated in activities at the Hoa Mi club, and had experience in making many children’s programs.

2010 was a momentous year when Van Mai Huong participated in the Vietnam Idol contest, being the youngest contestant, but Van Mai Huong won second place.

2010 was a memorable year when Van Mai Huong entered the Vietnam Idol contest. 2010 was a memorable year when Van Mai Huong entered the Vietnam Idol contest.

2011: The hit song “If you come” and the first album Smile

Van Mai Huong really hit it off with the song “If you come” – a catchy song combining dance-pop and R&B genres, written by musician Nguyen Duc Cuong and produced by musician Huy Tuan. Immediately after its release, the song was quickly received by the public and topped the Zing Top Song chart for the week of August 30, 2011.

After the singles “If you come” and “The day of the couple”, Van Mai Huong releases his first album entitled “Smile”.

Van Mai Huong really hit it off with the song Van Mai Huong really hit it off with the song “If you come.”

The “Smile” album is a collection of new works carefully selected by producer Huy Tuan himself from the compositions of many famous musicians such as Nguyen Duc Cuong, Giang Son, Huy Tuan, Duc Tri. This album includes Van Mai Huong’s 17-year-old songs that are wholesome, civilized and faithful to the age of 17.

2012: Release of the MV “Poet Love Story”

After her debut album “Smile”, Van Mai Huong continued to release the song “Poet’s Love Story” with lovely and pure lyrics written especially for her by musician Nguyen Duc Cuong.

2013: Second album 18+

With soft ballads, Van Mai Huong showed his maturity in music with dance pop, moderate to fast tempo R&B songs. Despite her mature style, 18-year-old Van Mai Huong is still full of positive energy, cheerful, and somehow still has the teenage, and somewhat shy charm that audiences once loved through previous songs such as “If I come”, “Poet Love Story”…

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2014: The day near you

After collaborating with two male singers, Duong Trieu Vu and Truc Nhan, Van Mai Huong released the song “Days near you” to express the moods and thoughts of a girl who is passionately in love but has in her heart. .

2015: The Mona Lisa

In December 2015, Van Mai Huong returned with the MV “Mona Lisa” after a period of treatment for depression. In addition to the highly praised music, the image and content of the new MV are also carefully invested by Van Mai Huong and the team.

2016: Vietnam Idol Kids duo and judge

In early 2016, Van Mai Huong dueted the song “Youth will pass” with Pham Hong Phuoc on Valentine’s Day. This song belongs to the country genre with some jazz added to create a new kind of music for the majority of music listeners in Vietnam.

Also this year, Van Mai Huong was chosen as a judge for the Vietnam Idol Kids program along with Issac and Bich Phuong. After the show ended, Van Mai Huong released the MV “Beautiful” with content criticizing plastic surgery.

The story setting in the MV is a plastic surgery hospital where the girls wear uniforms as both patients and prisoners. They are like commodities that are “weighed and measured” so that the body parts are “of fine quality”.

Van Mai Huong turned into a girl with a desire to do plastic surgery, but when she went to the operating table, this girl suddenly realized that this beauty was not what she wanted. , but just the beauty that others imposed.

2017: “These desires”

On January 3, Van Mai Huong presented the song “Those Desires” composed by musician Chau Dang Khoa to the public, with a different style from her previous songs.

In November, Van Mai Huong released the song “Sand Castle” about his past romance.

2019: Release of the MV “Proposal”

The song “Propose” has a bit of country mixed in with some jazz and is written based on a true love story. When she let Van Mai Huong listen to the demo, the singer was almost stunned when she heard the song was about a couple passionately in love, but when the boy died of an incurable disease, the girl decided to stay home. do not seek happiness in another relationship.

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The tumultuous love story of Van Mai Huong

After breaking up with Le Hieu, Van Mai Huong never revealed romance to the media and public again. However, on the evening of November 8, 2017, Van Mai Huong suddenly announced that she had broken up with her boyfriend after more than a year of dating on her personal Facebook page.

Most notably, on behalf of Van Mai Huong, she also responded to being out of the music business for over a year as she spent all her time with her man.

For the average person, more than a year might not be long, but for an artist, more than a year is enough to “overwhelm” them with showbiz, especially during market times. The music school is extremely active, with new names and young faces appearing every day, the fact that an artist does not work hard is usually “forgotten” by the public.

A young artist who is only 23 years old but has almost 7 years of career and has achieved some successes like Van Mai Huong is an admirable compromise that not everyone has the courage to make.

Even a youngster who is not active in showbiz, few people are willing to give up their careers to return to the kitchen area to follow the call of love.

The photo of Van Mai Huong with her ex-boyfriend was shared by her on her personal page. Van Mai Huong’s photo with her ex-boyfriend was shared on her personal page.

The words shared by Van Mai Huong on his personal page while writing about his love are likened to a love story that few artists can share with such dedication.

Of course, love stories that last more than a year and come to an end are not uncommon in showbiz, but it is worth mentioning, is there a singer who loves passionately and wholeheartedly like Van Mai Huong? ?

Going back to her previous love, after 3 years of dating Le Hieu, 3 years is considered quite a long time for a love affair with showbiz activists, Van Mai Huong even though she is only 20 years old. and still “immature” in love, but she always gave the man who passed before her the most respectful and best words.

Although Van Mai Huong is only 20 years old and still Although Van Mai Huong is only 20 years old and still “immature” in love, she still gives the man who has passed her the most respectful and best words.

Don’t hold grudges or resent the other for the past because she thinks breaking up is giving them both a chance at a new life. After parting ways with Le Hieu, Van Mai Huong focused on artistic pursuits and had great success with quality musical products, capturing the affection of the public.

Entering showbiz at a very young age, Van Mai Huong grows up with unique and diverse musical products and above all, she fully enjoys her new life with music – the greatest love she chooses for herself, has never changed. of opinion.