Vocalist Nam Cuong - singing 'Flying in the middle of the galaxy' and spinning the wheel with 'bolero rhythm'
10/11/2021 | 09:09

(Nguoinoitieng.vn) – Mentioning Nam Cuong, people will immediately remember a singer with a student body, an appearance that is hard to predict. And above all, referring to Nam Cuong refers to the owner of popular hit hits such as Flying Between the Galaxy, One Time, Difficult, Promise, Thinking In You, Must Be You, Take Me Away.


His real name is Nguyen Nam Cuong, born September 16, 1985 in Da Nang. He is known as a former member of boy band Yoband! (The group includes winners of YoMost and VTV’s “Yo! With a green dream” contest in 2003).

Nam Cuong possesses a handsome appearance, a student with a soft voice. Nam Cuong has a beautiful appearance, a student and a sweet voice.


Passionate about singing since childhood, at the age of 3, Cuong was able to sing many songs in front of many people.

Due to the unfavorable conditions, Nam Cuong’s singing was only a hobby, not being allowed to study in a children’s home like his contemporaries.

And so the love keeps growing with the school years, but the older Nam Cuong, the more shy he is, not daring to express himself, only daring to sing at home and in class.

It was not until the 10th grade during an art competition for Nam Cuong’s class that the school discovered and boldly began to participate in exciting cultural activities, not only the movements of Phan Chau Trinh High School. (Da Nang), but also very well participate in cultural movements of students in the city of Da Nang.

Together with the members of the Nam Cuong School’s artistic team, they have won many medals and great achievements at music festivals.

2003 was also the year of high school graduation, and Nam Cuong bravely sent in a CD to participate in the show “Yo! With a Green Dream” jointly organized by YoMost and VTV3.

With what belongs to Nam Cuong's instincts, he used it well in every part of the competition With what belongs to instinct Nam Cuong used it well in each part of the “Yo! With a green dream.”

Nam Cuong, Minh Thu, Toc Tien, Viet Thanh form Yoband! but only active for a short time under contract and each wants to develop for their solo career.

But in that short time, it was enough for the audience to remember Yoband! with songs such as Tinh Ca (Quoc Bao), Minute Love Dau (Bao Lu) … constantly appear on television.

It can be said that this is quite a favorable start for Nam Cuong’s singing career with invitations from some music companies.

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But with what instinct is not enough for Nam Cuong to pursue a career in the vibrant land of Saigon when there is no one to know.

Only “good chen” in Saigon Nam Cuong knows that he alone can’t do anything. Nam Cuong decided to study at the College of Theater and Film, and at the same time studied voice training with People’s Artist Tran Hieu. Temporarily put aside your plans and dreams for your music.

After years of studying and participating in musical life here, Nam Cuong wants to mark his real comeback to the public with his first album “Dong Thoai”. But finding your own way in music these days is difficult.

And fortunately, Nam Cuong and the young musician Tang Nhat Tue met sympathy in music, and Tang Nhat Tue helped Nam Cuong get a new musical space.

And on October 7, 2008, the album Dong Thoai was born from this sympathy.

Album Dong Thoai by singer Nam Cuong. Album Dong Thoai by singer Nam Cuong.

Without forgetting in the album Dong Thoai songs which marked the spirits like the title song Dong Thoai, which gained the price of the song voted by the public for the emission Chanson vietnamese 2007, the song No last love song: Nam Cuong. In duet with Toc Tien, it is a song that won the Vietnam Song Art Council 2007.

Moreover, the songs Muc Dong, Co Dai and Xuan Binh Yen also attracted a lot of public attention when Cuong uploaded them online and tried to perform before a few shows. With Dong Thoai Nam Cuong wants to target young people with a young, pure image mixed with a little reflection.

Nam Cuong started to gain popularity thanks to the song “Flying in the middle of the galaxy” in the vol.2 album of the same name. Songwriter Nguyen Van Chung with soft, sweet lyrics and a warm voice put Nam Cuong on the list of most popular singers.

Then he collaborated with Khac Viet. Khac Viet’s compositions brought great success to Nam Cuong. The song Hard to reach more than 20 million views only on Zing Mp3 site, then the songs The End of the Road, Must Be You, All achieved considerable success.

Nam Cuong performed the song “Flying in the middle of the galaxy” at the concert to celebrate 10 years of singing.

2018: Despite more than 10 years of professional singing, before coming to Love Storyteller, the singer’s career developed quite slowly and did not have much impression in the hearts of the public.

In 2017, many people were surprised when he became a contestant on this show specializing in love music and bolero.

From the first rounds, Nam Cuong was considered a strong factor, in each episode he perfectly recreated the stories of the musicians with his powerful yet emotional voice.
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In the final round, with the selection and performance of the song “Miss Neighbor”, Nam Cuong became the winner of the competition due to his improved singing and song handling.

Moreover, he also said that from now on he will focus on singing lyrical bolero music, no longer mixing young music with old music.

To mark an important step in his artistic journey and also to celebrate his victory in the Love Storyteller contest, the Da Nang-born singer decided to do a live show of 10 years of singing – Happy my life now – where he started his career. : Hoa Binh Theater (HCMC).

With this live show, Nam Cuong leads the audience through all levels of emotion and transforms his multi-talented image with a variety of musical genres and mature acting skills.

Nam Cuong’s once-adored songs such as: Flying in the middle of the galaxy, Once, Difficult, Promise, Thinking in you, Must be you, Take me away… are quite impressive in audience harmony.

Nam Cuong and Khac Viet collaborated on the duo album Promise.Nam Cuong and Khac Viet collaborated on the duo album Promise.

With a powerful and famous guest list: popular artist Le Thuy, Minh Nhi, singers Phuong Dung, Thai Chau, singers Dan Truong, Phuong Thanh, Quang Ha, Vy Oanh, Ngoc Lien, Le Phuong, the finalist Ha Thu, Duong Hong Loan, Phuong My Chi, Ha Thuy Anh, Duong Dinh Tri, Thu Trang…, Nam Cuong showed confidence and maturity on the chosen vocal path.

The 10-year journey of singing will not be complete without friends, brothers in profession and in life.

In addition, he also participates in many popular game shows today such as Perfect Couple, the role of “popular song” coach Phuong My Chi in The Little Familiar Face Season 2, combined with the song. Xuan Phu won second place in The Mashup – Unexpected Transformation.

Musical direction: Switch to bolero

With the decision to become a bolero singer, Nam Cuong is confident that his voice will touch the hearts of the audience.

Besides, he does not care about the comments and objections of others, because he understands that the path he is taking is the right one, even if he stumbles, he will not regret it.

Nam Cuong was crowned Nam Cuong was crowned “Love Storyteller” .

The male singer said he doesn’t feel sorry for not pursuing bolero music early on because he didn’t like it before. It was only a few years ago that Nam Cuong began to enjoy listening and boldly practicing singing.

Nam Cuong thinks singing a bolero will certainly cost less with young music, but he will still pursue it all the way.

The album is called Frosty Winter Afternoon, a collection of bolero songs that Nam Cuong likes to present the most to the audience who love this kind of music.

Nam Cuong performed romantic lyrical Bolero songs on Love Storyteller.Nam Cuong performed romantic lyrical Bolero songs on Love Storyteller.

Nam Cuong is one of the few singers to keep a “clean” image while working in showbiz, so it’s no surprise that he’s associated with these two words. Maybe that’s why he still shines quietly without scandal.