Thân Thục Quyên nữ doanh nhân ngành du lịch

Que Thuc Quyen If it comes to the tourism industry, it is impossible not to mention a successful businesswoman Than Thuc Quyen. She is well known for her female start-ups. Through this article, we will provide more content for everyone to find and analyze

Than Thuc Quyen biography of a businessman

Than Thuc Quyen is a successful businessman in the tourism industry and is famous for his start-ups aimed at women in the Vietnamese community.

Than Thuc Quyen successful businessman

CEO Than Thuc Quyen was born in 1987 into a family with a tradition in sales, is one of the top 10 female business personalities in our country by Forbes Vietnam magazine, CEO Than Thuc Quyen said. luxurious face and charisma. She currently runs the Sanouva hotel chain

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Than Thuc Quyen is the son of the family

In 2009, Than Thuc Quyen started thinking about making a hotel out of a practical need while traveling. She believes that the 3-star hotel service still has a lot of potential, the supply is not enough to meet the demand, just as the service has not brought much experience to customers. It is also the period when the tourism industry, Vietnamese catering and hotel industry are still quiet with the mindset of “making a hotel just for resting all day”.

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Than Thuc Quyen is also the commercial director of the international 3-star hotel chain Sanouva Hotels, including Sanouva Saigon and Sanouva Da Nang Besides Sanouva, Quyen is also the commercial director in charge of the commercial development of Fusion Maia Resort. Forbes reported that in 2017, this station brought in nearly $18 million in revenue.

As a founding shareholder of Bhutanese Spirit,

28 rooms and five villas, with an investment of 6.2 million USD in Bhutan. She was also appointed to manage the Danang Riverside Complex project, a five-star hotel created on the banks of the Han River with an investment of $230 million, whose construction is expected to start in 2020. Quyen’s activities account for 60% of operations. . family sales.

Quyen graduated from RMIT University

Specialized in commerce, Quyen considers her family background a blessing for her start-up. Accordingly, all of Quyen’s selling ideas are not difficult to call the investment amount. However, this businesswoman also believes that to maintain and develop what she already has and grow her business, the chance is still lacking. Constantly learning, researching and innovating is the most important thing.

Social and community work for women

MC Quang Bao suddenly introduced the CEO's girlfriend to the family |  People's Daily

Que Thuc Quyen always enthusiastically support, increase the capacity of women and develop their career in the workplace in the tourism and hospitality industry, besides Than Thuc Quyen is also the vice president – who co-founded the organization. company with the aim of spreading ideas and creating a practical basis to help women to be mentally and physically healthy, towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

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SWBS brings self-defense classes

Yoga, Dance for women in the company, bring on-site classes, accompany the company to create a healthy working environment, the most favorable helper for female office workers to practice sports.

At each lesson, for each employee who participates in She Will Be Strong, 20,000 VND will be donated to the fund It will have a strong social impact.

Than Thuc Quyen and the group of companies

Its Tourism and Hospitality regularly sponsors projects for the community, builds charity homes and colleges for children and teachers in poor rural areas, islands, supports charity funds, scholarship fund worth total of up to billions of VND within 5 years from 2014 to 2019.

Help fund the implementation of the Flood Resistant Houses Project, which is a community development project with the aim of building safe houses and developing sustainable livelihoods for the poor in areas affected by natural disasters and climate changes.

Than Thuc Quyen was invited once as a speaker

Status of MC Quang Bao's girlfriend: A good director, owns a base of 10 million USD

Que Thuc Quyen in the “Women in Business” seminar in Hanoi, discussing the opportunities for women entrepreneurs, combined with the challenges for women in STEM fields (scientific, engineering, technology), ways to stimulate diversity in different skills industrial. At the same time, inspiring and empowering women in business

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