Thái Quốc Minh và những kinh nghiệm xương máu

Thai Quoc Minh When it comes to him, it’s hard not to talk about his experiences and bloody experiences in the market. The following content will give you more information.

Biography of Thai Quoc Minh

Mr. Thai Quoc Minh has 33 years of professional experience in the field of finance and financial institutions.

Thai Quoc Minh and bloody experience

Apart from SHB, Mr. Minh also holds a series of other key positions such as Chairman of the Board/Managing Director of VINA Private Investment Company Limited; Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vinaconex Trading Growth JSC; Board member of Unitel Telecom Infrastructure Growth and Technology JSC;…

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Thai Quoc Minh tells the story of life

Maybe in 1-2 years I will write a memoir because my life has ups and downs with so many lessons.

When I worked in a state organization (Vietcombank-PV), I was extremely reliable with other companies. So I think, when I go out, I lack support from my teammates.

The first day I walked out with absolute confidence, the people I helped in the past have grown into successful, mature and big business, now they will see each other as brothers and friends.

On the first day, I approached 5 great business leaders that I used to be very supportive of, but all 5 turned away and not a single date was offered to me.

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Current position:

Thai Quoc Minh cChairman of the Council of Members (Council of Members) cum Managing Director of VINA Private Investment Company Limited; Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vinaconex Commercial Growth Joint Stock Company; board member of Unitel Telecommunications Infrastructure Development and Technology Joint Stock Company; Chairman of the Board of Women Beauty Co., Ltd; Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Huu Nghi Co., Ltd in our country – Latin America.

Changing the scientific mentality and daring to take responsibility.

If, before the law, I am prepared and ready to go to prison, sign the request, they will dare to do so. I affirm that with a minimum profit of more than 10% to more than 100%, they will dare to spend money according to the roadmap. .

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2nd painful experience is too successful, the money comes in too quickly, and has the illusion of being a powerful person, who likes to listen to the blandishments and instigations of people who take themselves for brothers and friends.

I used to spend a lot of money investing in telecommunications, infrastructure/highways, urban areas, real estate, etc. I feel extremely majestic when I am president, vice-president of the board of directors of many companies.

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bloody experience

Then I attended many special meetings and everyone, dear/dear, filed a complaint for approval. In the end, it turned out that I was still stupid. I don’t know anything about iron and steel, cement, auctions, etc., but I signed a bunch of papers anyway.

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Until seeing the unit price generated nearly 20 million/m2, higher than the market price. I just fell back that I was too ignorant, delusional about my financial strength, when I didn’t have a job.

Thai Quoc Minh Lesson learned 3 For me, it’s the courage to look back on failure and lose money.

I have had lawsuits, I have invited inspectors from the ministry, departments and agencies to come and see that I am right and have the right to sue.

Mr. Pham Cong Doan, a companion

Born in 1957.

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in economics.

Experience: 30 years in banking and finance.

Current position:

Chairman of the Board of Quang Ninh Port Joint Stock Company; Chairman of the Board of Vang Tien VHANI JSC.

Previously, Mr. Doan also replaced Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuan as Chairman of the Board of Quang Ninh Port Joint Stock Company. This company is currently a small company of T&T group, currently Mr. Do Quang Hien (elected Hien) is the chairman of the board.

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There are also some adjustments for employees entering the Supervisory Board, in particular Mr. Bui Thanh Tam – Member of the Board of Directors is no longer on the list of candidates for the new term. Instead, two new candidates were present, Ms. Le Thi Thanh Cam and Ms. Pham Thi Bich Hong.

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