Cổ phiếu penny là gì? Ưu điểm và nhược điểm của cổ phiếu Penny

What is a penny stock?? Penny shares refer to the shares of the business small listed on the stock exchange, coh the possibility provide great profits for investors when the price goes up. Let’s learn What is a penny stock? Please!!!

What is Penny in Stock?

Penny Stock (Penny Stock or Small caps) is a term manipulate refer to the stock exchange codes of the business small listed on the stock exchange. These stocks are trading at a very low value, maybe at less than 10,000 VND/share. EASYtherethis type of stock bring very big profit However count risk also quite high.

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Advantages and disadvantages penny stocks

Advantage penny stocks

As mentioned, due to its low value, penny stocks ability provide great profits for investors when the price goes up.

Default penny stocks

  • Low liquidity: This type of stock has a low price, few people attention. Even when the stock price goes up, it doesn’t pay much attention to investors, SO Its liquidity is relatively low.
  • Penny shares are issued by the business little. BILLIONSO THE all of the information financial or operating statements sell generally little. It will be difficult for investors to have data to analyze ability growth of this stock in the future.
  • Because It is share organisation a bit information so often arrive circumstances such as fraud or business Bankruptcy leads to losses.
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How to Play Penny Stock Safely

Penny stock has a lot of potential risk However this too is a chance great investment When you choose the correct potential stock code. Keep these 3 rules in mind to make investing in penny stocks safer:

Limit the purchase of stocks whose price is falling

penny stock made almost only price increase in about Quick Time term. Shortly after there he usually orient oneself decrease without braking and it takes a long time to increase the price following. Vthat’s why You Shouldn’t Buy Penny Stock While It’s Available orient oneself reduce.

Don’t average prices down

When proceed average price, you will be need money large enough And progress possible deployment all year round. DRAWì so instead of averaging the price, you should change direction invest kinds other actions.

Take a cool profit when the market is up

With Penny stock, investors don’t have to “swing up”. When the stock is already profitable, you need to close as soon as possible. Since Penny stock is difficult to rebound, its liquidity is inherently low, making it difficult to find buyers.

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List of Potential Penny Stocks

At the momentin the stock market there are many types penny stock should you will be comfortable to show THE selective for myself. EASYWow is a list of potential penny stocks that you will be research and choose:

Family F stock

Group F shares are currently very popular with investors worry about. It is shares issued by the business as:

  • Business Artex Securities (ART);
  • Business AMD Group Investments and Minerals (AMD);
  • Business FLC Faros Construction Joint Stock Company (ROS);
  • FLC Corporation (FLC);
  • Business Duc Long Gia Lai (DLG) Group Shares;
  • Business CFS Import Export and Trade Investment Joint Stock Company (KLF);
  • Business Hoang Quan Real Estate Service Trading Consulting Joint Stock Company (HQC).
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The actions of this group have still develop stable and get attentionconfidence of many investors.

Share financial institutions

In addition to the group of actions of the family F, the actions of the financial institutions to have a lot opportunity profit. UNITED STATESsome The stock codes must be mentioned such as: BVB, MBB, STB, VPB, LPB. BILLIONthis seaweedstock code MBB is very liquid and popular with investors worry aboutpriority selective.

Oil stocks

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Besides, some Penny stocks of oil and gas groups such as PVD, PVT, etc. are also traded instead on the market.

Thus, with Publish content above you have been reference What are penny stocks and how to invest more safely. For new investors who have not yet joined research vast on field stock, you can reference invest in the solution safer and more potential as an open fund managed by VinaCapital administration.

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The above article will help you understand better What is a penny stock? extremely helpful. If, while viewing the article, you have questions about What is a penny stock? Let’s answer together!!!

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