Đặc điểm cổ phiếu Bluechip là gì? Ưu điểm của cổ phiếu Bluechip

Characteristics of Blue Chip Stocks What is this? Bluechip shares are shares issued by the business big, bring stable cash flows for investors because sales form the company very sustainable. Let’s learn Characteristics of Blue Chip Stocks Please!!!

What are the characteristics of Bluechip shares?

Characteristics of Bluechip-1 stock.

Bluechip shares are shares issued by the business big, with level prestige high-level and abundant financial resources to pay dividends to investors in a transparent manner. Next to there, business always have capitalization, established and operating for a relatively long number of years.

SO NormallyTHE business, business Top leader of each field just issued Bluechip shares in the market. With some the name affinity everywhere world such as: IBM, Microsoft, CocaCola, Boeing,… or VCB, CTG, VNM, REE, FPT,… in our country.

Also because element brand same situation businessfinance strong Therefore, the Bluechip stock type is approved and welcomed by many investors.

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Characteristics of the blue stock processor chip

Features of Bluechip-2 stock.

Because It is share organisation leader in the industry, so it will converge complete dots Most important compare to Other actions:

  • High security: do business have great financial strength, low debt as indicate grades strong credit, risk difficult payment default maybe arrive so that investors are assured of the profits received and not afraid capital loss.
  • Bluechip Stocks bring stable cash flows for investors because sales form the company very sustainablehas little volatility and is less prone to To refer to by the market.
  • THE business released manage by these expert have experience And ability GOOD best. They will lead the organization developmaintain speed growth sustainable.
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Advantage, weakness of Bluechip shares


  • Guaranteed receive dividends or profits for the party investment due to strong financial potential the company release.
  • Investors receive profits by Castle.
  • Security is quite high, business maybe exist And growth by market fluctuations.


  • It is group of actions with stability, develop slower than midcap, lowcap or tech stocks.
  • Stock prices are high, investors struggle to find the right time fit buy shares with Cheap.

Level safe and risk

Despite blue stock chip supposedly types of securities available level high security and risk short. Whether in crisis situations or market challenges take place (some fluctuations due to natural disasters, wars, etc.), then the business Issuance of blue shares processor chip have a higher survival rate compare to other organizations.

But DThis is not always correct. Most important like the Great Recession world 2008, the business Blue chip the top also struggled in trouble before a period of stress. Not less business had to close during this period.

SOeven though he GOOD where, investors still need to consider and attribution category get a good resultdon’t just forever focus on this type of action but ignore other profitable investment channels on the market, abundant investment portfolio help you dispersion risk get the best results.

THE note when I first invested in blue chip

Following will be some note for those new to investing in Blue chip.

Features of Bluechip-3 stock.

Select blue processor chip prestige, little volatility

Job select Blue actions processor Reputation is not difficult when you will be find the list of business big in the market. BILLIONWow, element need attention live It is low stock price volatility business release. Because only organizations, business have a story sustainable, growth sustainable new ensure their stock is stable in long term.

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You will be grab it business technology is heavily invested by investors. BILLIONWowtechnology market develop extremely fast and highly competitive, it is often volatile and unstable when the market change. Share of the company This is not considered blue processor. Investors don’t look growth this flash hope a future long term beautiful facade.

Only one strategy safe investment

After having reach a list of Blue stocks. processor fit With your needs, investors must now build some plan the most correct. You have two problems need attention NOW

  • Splitting the Investment Amount: Don’t Focus on All complete its capital in blue shares processor. The profit of this stock is quite small so it will be difficult to satisfy dream make a lot of profit and fast. BI will Divided into many different investments: some will be in bonds, fund certificates, etc., and the rest will buy Blue shares processor chip. In doing so, investors reach more sources of income, ability profitable GOOD that.
  • Types wallet with 3 to 5 blue tokens: the market has many blue stocks processor chip so there is no reason for you to choose only one. Please buy more than one blue stock processor chip For get a good result investment is strengthened.

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The above article will help you understand better Characteristics of Blue Chip Stocks extremely helpful. If, while viewing the article, you have questions about Characteristics of Blue Chip Stocks Let’s answer together!!!

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