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09/18/2021 | 10:10 a.m.

( – Musician Tu Huy died at the height of his career, leaving his friends and the music-loving public in endless sadness. Yet, his songs still resonate in the hearts of fans.

Some information about the musician Tu Huy:

  • Birth name: Ta Tu Huy
  • He was born: October 15, 1948
  • He died on: September 10, 2006
  • Hometown: Dien Ban, Quang Nam
  • Profession: Musician
  • Genre of composition: Youth music

Famous songs by musician Tu Huy

  • A glimpse of the homeland
  • Tet from my village
  • Spring of love
  • Days of adventure
  • The day you came
  • My childhood hometown
  • Spring then
  • New Year Wishes
  • Unfortunately I’m waiting…
Musician Tu Huy has died, leaving his friends and the music-loving public in infinite sadness. Musician Tu Huy has died, leaving his friends and the music-loving public in infinite sadness..

The path to fame of a talented musician

Musician Tu Huy had a passion for art from a young age, so he studied at Saigon University of Literature and Hue College of Fine Arts.

However, after 1975, he officially embarked on the path of composition and became the first musician to come of age after 1975.

With his own youthful and inspiring musical quality, from his early youth songs such as Spring of Love, The Words You Sing… he has received great support from many music lovers. Since then, his songs have been warmly received on major stages such as Words of Love, Saturday Afternoon, The Day You Come, A Glimpse of Homeland, Pitiful Expectation…

One of the famous music albums of musician Tu Huy at that time. One of the famous music albums of musician Tu Huy at that time.

Musician Tu Huy was also one of the 7 members of the famous group Friends at that time. He not only composed but also organized the Musicians Club with the aim of introducing young singers and musicians to the music-loving public.

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After a period of dedication to music and wandering around the world, musician Tu Huy died at Cho Ray Hospital in 2006.

Musician Tu Huy – Multi-talented artist with a warm heart for Vietnamese music

When thinking of musician Tu Huy, friends and fans cannot forget the image of the wandering musician with flowing hair, sweet smile and warm heart. Someone once said: “For musician Tu Huy, life is like a walk. He lives very simply, without calculation, without doubt, without any problems or problems in everyday life.

It is perhaps this personality which made him a talented musician with generous, lyrical but nevertheless poetic songs.

The image of musician Tu Huy remains forever engraved in the hearts of fans. The image of musician Tu Huy forever remains in the hearts of fans.

Tu Huy is also one of the multi-talented artists in Vietnamese music. He not only contributed to life with good music, but also beautiful paintings and meaningful poems…

His poems appeared several times in the Opposite magazine in Saigon in the seventies of the last century and were known to many people. For him, “Poetry and music mix. But only in music can people soar and float towards infinity; But in poetry, it seems that this area has limits, and that there is more pain. »

However, while his soul was still deeply indebted to art, he left the land of Da Lat in that beautiful flowery autumn.

Later, many musical programs were organized to commemorate this multi-talented musician. His compositions are being heard again, not to evoke feelings of regret or pity, but to help fans relive the emotions of a bygone era.

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