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Entrepreneur start-up stories hit. Surname have difficulties challenges, they are still undeterred, they fall and then get up on their own to create a chance other, & success came to them after many efforts… Posts underneath I will chia Share stories with you business most detailed!

Startup Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs

Success story of Mr. Bau Duc

Entrepreneur start-up storiesEntrepreneur start-up stories

Born in poverty, the family is large siblings I should have been when I was young, Mr. Bau Duc only wish is to have enough money to go to school – to go to school And study well to overcome the destiny of getting out of poverty and the difficulties of the present. However Originally he was spend time study in the school of life, always try to work hard, continually make effort And worked non-stop for 20 years to earn money.

At present, after 40 years, the assets of Mr. Bau Duc are the whole of Hoang Anh Group Gia Lai with a heritage of up to several tens of billion VND.Tnaturallyhe still can’t stop working hard execute wish his is given a unit Vietnam opens up to the market world And desire the end of his life is to be able to put his name on the list billionaire above Global.

In 2008, he had more success, Hoang Anh Group Gia Lai Officially listed on the stock exchange & By 2010, many real estate projects across the country will be deployment widely & The story of Mr. Bau Duc’s successful start-up is often received repeatedly attention.

The coffee chain president’s start-up story the biggest world

Entrepreneur start-up storiesEntrepreneur start-up stories

Howard Schultz – President of Coffee Corporation the biggest Global Starbucks, he was born into poverty in a popular place. He was determined to give up a profession high pay to follow and work for Starbucks, despite At that time, Starbucks was just a business little Never was have a reputation. Howard Schultz works in there with assignment director undertake marketing & In retail, his real business is developing markets for Starbucks.

In 1987, Howard Schultz bought Starbucks & officially introduced himself as CEO of this coffee company. He builds a work environment that values ​​and treats employees like family. All are all employee-focused, it helped him create a society work in close collaboration & shared ideals, passion with business.

It is Startup story goes viral widely everywhere Global with the participation of 1,3000 shop And 25,000 employees worldwide world

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How many people have been hope Focus on starting a business but In fact, there is no a lot a successful person on the road there. It’s not because they’re unlucky, it’s not because they don’t have enough talent, most do. raison in general is not determined enough to resist pressure difficulty, the mentality is not ready to face not secure therefore they cannot succeed.

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The mind is nothing is impossible give business The Vietnamese address world

Entrepreneur start-up storiesEntrepreneur start-up stories

Business Vietnam has never been respected before And There are also a lot of business maybe Start of sales & grow into one long enough like Tan Hiep Phat. Tan Hiep Phat started his business since the post-war period, so he really met so much difficulties during the grant period.

After many years of development, Tan Hiep Phat has realized an organization Strangers beware And suggestion bought for an amount of 2.5 billion VND dollar in 2012. Figures there In fact not a small number but Tan Hiep Phat refused to say to propose This.

THE negotiation between business was reveal with experiences reality in businessway to a company Vietnam can reach out to compete in the market Global was rewritten in the book “Competing with Giant” – roughly translated as “Overcoming the Giants”.

Be Start of sales two tables empty hand & Achieve and become one of business High in our countryTan Hiep Phat has gone through extremely difficult times, more than that during the recession years.

Development roadmap the company will be include three phases from 10 years of internal reinforcement in the organization create a solid premise, 5 years to access the position business number one in vietnam & 10 years of openness to the market Global with the multi-industrial development department.

Journey since the start of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong

Entrepreneur start-up storiesEntrepreneur start-up stories

Coming from a poor family with 3 brothers, Pham Nhat Vuong grew up & become a rich man dollar First of all in our country with a total value of up to 20,000 billions of dong Vietnam equals 1 billion VND american dollars time there. The start-up story of Pham Nhat Vuong is still subject hot in the field start a business.

Since 1987, with excellent results in mathematics, he won a scholarship to study in Moscow in economics & Geological. After there, he opened a restaurant on Aminevshoe Highway, where many Vietnamese live. Some time later he moved to the city of Kharkov with a loan of 10,000 yen dollar And in kyiv to open a shop different from the Vietnamese name Thang Long.

In 1993, he established an instant noodle factory & continue to borrow a bank loan to develop the production of packaged dry goods. In 1995, instant noodles become popular dishes in Ukraine at the time there & sold over a million packets of noodles in one year.

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By 2000, maintain business In Ukraine, Pham Nhat Vuong continues to invest in our country in areas such as real estate & continue to develop in other areas such as commerce and e-commerceretail, charity…

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History Start a business by Dang Le Nguyen Vu

Entrepreneur start-up storiesEntrepreneur start-up stories

Ever since he sat in school, he student medicine Dang Le Nguyen Vu hatched the invention idea sell great. He once decided to quit school and go to Ho Chi Minh City to seek opportunity establish a career & return home only if successful.

Baggage at school is just a name & and the address of an uncle Never was meet face to face. But once take advice known to uncle boy student the child is back school the next days but In my heart always burns the desire business.

Vietnam is a major coffee exporter Monday above Global However WHO? known Vietnamese coffee branding especially Buon Ma Thuot cafe. With invention idea Awesome is making the best coffee & exported to the international market Dang Le Nguyen Vu received a lot of ridicule.

But there is still a classmate who has accepted help in the early stages of his career. They take advantage of each other on occasion weekend go begging at the coffee shops answer they gave me the job & On bicycles, they went to each merchant to buy coffee.

Efforts are well rewarded

Entrepreneur start-up storiesEntrepreneur start-up stories

After many tireless efforts, there is only known live Dak Lak ProvinceTrung Nguyen coffee brand has spread to every corner of the country Saigon. Grandfather works for customer feel I’m a coffee connoisseur when to use my product. The Trung Nguyen brand has made a strong impression in the minds of consumers to use at this moment.

In 2003, the launch of the G7 product officially marked a new phase for Trung Nguyen in market dominance. in our country. First time Trung Nguyen overtakes Vinacafe & Nestle.

Don’t stop at thereTrung Nguyen has built a series of large processing factories across the country & establishment of Trung Nguyen coffee village wide with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, museum archive Buon Ma Thuot’s cafe aims to make this place the coffee capital world.

Trung Nguyen’s product portfolio increasingly extends from roast and ground coffee, weasel coffee, instant coffee, pure coffee……

Trung Nguyen’s Products So Far appeared at 60 nation above Global. In February 2012, he had the honor of being named the first time in the prestigious National Geographic Traveler magazine with the title of “Vietnamese Coffee King”

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