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Business is a way to get rich and successful. Business is not difficult. Know how many people succeed in business and you can too. But business requires knowledge and skills to be successful. If you have any difficulty on this, today hosodoanhnhan will summarize the The secret to getting rich from livestock Please.

Why should you get rich from cattle?

In recent years, the full outbreak of diseases on livestock and poultry has caused great damage to farmers, and it is expected that the disease will remain latent for a long time. Moreover, the population’s demand for livestock products is increasing day by day, the supply is not always sufficient.

Livestock products are very diverse, you can raise livestock, poultry, seafood, fish, shrimp, squid, buffalo… with different business purposes. With these forms of animal husbandry, both to meet the needs of consumers while creating a stable livelihood for the people, balancing the food supply of the market in times to come. Investing in livestock growth is seen as an “open direction” for the low capital, high profit business model in the market right now if anyone knows how to take advantage of it.

Veteran Bui Van Bon gets rich raising cowsThe Secrets to Getting Rich From Livestock You Shouldn’t Ignore

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The Secrets to Getting Rich From Livestock You Shouldn’t Ignore

Market research

To do this, you should contact local agricultural extension centers for information on livestock products as well as market needs where you intend to do business. Or you can also visit the market to survey the market to find out what products you should sell, how your competitors are doing in the same industry… Understanding the market needs helps you do business efficiently and brings you more profit.

Identify potential pets

Depending on the existing capital, business method and current market demand, you can identify suitable livestock products. High economic yield breeding breeds you will read more about such as: Pig, French Pigeon, Super egg hen, Carp, Quail, Chicken curry, Hedgehog, Rabbit,….

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Make a sales plan

Once you have chosen the right pet, write a detailed and realistic business plan. This will be the “guideline” of the business form you choose, from which you can get high profits from this business.

How to Get Rich Raising Cattle

Get rich in the countryside with free-range chicken farming

Raising free-range chickens is The secret to getting rich from livestock effective for breeders, because the quality of the chicken always meets market needs, even for the most demanding consumers. However, to be successful with this model, you need to remember a few notes:

How to get rich in the countryside with 20 jobs that tend to bring in moneyThe Secrets to Getting Rich From Livestock You Shouldn’t Ignore

The cage should be designed to be cool in summer, closed and warm in winter. The barn should be kept tall and dry, with good drainage. The floor of the chicken coop should be covered with layers of straw, rice husks, etc. to keep chickens warm. Poultry houses should be built high with a density of at least 1 chicken/square meter.

Pig breeding

Learn The secret to getting rich from livestock Pigs are a trend that many people apply, in this Content article I will not specify the breeding techniques, although to be effective it is necessary to pay particular attention to a few people:

Find the output of the product. If sows are raised to sell breeding animals, they must be able to contact pig farms to export the breed, in short, you have to find the yield before starting, because when the pigs are released without yield, it will be very expensive to maintain, while production increases.

breeding cattle

The secret to getting rich from livestock breeding cows, the key is the initial stage of breeding. According The secret to getting rich from livestock When choosing cows for most people, you should choose those that have a fast, tame, broad muzzle, regular teeth, a large but not flabby belly, straight legs, and 4 straight nipples. Normally cows first heat after 20 months of age, calving interval is about 1 year.

In rural areas with hilly land and wide yards, grazing should be done, but grass and straw should be planted as supplemental food. The barn should be cool in summer, warm in winter and hygienic. If you breed 10 cows, the purchase budget will cost about 300 million. For a quick reminder, it is advisable to buy pregnant cubs close to their due date. Calves are born, if the female continues to reproduce, and male calves can be sold for money. Calculating at the current average price, each calf is sold for 15 to 20 million VND.

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Fish farming and shrimp farming by region

A The secret to getting rich from livestock also bring great economic efficiency that is fish farming. Fish is a widely used food source, so you don’t have to worry about consuming this product.

Develop aquaculture in the northern provincesThe Secrets to Getting Rich From Livestock You Shouldn’t Ignore

The field of fish farming today is often popular with catfish such as pangasius, basa…or freshwater fish such as carp, carp, fruit fish, tilapia, perch…whatever you need need to prepare you seed selection, fish feed and grazing knowledge content to prevent disease. Then imagine the outlet market, you will contact stores, supermarkets or wholesalers to facilitate sales.


Among animals, dogs and cats are the closest pets to humans. You also totally The secret to getting rich from livestock they. There are many different varieties, so we can find popular ones to grow. The image of walking around with owners of dogs and cats of all sizes and types is not new. Pets in general aren’t picky eaters, but there are a few caveats that should be understood.

  • First of all, the origin of the animal must be clear. For breeds of dogs and cats originating from abroad, they need to have rich information about the life of their parents.
  • Second, vaccinate pets in the correct cycle to avoid associated diseases.
  • Third, make sure they are safe because a bite like scratching them can be very dangerous.

The value is several times that of normal pets, so the profit of pet breeding is not low, which means you have to meet the strict requirements of the market. The spacious space of your own hometown is perfect for you to develop this direction. Remember that the market you are targeting is high-income, high-demanding city dwellers, not rural ones.

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Thanks for reading the article on The secret to getting rich from livestock above here. With the information I share, I hope it helps you overcome your difficulties and questions. I always wish you success in life.

Loc Nguyen – Synthesis & editing

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