Vai trò của người lãnh đạo trong doanh nghiệp

The executive chair is not simple, although it does not directly perform the work, it must have an overview of the company’s business. In addition, this is also a position that comes with a lot of extremely important responsibilities. Regardless of company size or type, leaders also have the following key responsibilities:

Responsibility for vision plan

Leaders must selective and direction strategy organisation. NOTas There’s no thing there, business just a collection of target be personal follow rule.

While THE the opposite support create vision plan then the leader must maybe describe visions there Exactlyattractive and interesting. total THE staff beside in the organization maybe understand direction there will be affect arrive work and their responsibilities how.

Source Responsibility work

Human ressources is always the most difficult problem for students leaders, chief. Management Responsibilities related very great for balancing power fit with target organisation.With the team Fitall work Everything’s good Otherwise youAll are worries.

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Responsibility build culture business

Culture is a set of concept, targetthe behavior and value highlighted the company. Each an organization everyone has a culture business different and a part important in culture business to integrate are values: Leadership Of course total THE achievement All right apply unified from the bottom to go upIn total THE part. A good culture will create We feeling on and is respected, authorized business job get the best results.

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Responsibility in to show the decisions

Person ability is the best in regards to many areas In business But the directors are assignees responsibility in decision making. A lot worries require solution affect come many part and only leaders have the right do it law.

Responsibility commit performance

Everyone even admit this leadership in charge of finally for efficiency the company. Dto succeed, leaders required role active in possess job. Management is also represent sustainable cooperation between job internal and external partners.

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For develop success, direction should insight view of the function that only leaders deal with, always prioritize them and find solution balance points.

Director answer

Robert Greenleaf has “invented” a new word. idea his are the leaders the best First of all must self see they are like people answer. Decide who – not what you want answer In ability his direction. Help them succeed contribute in the organization, helping them to learn and develop And why they are like customer for your leadership service.

People oriented:

Convey aim overall of the company For everyone to understand. Attach everyone with the target individual and target band For help THE aim more inclusive. NOTlike you is a boss a company, work You are guaranteed the efforts and priorities of band is attached to the orientation strategy organisation.

NOTdirector THE standard good and good results.

Dbuzz for you share what power of decision and cohesion with everyone howIt is necessary again in charge of For victory result and the work reach THE aim. Dmaintain THE Exactly high, for you – Of courseand for both friend chief. DRAWthis work does this mean manage with people who work insufficient positive. As W. Somerset Maugham once said, “A pleasant thing in life is to hate what is given to you.”

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you have one assignment In work mobilize THE othersumbrella there not just 100% your responsibility. OLDcowardly your direction to specify above is passion your. Enthusiasm extremely contagious, the applaud it’s like nothing.

Please help staff identify what they Really wish Since job and their job. let’s do things that you own can help them win this work.

People control change:

You will be not necessarily cease to be called to lead, or at least Be help, adjust initiative. everyone to be propelled on a psychological journey in the face of change. The trip will take one person work based END through the intermediate stage and finally to the period preamble.


The direction itself to show out in secret Friend behavior. you concentrate focus on What things? Time? Your question? You have perform before and after becoming one with achievement your? OLDsuch as, if you approved a culture work open and trustworthy, staff your did you notice? “safe” speaking frankly subconscious are they with you?