Trịnh Lan Phương bà chủ xinh đẹp của Bibo Mart

Trinh Lan Phuong As the president of the Bibo Mart chain of stores, her life story and the story of establishing a company will attract a lot of people. Through the following content, I will provide you with all the information she needs Trinh Lan Phuong Let’s find out together

Trinh Lan Phuong and the history of business creation

Bibo Mart was born in 2006 with a capital of only 130 million VND. At the end of 2016, the company was valued at $42 million, the revenue target at the end of 2017 reached over $100 million.

Biography of Trinh Lan Phuong

“At the beginning, the company only had me and a cleaning lady, the first shop had an area of ​​64m2. 130 million VND for initial capital, 30 million VND for infrastructure and 100 million VND for goods,” Phuong said.

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Trinh Lan Phuong remembers that time

She said she was not able to connect closely with partners like now because the content is very limited, if there is, it will not reach her. But she still did it all on her own. It’s much worse than today’s young entrepreneurs. However, there are also issues that startups must now learn from the older generation like her.

For example, startups should not be afraid of mistakes, not afraid of failing, be patient, go all the way, and have good resource preparation. With the right resources, the risk can be reduced even if it is not zero.

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Or like starting a business, don’t be in a rush to set big goals.

The motivation is to have consequences, results on every step, no matter in the short term. After that, you need to keep setting higher goals for yourself, having clear and achievable goals.

For the goals set, the girls must prepare enough resources because an organization will not be able to “go if the goal is too big and the potential resources do not exist”.

Starting a business is as complicated as anyone, the main success is when you fail without giving up, because you will have the opportunity to move to new heights, and when you turn aside, you will never reach the destination.

Talk about your success

Ms. Phuong simply replied that she often cannot think too much when starting a business, does not tell or tell big stories.

Bibo Mart - Pioneer in the application of 4.0 technology to launch the Virtual Store app and virtual supermarket

“I was just looking for a way to make the business exist. This is how to sell orders with increasing sales, from hundreds, gradually increasing to millions and then tens of millions…” Ms Phuong said.

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Trinh Lan Phuong emphasizes the task of close connection, that is, the relationship with consumers – suppliers – employees. For customers, it is necessary to put the interests of users first for long-term success.

For suppliers, it is always necessary to build connection for sustainable growth, the strategic goal, action is not only win-win but also win-win-win. For employees, how to make each of them a brand ambassador for the company itself.

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Retail leader in the mother and baby industry with nearly 150 stores

Theo BaodautFor “cuddlyWith this award, Bibo Mart conquered the organizers not only by its spectacular development but also by the value created for users and the community.

Ms. Nguyen Tue Anh, CEO of Bibo Mart, said that it is not only a lofty title, but also a driving force for the company to confidently pursue an intense business development strategy, continuing to extend its leading position. some products.

Over 13 years of creation and development and was founded by Ms. Trinh Lan Phuong. Ms. Phuong currently owns 80% of the shares, is President and CEO of Bibo Mart, the rest is owned by ACA Invesents – Japan’s leading fund management company (Sumitomo Group).

Theo Bibomart

Trinh Lan Phuong BiboMart, from a small store specializing in bringing products for mothers (during pregnancy and postpartum period) and children (between 0 and 6 years old) now has a desirable position for customers with n’ any retailer.

President of Bibo Mart: To Dominate the Retail Market, Many Difficult Problems Need to Be Solved

Bibo Mart has now become the leading mother and baby store in Vietnam with nearly 150 stores in 22 provinces, a team of more than 2,000 employees, and still maintains major sales nationwide. The mother and baby store system babies Bibo Mart is under the management of Bibo Mart Joint Stock Company, established in 2006, specializing in the supply of products for mothers (during pregnancy and the postpartum period) and babies (from 20 years old from 0 to 6 years).

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Through the above article provided information about Trinh Lan Phuong The beautiful owner of Bibo Mart. I hope the above information of this article will be useful to you.

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