Xu hướng Digital Marketing mới nhất bạn cần biết

Digital Marketing Trends Latest information to know. THE orient oneself Digital marketing has fast enter the online advertising market, & more than ever, you have to Take the things over control new For limit late at any time. Post below I will share for you orient oneself Digital marketing.

The latest digital marketing trends you need to know

Digital Marketing TrendsDigital Marketing Trends

Orientation video marketing

Comprehension think customer & catch orient oneself sensitive, tiktok transform solution invent help business make a different impression to affirm the brand name with user. To gain the trust of customers, brands are broadcast Meaningful human stories like #vudieuruatay… are spreading & give.

Marketing via Tiktok is easy to add funny and funny elements to make ads not only to the left sell Again works for user can watch the moves.

The explosion of voice search

Because software virtual assistant appeared that the voice search function has really exploded. THE software popular virtual assistant and okay to use Most Currently like Google, Alexa, Siri.

They will bring great convenience because just based on voice requests to serve customers. For example like with Google, you just need to issue a command to open application or voice search…

It really is orient oneself the future as the number of people searching by voice continues to grow. bThereforelets go guaranteed strategy digital marketing To belong to you will be always ready for this technology.

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Integrate augmented reality (AR) into social networks

Augmented Reality (AR) is realistic images that can be seen with real eyes and was add virtual information to it. WOMENuser maybe simple interact with Global virtual now Actually like touching And overlay it with an image above the actual image.

AR created for user THE feeling just like the real thing, it’s not separate world virtual And Real Sometimes make a lot of people confused when to use This technology is so smart. Along with the development of device electronic And the integration of AR in social networks, brands to use AR at contact with customers.

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Value-Based Digital Messaging

Digital Marketing TrendsDigital Marketing Trends

After a tumultuous political season, values-based messages can play an important role role more influence on consumer decisions to use in 2021 for the good of consumers to use a lot ability buy brands fit with their personal values.

Communication methods emphasizing health & safe and green initiatives, respectful of the environment. DThis is the message TMDT mean & attract interest of the consumer to use.

Image Search SEO

Thanks to Google Lens, Google’s revolutionary artificial intelligence image recognition algorithm, keyword search marketing is moving into the realm of images & clip. Google image search is just the beginning.

User can now import images into Google to get more context dissimilarity. You can even take a selfie of any plant species And Enter image to search view Informations about this plant… Search images for a user traffic Another way for marketers to take advantage of the insertion of brands in images to increase level brand identity And access in wwebsite.

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Content marketing is still king

Digital Marketing TrendsDigital Marketing Trends

Content marketing is currently the main activity of marketers attract people able to buy & promote sales sell. And For many years this will continue to be a key activity And all along all Marketing campaigns. SO Content not only Be orient oneself Online marketing in 2o21, but forecast is the factor core for many years to come.

THE business Today willing to pay to invest in invent unique content or blog post. Because content marketing helps business can build trust & reputation with customers aim their.

Algorithms forecast

API-Application programming interfaces (application programming interfaces) open up a lot opportunity for machine learning algorithms, the language of progress, And AI technology.

Thanks to that that no matter the business Big or small, it’s possible easy forecast All right costs marketing how will be optimal in terms of income & better brand identity. DIt is a huge step forward in digital marketing, TO DO many ways to do it new more for the traders

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Through the article above, I shared with you Digital Marketing Trends Latest information to know. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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