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24/09/2021 | 09:09

(Nguoinoitieng.vn) – Tan Nhan is a famous Vietnamese singer who sings lyrical and revolutionary music. She has a soft and flexible voice that easily penetrates people’s hearts, so she is loved by many audiences.

Singer Tan Nhan.Singer Tan Nhan.


Tan Nhan was born in 1982 in the lonely countryside of Ha Nam. His house is close to the cliff, his family is difficult, and few people live around the house. Her childhood was spent in loneliness and loneliness. There are only two children in the family, the mother is a worker in a brickyard and has to work all day. Every day his mother goes to work and locks the door. Tan Nhan eats, drinks and plays alone.

Luckily, it was his passion for singing that helped Tan Nhan a lot that day to lift his spirits. She sang when she went to school in the forest, when she cooked rice, when she was home alone. Even though Tan Nhan’s childhood was difficult, it was filled with his joyful songs.


Tan Nhan was fortunate to receive guidance from Vietnam’s queen of opera, singer Lan Anh. Singer Lan Anh mentored Tan Nhan for eight years and gave him advice to help him continue his determination to pursue folk and red music.

Tan Nhan’s musical career got off to a pretty good start. She brilliantly won the first prize in folk style at the National Television Song Festival in 2005, voted by the jury and the television audience. The song that helped her win the award was “Crescent Moon”.

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Since then, Tan Nhan’s soft and gentle voice has been widely known to the public. Tan Nhan continues to conquer the national opera and opera singing competition. Once again, she won first prize.

The audience began to accept Tan Nhan’s fine musical products such as: “Drawing a bib on the street”, “Lord Buddha, I’m back”, “Waiting river”, “Time drops”, “Sunny after- noon”… Songs The song that Tan Nhan’s performance was highly praised by the experts.

Tan Nhan likes and often performs songs with a bit of folk resonance and praising the love of his motherland. Thus, she approached an audience from many walks of life. Her simple vocals combined with a rustic and easy-listening musical mix helped Tan Nhan’s vocals touch the hearts of the audience. Tan Nhan once said, “Nhan wants everyone to see life with tolerance, with gentleness, starting from the simple things. It can be the rustic feeling of a Vietnamese child with her mother tongue, a bit sulky of a young woman with her lover, the image of an intense yet gentle Nghe girl, her moment of spontaneous love. the love of a young man in front of the beauty of the moonlight on the Nhat Le River, a vivid image of the countryside with cultural sediments of the country of Pho Hien – Hung Yen”.

In terms of vocal expertise, Tan Nhan is also excellent. She obtained a master’s degree in vocal music from the National Academy of Music of Vietnam in 2013. Especially after that, she was invited by the National Academy of Music as a lecturer. Currently, she has become vice-dean of the vocal department of the Vietnam National Academy of Music. It can be considered one of the greatest successes of Tan Nhan’s musical career.

  • The river waits
  • drops of time
  • Spring train line
  • Bibs dug in the street
  • Lord Buddha, I’m back
  • sunny afternoon

Awards received:

  • 2005 Morning Star First Prize.
  • Won the most popular singer voted by the public.
  • First prize at the 2008 National Opera and Chamber Singing Competition.
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Singer Tan Nhan married singer Tuan Anh, a singer who practices chamber music. Both are professors at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. Their family is very happy even though many false rumors are circulating about the couple.

As a singer, Tan Nhan’s husband is very sympathetic and understanding. He always supported her in the development of her musical career.